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  1. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom 5.7 not importing photos

    You could try System Preferences > Privacy > Files & Folders and make sure Lightroom has access to everything it needs. It's a long shot, but LR5 may not know to ask for those permissions.
  2. Victoria Bampton

    Moving Lightroom (cloud-based) to a new computer...

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Beth. Had you done any editing or organization to the photos that haven't synced yet?
  3. Victoria Bampton

    Moving files: Hung Up

    That sounds like some kind of permissions problem. How did the photos get moved in the first place?
  4. Victoria Bampton

    creative cloud repair

    Reboot's a great idea. If the installer mess continues, Adobe has a CC Cleaner tool to remove everything so you can reinstall it clean.
  5. Victoria Bampton

    Help please with Profile Color adjustments......

    To round out the history lesson, the Melissa in question was Melissa Gaul, Lightroom QE and Technical Evangelist. I still miss her being on the Lightroom team, she was great. Her husband Troy was the project lead in the early days.
  6. Victoria Bampton

    Using a supplemental laptop

    You might want to have a read of the "working with multiple computers" in the Multiple Computers chapter of your Classic book, it starts on page 446 of the latest version, and runs through the steps to get either of these options set up.
  7. Victoria Bampton

    Any way to import directly to Lightroom CC from Dropbox without going through my laptop?

    Hi Bonnie, welcome to the forum! It's a really short answer I'm afraid... no.
  8. Victoria Bampton

    Moving Lightroom (cloud-based) to a new computer...

    This bit caught my attention. In an ideal world, the first computer will finish its syncing. Anything that's not in the cloud will not download to the new computer automatically, so we might need to copy some manually if they haven't finished syncing. Has it got many left to go?
  9. Victoria Bampton

    Copy History of one photo from a backed up catalog to current catalog

    You can use File menu > Import from Another Catalog to import just that photo's records. Have a look at "How do I restore part of my backup catalog?" on page 65 of the latest LR Classic Missing FAQ for the steps to follow.
  10. Victoria Bampton

    Problem with Albums

    Let us know what Adobe says, and if they can't fix it, we'll try helping you reset the local cache.
  11. Victoria Bampton

    Can't add Profiles to Lightroom

    There seems to be 2 issues from your screenshots. Firstly the selected photo is from an Olympus camera and the profiles listed in your Explorer screenshot are Canon 5D Mk2. Secondly, the Explorer screenshot looks like the CameraProfiles folder is called CameraProfiles 01 which wouldn't work either.
  12. Victoria Bampton

    'Unexpected error opening catalog'

    Ok, zip up the catalog - just the lrcat bit - and use to send it to Paul & I at [email protected] and we'll check it works ok here. That should narrow it down a bit.
  13. Victoria Bampton

    Problem with Albums

    Yes, I'm leaning the same way. Silly one first though... sync isn't paused, is it? And is the iMac definitely on 4.1?
  14. Victoria Bampton

    LR6.14 on Mojave in Parallels VM; hosted on Big Sur; LR crashes after photo import

    Oh I've just thought of something... there's a bug with face recognition in 6.14 that can cause crashes, have a read of this thread:
  15. Victoria Bampton

    how to set new default catalog location?

    Try just double clicking on the catalog @matsuzie
  16. Victoria Bampton

    Request for advice re rating or flagging or otherwise grading images differently over multiple collections.

    Yep, that changed with Lightroom 3, when flags became global instead of local. There isn't a way to change that. You might try using the Quick Collection shortcut (b) to temporarily mark the ones you either want to put into a new collection, or that you want to remove from the collection you're...
  17. Victoria Bampton

    Can't add Profiles to Lightroom

    Hi youngandcold, welcome to the forum! You need to select a raw file from that camera - the selected one appears to be a JPEG, TIFF, PSD etc. And the Camera Profiles folder needs to be directly inside the CameraRaw folder, not inside Settings.
  18. Victoria Bampton

    LR export settings to prevent printing hi res for social media use

    Ok, this has gone way off topic so we're going to put this one to bed now, with this summary: Laura, if you try printing one of those 1600px or 2048 px images on your inkjet printer or at a local lab, you may be surprised to see how well they print. But on the other hand, if you make them too...
  19. Victoria Bampton

    Not Responding

    Since it's affecting all Adobe apps, it might be worth a call to Adobe Support. They're a bit rubbish with actually using the programs, but they're better with installation and OS conflicts.
  20. Victoria Bampton

    Not Responding

    Have you updated your graphics card driver from the manufacturer's website recently?
  21. Victoria Bampton

    'Unexpected error opening catalog'

    Hi Xavier, can you check under Help menu > System Info to see exactly which version number you're using? Which solutions proposed by Adobe have you tried?
  22. Victoria Bampton

    LR6.14 on Mojave in Parallels VM; hosted on Big Sur; LR crashes after photo import

    Yep, same for Parallels. The catalog on the virtual drive should work though, as I check Lightroom on Windows through Parallels the same way. LR6 should run on Mojave, but Clee is right, that's a lot of variables for troubleshooting. What kind of settings are you using when importing? And where...
  23. Victoria Bampton

    "Export containing keywords" doesn't work if synonym is used

    Interesting observation, I'd never noticed that. Put it in as a bug at Adobe Photoshop Family
  24. Victoria Bampton

    Previews folder filling my C Drive

    We can't tell you to delete stuff until you tell exactly what kind of files you're wanting to delete... tell us more?
  25. Victoria Bampton

    what about the preset bundles?

    Huge collections of presets usually means really low quality presets, and you have to ask yourself what you actually want to accomplish with that. While presets can be useful for imitating specific looks, in most cases it's quicker to simply adjust the photo to get the result you want rather...