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  1. johnrellis

    Block changing Exposure Value by 2stops

    In Library Grid view, select the photos and use the Quick Develop panel:
  2. johnrellis

    What hot-key to open focus point plug-in?

    On Mac, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to a plugin menu command via System Preferences: Note that you'll need to enter the menu command name preceded by three spaces, e.g. " Show Focus Points" (<space><space><space>Show Focus Points).
  3. johnrellis

    Sony A1 support

    Got it, right. Nikon Z 7 .nefs also have two embedded JPEGs, and in contrast to the A1, LR uses the larger one for embedded previews. The Z 7 and the A1 store their larger embedded JPEGs in different locations, which may account for the difference in behavior (IFD0/SubIFD versus IFD2). I...
  4. johnrellis

    Preset icons

    To build on Victoria's reply, rename the preset and use the Mac / Windows utility to insert the symbols you want. For example on Mac: On Mac: Use emoji and symbols on Mac On Windows, see Secret Hotkey Opens Windows 10’s New Emoji Picker in Any App.
  5. johnrellis

    Sony A1 support

    I downloaded a sample A1 raw from and its embedded JPEG preview is only 1616 x 1080: $ exiftool -b -previewimage DSC09749.ARW > DSC09749.jpg $ identify DSC09749.jpg DSC09749.jpg JPEG 1616x1080 1616x1080+0+0 8-bit sRGB 262363B 0.000u 0:00.000 When I import that file into my LR 10.2...
  6. johnrellis

    Search by "Metadata Date"

    View > Sort > Edit Time sorts grid view using the same date/time as smart collection Edit Date. The Edit Date/Time changes when you make changes to develop settings or fields in the Metadata panel (or sometimes when you don't think you've touched the photo at all :-< ).
  7. johnrellis

    Lightroom Unable to Megrge

    If you upload a set that fails to merge to Dropbox or similar and post the sharing link here, we can see what might be going wrong and perhaps offer workarounds.
  8. johnrellis

    Show Metadata inputs within "Title" and "Caption" fields

    The LR/Transporter plugin can export selected metadata fields as a CSV file and it can import modified fields from that CSV file back into the LR catalog. You can edit the CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets.
  9. johnrellis

    PROBLEM: Metadata file needs to be updated flags appears on all photos after import from another catalog

    Here's the bug report:
  10. johnrellis

    PROBLEM: Metadata file needs to be updated flags appears on all photos after import from another catalog

    That bug report is marked "Acknowledged", so it's still open internally in the development team.
  11. johnrellis

    Import CRAW Files doubling on conversion to DNG

    What I learned just now by reading up on Canon C-RAW: The DNG format specifies a standard way to store the array of pixel values in a raw image "losslessly" (without the loss of image quality entailed by lossy compression algorithms such as those used in JPEG). In general, LR/ACR reads the...
  12. johnrellis

    Space shortcut for Toggle Zoom missing from list

    The shortcuts list is missing "space" for Toggle Zoom View.
  13. johnrellis

    Problems with HEIC photos and Lr 10.1

    There were a number of reports about intermittent "problems reading photo" with HEIC files, mostly prior to LR 10: One...
  14. johnrellis

    Remove/delete presets from LRC but keep them on computer in a folder

    The "-" command permanently deletes a preset from LR and your computer (i.e. it doesn't get moved to the trash). Use Finder to move the unwanted presets' .xmp files into your archive folder. Note that most presets are stored in the CameraRaw/Settings folder (as shown in your screenshot), but...
  15. johnrellis

    Import photos and metadata (in JSON sidecar files) from Google Takeout?

    Google Takeout doesn't follow industry standards and writes the metadata in its own proprietary JSON format (thanks Google). See this thread for how to use Exiftool to write the data from the .json sidecars back into the JPEGs themselves:
  16. johnrellis

    Previews conundrum on iMac

    Standard-sized previews are created on the fly if needed but never discarded. 1:1 previews are created on the fly (e.g. when you zoom in Library Loupe) and are discarded according to the policy you set in Catalog Settings > Automatically Discard 1:1 Previews. (That may be what you're recalling.)
  17. johnrellis

    Previews conundrum on iMac

    There are / were posts in the Adobe LR community forum years ago about the interaction between 1:1 and standard-sized previews. I couldn't find them, but I did find this article...
  18. johnrellis

    All My Presets Have Disappeared!

    Good. Googling shows at least a couple other reports of the Presets panel going blank after importing particular presets, but those reports didn't have any definitive conclusions. If you observe the panel going blank again after importing more presets, please save away the presets and post...
  19. johnrellis

    Previews conundrum on iMac

    If your selected standard preview size is more than half the linear dimension of the 1:1 size, then if you build 1:1 previews first, LR will use the 1:1 previews in lieu of the standard previews. In your case, your 1:1 previews are 6000 x 4000 and your desired standard previews (screen size)...
  20. johnrellis

    All My Presets Have Disappeared!

    Probably not, but it won't hurt to try. Something easier to try first: Set Preferences > Performance > Use Graphics Processor to Off and update your graphics drivers by going directly to the manufacturer's web site:
  21. johnrellis

    All My Presets Have Disappeared!

    LR stores two types of information in "preferences", options explicitly chosen by the user (e.g. in the Preferences window), and internal state about the program, such as the configuration of windows and panels. LR sometimes corrupts the internal state, causing it to misbehave. I can't recall...
  22. johnrellis

    All My Presets Have Disappeared!

    That sounds suspicious. Try resetting LR's preferences: How do I reset Lightroom's Preferences? | The Lightroom Queen LR sometimes soils its preferences file, and resetting it can fix all sorts of wonky behavior. That article explains how to restore the old preferences if resetting doesn't help.
  23. johnrellis

    Transform Fill?

    See this help article on Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill: Content-Aware Fill workspace in Photoshop "Learn to use the Content-Aware Fill workspace to seamlessly fill selected portions of an image with content sampled from other parts of the image"
  24. johnrellis

    determining if JPG is actual image or produced by PS

    Unlike smart collections Any Filter always filters the current source (the photos showing in Grid view), just like the Library Filter bar at the top. So select the desired folder in the Folders column on the left of Library, then invoke Any Filter > Search.