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  1. topanga

    Victoria's Article in Photoshop User 03/2009

    Congratulations to Victoria Bampton for a very well written article on the DNG file format in the March 2''9 issue of Photoshop User magazine. :D Victoria's writing style is clear, concise and a bit entertaining. If you think you do not need the DNG format, you need to read her article. She...
  2. topanga

    WIN Keyword Spell Check

    What happened to the keyword spell check in LR2? :( LR1.4 had it. Am I forgetting something? Darr
  3. topanga

    Help with New Workstation Design

    I need advice on having a new Dell workstation configured. Anyone that knows computer hardware please comment on what the best hardware configuration would be for working with digital media and software application such as PS, LR, plus thousands of digital photos, and business applications like...