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    Having to sign in with email and password every time I use Lightroom

    I am still having to sign in every time I go to use Lightroom on my desktop, typing in email then password. I do not have to sign in on iPad or iPhone. Also occasionally after a while using Lightroom, it tells me it is closing down and I have to sign in again. Is there something missing from...
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    Duplicate 1 Photo - does not bring develop actions through first time!

    Yesterday, every time I (right click) "Duplicate 1 Photo", it would dup0licate the photo but it would be the Raw undeveloped version - BUT if I then did "Duplicate 1 Photo" a second time, a second developed one would appear!? Then I have to mark the first duplicat
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    Continual sign-in requests

    Previously I only had to sign in occasionally - now its asking me almost every time I open the desktop LR
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    More syncing issues

    So I still have the "syncing 45 photos" note in the top right corner, after over 3 months. So my deleted photos from back then have all permanently gone. Furthermore I have just told it to permanently delete the 1,000 or so recently deleted. It did that, I then logged into Lightroom on the...
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    Windows crash after updating LR (cloud based)

    I have just updated LR. After a few adjustments to an image everything froze. Ctrl alt del did nothing, so it was a hard power off then restart- the first restart led to a Windows update ( I have been Away for 2 weeks). Then the crash happened twice more! Any ideas?
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    Windows 10 minimise maximise butoons top RH corner gone

    Since I tried zooming in with ctrl+Z or Alt+Z my min & max windows symbols have disappeared. So I now have to hit the windows key on my keyboard to access other programs! Any ideas?
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    Drag and drop from "All Photos" to any other folder is not working

    I have closed and reopened LR and also Restarted PC but still not working - any ideas?
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    Continual syncing

    Hi - for many months my LR keeps saying "syncing x photes", the x now being 40. Following Victorias email today, I logged into the web version, and looked at the folder "Sync issues" - they were 61 photos of my daughters from 2016 - no longer needed - so I deleted all of them. I then opened...
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    New LR Cloudy update crashing my PC

    I have just updated the LR cloudy software, then been attempting to edit some old photos. After editing a few images, my PC has just frozen 3 times running - I have had to hold down the switch off button as nothing is accessible (no keyboard touches will do anything either), and then restart...
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    Grad brush and radial filters do not react

    It would be good to know if anyone else is frustrated by this or knows why - this morning (they have worked at other times, but I have had the issue before) on desktop version of Cloudy, the grad filters do not respond when you adjust the sliders - sometimes you have to set a horiz grad say...
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    C drive filled by ”Mobile Downloads.lrdata” folder

    So having been using LR Cloud for 7 months, and then realizing that I needed some “Classic” features (like Print!), I am still progressing my reverse backup of my 69,000 images in the Adobe Cloud, back to a new “Classic” catalogue, syncing to a NAS(K) drive. That’s been going on for a few...
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    Syncing LR Cloud back to LR Classic - slow speed

    So having used Classic for many years, I moved to Cloudy 6 months back - I asked on the forum how I get to use Classic again (so I can print & other things), and was recommended to back download my 69,000 images to Classic via the sync option in Classic - so I started that weeks ago (before...
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    Syncing LR (cloud) back to LR ~Classic (Desktop)

    I, as a hobby photographer, am enjoying using the cloud version for the last 4 months, but do miss bits of the Classic - like Make a Book, Print, Export with any chosen file size (the latter as I export the whole years photos to a USB memory stick then put that in a Raspberry Pi mini computer...
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    Lightroom lost all edits to a jpeg

    I imported a jpeg (my brother, a learning photographer wanted me to review a photo that hadnt come out as he expected) yesterday - I edited it a little, exported a full size jpeg, emailed it back to him. This morning I looked at my iPhone, his photo was back to the original, but all was...
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    Merge to Panorama - date/time different on merged file than amended originals

    Having forgot for a few days to change the time on my Canon G7X in Greece, the 2 hours difference from the UK, I have had to edit the time on all those. When merging a few into panoramas I note that the merged file keeps the original time rather than the amended time - just in case anyone else...
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    Lightroom Slideshow via Apple TV - deleted files appear

    I just tried out the above - works well but .... I found that all the photos I deleted from each of my "Albums" reappear in the slideshow. I guess that is because of the newish feature whereby Adobe have included some sort of recycle bin? So if you don't want those deleted ones in the...
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    Lightroom Desktop (cloud based) - too slow to edit photos efficiently

    Brushes sometimes do not appear on screen - at all or for 10-20 seconds Grads ditto Switching from one photo back to the previous one in the the film strip either doesn't happen at all or takes ages Is there something wrong with my desktop PC or are Adobes servers too slow to respond (where does...
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    Printing in LRcc (now just called Lightroom)

    This may have been covered before, but I have just realised that there is no "Print" module in cc (no modules at all of course) - So when I wish to do the occasional print do I need to export a full res file back to Lightroom Classic (which I thought had a brilliant Print functionality) or even...
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    Unable to "mark an album for local storage"

    Page 52 of "Edit like a pro" says to mark an album for local storage, right click on the album and select "Store Album Locally" - BUT when I right click a Folder all I get is "Rename Folder, Create Album, Create Folder, Delete Folder" or when I right click on an Album I get "Share to, Share &...
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    New Texture slider not there!

    I can't be the only one surely - so I read Victoria's email yesterday about the new texture slider - so today thought I would give it a go - but on my desktop using Lightroom cc (I hope I'm not still confused about names of the various versions of the software etc), its not there - all there is...
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    History - will it come to cc?

    Thanks for update email Victoria - do you think we will ever see "History" like in old desktop Classic? I really miss being able to step back say 6 steps instantly (eg if I have made a grad as below on a landscape and adjusted within the grad, the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows...
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    Delay in moving from one photo to the next

    When editing a photo I might move from version 1 along to the version 2 of the same scene, in the filmstrip (by just hitting the right arrow button on my keyboard) and then back to version 1 - but I typically have to wait 10-20 seconds for version 1 to appear on the main screen, before I can...
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    Image processed on iPhone looks dark on Desktop

    I processed an image on LRcc on Iphone, then viewed it on my desktop (old 28inch Apple Cinema Display), but it appeared much darker. No doubt there is a difference in brightness between my iPhone screen and my ACD screen. Do I adjust one, if so which one? If I adjust the ACD brightness, then...
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    Crop showing on desktop but not appearing on iPhone for 20 minutes

    So I cropped an image on the desktop, then for some reason went over to the iPhone (ah yes, to "save to camera roll" then post it to Whatsapp or similar), but the crop did not show on the iPhone for about 20 minutes - but both desktop & iPhone said they were "synced" - delay on Adobe servers...
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    Reset to original not available

    Hi again - just in case anyone else has this issue I thought I would let you know that I found the solution -> I had done a few adjustments to an image but then decided to go back to the original file > so Shift+R - nothing happened > so RHS "..." Reset to original" - nothing happened ...... I...