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  1. GingeraMan

    Soft-proofing Help

    I have been invited to exhibit some photography at a local venue, however I cannot afford to print 'professional' photographic prints. However I do have a i1 Display Pro and Colour Passport calibrator and ageing but reliable Adobe RGB capable monitor, so I figure I should be able to obtain the...
  2. GingeraMan

    Nik Collection - Batch Processing and Multiple TIF Files

    I am starting to use Nik Collection for HDR - and have discovered that yes you can do batch processing with Nik (just select and export / edit all) - however it accrues a separate TIF file for each workflow step, meaning I can rapidly wind up with all these TIF files in my Lightroom catalogue...
  3. GingeraMan

    GPU Acceleration

    Now that recommended or actually useful graphics cards are becoming affordable, I just picked up a Asus GTX 1060 6GB card for my five year old PC. It seems faster although I am not sure if I am imagining things or not. PC RAM usage, of which I only have 16GB, also seems lower. Has anyone...
  4. GingeraMan

    Contrastly BF Sale - worth it?

    Contrastly presets are on sale now for $US50 - claiming that it normally costs $740 (which I am not sure is actually true?). Is it worth it? The presets look great. I'm just wondering if this is in fact good value or what.
  5. GingeraMan

    Google Photos Plugin?

    Does anyone know if there is a good functioning Google Photos plugin? At the moment the desktop client just hoovers up everything in a directory, which to my main Lightroom directory would cover an awful lot of stuff that I don't really want sync'd and showing up on my nice Google Photos...
  6. GingeraMan

    Search - Images in One Collection Only ("To Sort")

    Hey all.. I have a collection called "To Sort" - some sort of dumping ground I thought was a great idea at the time. So now it has a large number of images without an easy way to see if they have been applied to another collection... Is there a way to find images that are in this collection...
  7. GingeraMan

    Best Way to Sync and Share

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the best way to easily sync and share photos? For example, I just ran face recognition and pulled several hundred pictures together of my partner in to a collection and she gets a real kick out of going through them, but my preference is at her leisure online...
  8. GingeraMan

    Working with Canon CR2 Files on Mobile?

    Anyone know of any way to handle Canon CR2 files on a mobile? It captures and handles DNG fine, so I'm wondering if something can happen here, even if offloaded via the cloud.... Be nice if there was some CR2 to DNG converter for mobile or something although I know this is pushing even a...
  9. GingeraMan

    Samsung General Discussion (S8, Tab S High End)

    Right... well I got a Samsung S8 and WOW this is a good photographic device... That any my Samsung S2 - both with photographic quality screens and we're good to go.. so I have tethered a Canon EOS70D to the S8 via USB (wifi tethering SUCKS - this is SO much better!) and can do pretty much...
  10. GingeraMan

    Single or Multiple Catalogues?

    Hi.... a year in to this wonderful hobby and I have amassed several thousand images, even after significant curation. So I'm wondering - do others use multiple catalogues to help manage their libraries? E.g. one for personal / home, one for other work or events, one for say outdoors / landscape...
  11. GingeraMan

    B&W and Selective Re-Colour (emphasis)

    Hi Everyone!!! A year in to photography and Lightroom and I'm having sooo much fun... really enjoying it... Does anyone know if it is possible to render a photograph in to a nice B&W and then selectively re-colour for foliage? E.g. a tree in an urban landscape type thing - where everything...
  12. GingeraMan

    Lightroom Mobile and aRGB Capable Tablets

    I have a aRGB capable tablet screen (Samsung Galaxy Tab S) - which reviews with impressive colour accuracy and gamut being OLED. I have a heap of DNG's sync'd. Is there anything I need to do to enable Lightroom Mobile to work in this colour space? When I do the double-click to display info...
  13. GingeraMan

    Monitor Colour Profiles

    Hey Everyone.. I have a 97% aRGB gamut Dell U2711 with Windows 10. Do I need to do anything special to use aRGB? When I look under Colour Management there is a U2711 colour profile listed there, so I assume it's being used, and when I click on Calibrate Colour - I receive a warning that this...
  14. GingeraMan

    Weird PC Stuttering

    Has anyone ever experienced some weird PC stuttering when Lightroom is running hard on large imports? May just be my PC or a failing hard drive. Just curious if anyone else have ever seen this. It's a very slight stuttering with mouse movement etc. Seems to go away when Lightroom does...
  15. GingeraMan

    Duplicates etc - all in a tizzle

    Hey all, Loving lightroom - please forgive my first post being a problem although I guess this is not unusual. I look forward to contributing to the community as I develop (sic). For now, I use Dropbox to maintain a live backup of my Photography folder. I had just started to build up a...