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  1. Sean McCormack

    Lightroom 3 released

    Lightroom 3 is now officially out of Beta and available to buy or try at
  2. Sean McCormack

    Re: Problem with LRB 2.4

    Can we please merge this into the correct thread please? This seems to be only an Admin or Super Mod power.
  3. Sean McCormack

    MOVED: LRB not working on server

    This topic has been moved to Software Advertising.'
  4. Sean McCormack

    LRB Releases

    Seeing as it's not a commercial product, I'll announce my first Metadata Plugin here. LRB Releases adds a tagset and custom metadata to deal with Model and Property releases on images. Essentially it gives you 4 fields, 2 for Model and 2 for Property Release. The top field is a drop down...
  5. Sean McCormack

    create D90 camera profile from existing D300 standard profile

    So the support in 2.1 isn't enough for you?
  6. Sean McCormack

    LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 & 3

    Since I introduced the plugin HSWeb, I've been thinking about a far more customisable and cleaner version of a 'Website in a Gallery' Web plugin. I've literally spent almost all my spare time rewriting this from the ground up since then. In fact all the code has been completely replaced the with...
  7. Sean McCormack

    LRB Graduated Filter Kit (now at V3)

    To aid users in selecting the right look for their landscape images, I've created a set of over 7' Graduated filter presets to get you started with making creative choices for your images. Covering both landscape and portrait orienations, as well as hard and soft line filters, these filters come...
  8. Sean McCormack

    LRB HScroll Web gallery

    My website in a gallery in now launched at''8/'7/lrb-hscroll-web-for-lightroom-2'.html Stemming from the original Hscroll gallery that I published on Lightroom-Blog, I sat down and pondered about how one would go about the creation of an entire website from within...
  9. Sean McCormack

    Flash Gallery Beta

    Hi folks, I'm in the testing and planning stages of creating my own Flash Gallery. I intend using XML to call the images so in the spirit of things, I'm using a freely available (but unfinished) flash gallery, from, to create a test version. More details, the download...
  10. Sean McCormack

    Lightroom 1.4 announced

    Tom Hogarty has announced the release of Lightroom 1.4. Along with adding more cameras such as the Canon 45'D and the Nikon D6', this release also contains printing related bug fixes. Color noise is now active in Grayscale mode allowing better noise reduction in B&W. Also a new Camera RAW 4.4...
  11. Sean McCormack

    FrogJS gallery

    Based on the FrogJS Gallery, I've developed an automated version using the H Scroll gallery. It's more for the fun of it than as a serious gallery. It does work though. For more details see''8/'3/frogjs-web-gallery.html
  12. Sean McCormack

    Horizontal Scroll Lua Gallery V1.0

    I've used the VScroll code as a basis for updating my original Simple Scroll gallery into Lua and adding much more control. More after the jump:''8/'2/horizontal-scroll-lua-v1'.html This gallery was quite popular and hopefully will be after the updates...
  13. Sean McCormack

    Vertical Scroll Gallery

    Now that I've ironed out the menu kinks and depersonalised it, I'd like to announce something to keep my 3rd party developer badge shiney: an updated gallery! VScroll is a simple 1 page gallery with menu support. On the left is the ID Plate, a 5 item menu, the Collection description...
  14. Sean McCormack

    Great Prints from 3800

    With all the issues in the Troubleshooting forum on Printing.. I've very pleased with my prints on the 38''. iMac monitor calibrated with Spyder 2 Pro, 2.2 Gamma, Native, target luminance 14'. I choose the paper profiles in Print (in this case Premium Glossy or Premium Semigloss) and turn off...
  15. Sean McCormack

    Plugin SDK

    Even if you are not a developer, you should consider downloading the SDK. Why? Because, while rudimentary (these are example plugins), the Flickr and FTP plugins are very useful. I can see the FTP preset replacing my current Transmit Droplet system. I may even look into the code to customise...
  16. Sean McCormack

    Moving between drives: the easy way.

    I've seen quite a few threads recently about people moving files to external drives to save space. Well as I've about er.. 1GB left of the 25'Gb on my internal drive, I figured it was time to get some files one of my (many) external drives!. So what did I do? Well I simply dragged the folder...
  17. Sean McCormack

    Sean McCormack - Hanger On

    I just wandered into a Public Beta forum nearly 2 years ago. Now look at the mess I've made. Sigh. 24'' posts later and 1 blog later. I write for Sometimes. I'm writing a book on Lightroom. I was commissioned. I think I'm mad for doing it, but it's too late now.