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  1. rctneil

    Would like to switch but some things holding me back

    Hi, I am a big Lightroom user, primarily for the organisation features, rather than the actual editing (I'm not a great photographer). I have just over 1Tb of photos in my Classic catalog right now. I have been helping my Mum use Lightroom for a few years now but it's never been an...
  2. rctneil

    Bulk change Person keywords

    I have about 500 Person keywords and need to edit them all to stop them from getting exported. What's the best way of editing all the Person keywords in bulk to toggle that option off? Thanks, Neil
  3. rctneil

    Publish metadata only

    I am working on my personal website which is due to launch before the end of the year. I have built a custom photo gallery which uses Flickr as the backend. I use Lightroom and jFriedl's Flickr Publish plugin to publish the photos from Lightroom to Flickr which my site then accesses via...
  4. rctneil

    Conflicting metadata problem

    Hey, I've just imported approximately 5000 mostly heic photos from my iPhone into Lightroom. For some reason a lot of them are showing the following icon in the corner of their previews: If i click on the icon I get this message: Just to be on the safeside, I click "Import settings...
  5. rctneil

    Importing avi files

    Hello, I am trying to organise some of the older stacks of files I have sat on my file server and i've come across old videos taken on a number of old cameras. They are AVI files. Logically they need to be imported into Lightroom so they can sit alongside the photos taken on the same day...
  6. rctneil

    Photos on NAS?

    Hey, I'm currently working out a new way to keep all my data organised. Currently I have my MacBook with two external 3Tb drives attached. One for storage and the second is a backup. What I have been testing yesterday is a storage server. I have built a PC out of some spare parts and set it up...
  7. rctneil

    HEIC, HEIF etc

    Is there any information about when LR Classic CC will start to support the new image and video formats that iOS 11 is now capable of saving in? Thanks, Neil
  8. rctneil

    Video syncing to Classic CC

    Mobile Operating System: iOS 11 Desktop Operating System: MacOS 10.13 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 I am trying to sort things out photo and photography wise in preparation for my holiday in a weeks time. I wish to use Lightroom Mobile as a way to easily sync photos...
  9. rctneil

    Liking LR CC

    I'm really liking the announcement of Lightroom CC. I can see that it's going to be the future but don't think it's there just yet. I'm going to be sticking with Classic until CC has all the features I currently use and then most likely will happily switch over. The fact of having all your...
  10. rctneil

    Apple Photos and Lightroom

    Hello, My iPhone workflow usually works like so: - Take photos on phone - Let iCloud Photo Library sync photos with the Photos app on my Mac - Export unmodified originals from Photos app and import into LR This works great but as I like to keep the photos in the Photos app even once i've...
  11. rctneil

    Book Page Bleed concern

    I'm creating a Photo Book and have a concern about the layouts I am using combined with the Page Bleed. As a starter, I have chosen to use the full page edge to edge style page layouts, I have then added 10pt's worth of padding to each photo. Photo to photo have 5pt's and Photo to page edge...
  12. rctneil

    Possible new MacBook Pro

    Hey, I'm considering purchasing a MacBook Pro as a total replacement for my 2011 iMac. Currently, with my iMac, I have my library on the internal drive and store all my photos on an external drive. If I buy the MacBook Pro then the scenario when I am away from my external drive can occur at...
  13. rctneil

    Weird uses for metadata fields

    Hello, I have a strange use for a metadata field and I was wondering if anyone else used metadata fields for bizarre reasons? Let me know! I am developing my personal website at the moment and as part of it I want to list all the roller coasters I have ridden (yes, this is a hobby) and...
  14. rctneil

    Syncing issues

    Hey, I have posted about this asking for help on Twitter but thought posting it here wouldn't hurt. So, the scenario: I had LR Mobile sat uploading photos that it had auto imported as I took photos during a day out. It had around 600 left to go. At the same time I had LR desktop open and it...
  15. rctneil

    Storage question

    Hey, Just started to try out LR Mobile on my iPhone. I've imported a lot of my camera roll into the single default collection. Lightroom is now saying it cannot import more due to low storage space on the phone. This is not a problem, I know how to recover space etc and know it will continue...
  16. rctneil

    Sidebar panel widths

    Is there a way to increase the width of the side panels in LR? I have some quite long collection names and they are pretty repetitive near the beginnings and very awkward to view without being able to increase the panel widths?
  17. rctneil

    How do you deal with videos?

    Hey, Just would like some people's thoughts on this situation: I take a number of small video clips using my cameras which are between 5 seconds to around 1 minute or just over. Just small videos to help me remember the moment. I do this with my my Nikon D7000, Sony RX100 and iPhone 5S...
  18. rctneil

    LR Mobile Sync photos to LR Desktop

    Hey, LR Desktop has been "Syncing 10 photos" for what is coming on to be days now. I have tried closing and reopening, signing out and back in, uninstalling and reinstalling! Seriously, what else can I do? Thanks, Neil
  19. rctneil

    Lightroom freezes on close

    Hey, I'm helping out a family member by introducing them to LR and getting them up and running but every time they exit LR and choose to backup and check integrity etc, it freezes and I get the Apple Beachball of Doom just sat there. Lightroom states Application not responding and I need to do...
  20. rctneil

    Lightroom Mobile photos on Desktop

    Recently i've started trying out LR Mobile as a method of getting my photos from my iPhone into LR. On my phone in the app, I have a single collection called "Neil's Camera Roll" which is set to auto import. This seems to be doing it's job and the photos are appearing in the folders panel in LR...
  21. rctneil

    Multiple Watched Folders

    Hey, Is there a way to set up multiple Watched Folders for Auto Import in LR? I set one up yesterday to auto import photos from my DropBox account that are placed via via an IFTTT action but now need to set up another one. Any ideas? UPDATE: I found Jeffrey F's Watched Folders plugin but...
  22. rctneil

    Writing Metadata

    Lightroom, every time I try to quit it tells me it has not finished writing XMP data. Lightroom stays open for hours but still no luck. I get this message every time I try to exit LR. I know it'll continue when I reopen it but how long will it take? Neil
  23. rctneil

    Keyword Smart Collections

    Hey, I wish to create a Smart Collection that shows all photos with the keyword of "Power Park". I have tried all variations and the correct photos are showing but I am getting others that contain either the keyword "Power" as part of another word or "Park" as part of another keyword. Is there...
  24. rctneil

    New SSD

    Hey, I've today installed a 500Gb SSD to be my primary boot drive inside my iMac. Up to now I have had my library on and external drive connected via USB 2. Would there be a significant improvement if I moved the library and preview files from the external drive to the new internal SSD? Neil
  25. rctneil

    Selecting stacked photos

    Is there a way to ensure that when selecting a group of photos all photos in any stacks selected are also part of the current selection?