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  1. Gronlund I

    How to purge Keyword hierarchy?

    Hi! I was trying to merge two catalogs by Importing from another catalog ( B, smaller to A, bigger), but because I have a simple keyword hierarchy, alphabets A,B,C,D... as parent keywords it leaded to a "keyword mess". So can the hierarchy somehow be purged from catalog B before merging?
  2. Gronlund I

    Export with history?

    Is it possible to make and export duplicates of original pictures with whole edit history so, that the history states would be usable with that "duplicate" in its new place?
  3. Gronlund I

    An internal error occurred...

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.2 Hi! Since yesterdy I had this message when closing and backupping Lr: "An internal error occurred. Attempt to make a request to a closed server." By googling I got information that...
  4. Gronlund I

    Map module How to make searches with Map module

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.1 Hi! My catalog is rather big (about 200 000) pictures. Today I tried to make a search of photos taken in a certain place (among whole catalog). Firs time LR crashed. Second time I...
  5. Gronlund I

    Chaninging PS-language

    Hi! I'm Adobe CC Photography member (PS cc and LR Classic cc). On my desktop I have been using both programs for years. Now I bought a new an better laptop and decided to download PS and LR on it too. On desktop both have always been in english and I have used to it although my native language...
  6. Gronlund I

    LR cc and LR6 at same time on same PC??

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 Hi! I'm LR-user from the very beginning (and Raw shooter essentials before that). Have used LR Classic CC almost from the beginning, but before that I bought LR6. So I have the licence...
  7. Gronlund I

    Map module, strange behaviour

    Hello! After last Creative Cloud update the map module has been behaving a little strangely: when I zoom the map or move it with mouse, it turns to gray world map and gives a message "Map is offline". This lasts about one second, but it is very when I'm trying to geotag my photos. Someone else...
  8. Gronlund I

    Using Internet become very sluggish, when Lr is open in background.

    Hi! After the latest update (or after I have loaded the Lr mobile, which happened about same time) has simultaneous internet using been very sluggish, almoust impossible (Chrome) if Lr cc is open. Even when there is no visible prosesses going on in Lr. This bothers a lot because I'm using for...
  9. Gronlund I

    Time lapse with LR5.2 ?

    Hi. In Victoria Bampton's e-mail "Lightroom 5.2 updates & more" there is a link to new fatures of LR 5.2. One feature mentioned is "Slideshow exports can now be under 1 second for time-lapse sequences" May be I don't understand it right (due to my weak english), but I can't find out how it would...
  10. Gronlund I

    LR4.2RC replaced the LR4.1

    Hi! When I downloaded the LR4.2 Release Candidate to experiment it, it replaced the former LR4.1. Does this sound normal behaviour? LR4.2RC seems to be a little ustable. Can I trust it, or would it be wise to remove it and download LR4.2 again? The RC also did not make its own catalobg but...
  11. Gronlund I

    Problems exporting for E-mail from LR3

    Hi all! I have Lightroom 3 in two PC-computers: LR 3.4.1 (Windows 7 64 bit) and LR 3.5 RC (Windows XP). And both have the same problem. When I try to export for E-mail, all selected pictures are exported to the folder that I have defined, but only the first one is copyed to the E-mail as...
  12. Gronlund I

    Long backup time LR3

    Hi! After upgrading to LR3 (LR3.2 this moment) I have been wondering the long backup time. Without testing integrity and without optimizing the catalog it takes about 13 minutes just to copy the lr3cat -file to another disk (that's what the LR-backup does, right??). My lr3cat -file is big...
  13. Gronlund I

    End of keyword list missing

    After upgrading from LR2.7 to LR3 I have suddenly noticed that the end of the keyword list has disappeared. There is nothing after the letter T. Is there a limit how many words the list can contain? All original keywords seem to be tagged to the files (dng), they are just missing from the list...
  14. Gronlund I

    A little problem in LR3 Library left panel

    Hello! Have used LR3 for a while now (firs the beta versions and now the final) and like it much. Especially the lens correction was a long time on my wish list. Now I have noticed a little but somewhat annoying behaviour: I have organized my library so that there is a big folder for every year...
  15. Gronlund I

    Adding text overlays

    Hi! I've been trying to add individual text overlays to pictures in a collection in LR2's slideshow mode. Whatever I do LR allways adds the same text to all pictures. Is it possible to add different text to all pics?
  16. Gronlund I

    Convert to linear

    Minor importance issue maybe, but suddenly I noticed, that the possibility to "Convert to linear image" in "Convert Photo to DNG"-window has disappeared. I have not recognised in wich version this happened??
  17. Gronlund I

    Catalog and RAW-files on the same dik

    Hi all! Now I have all my Raw files (about 7'''') on one hard disk, and LR catalogs (two) on another disk, but for backup purposes it would be better if they could be on same disk. So, I'm asking if it would cause significant loss of speed or some other disadvantages if I move the catalogs to...
  18. Gronlund I

    Removing Identity Plates

    Was playing and experimenting with different Identity Plates in LR print panel. Now I have many needless ones, but can't remove them from the list. The alternative "Remove" in the Identity Plate Editor is greyed out. How should it work? I also tried to find where LR saves them (to remove them...
  19. Gronlund I

    Closing LR makes my PC reboot

    Every time, when I close LR 2.3 by clicking X in the top right corner While in slideshow or print module makes my PC to close down and reboot. Last night I even lost my preferences and the bath to the lrcat file. Everything after reboot and LR restart was like just after the first LR-install...
  20. Gronlund I

    LR date time

    Hi! There are three differently titled date time stamps in LR Library mode metadata panel (Date Time, Original and Digitized) and all these show the same (capture time) regardless what I do to the Canon CR2 files (conwert to DNG after import, edit in LR without exporting them...). After reading...
  21. Gronlund I

    Switching LR to a new laptop (PC)

    Hi there. I have my LR 2.1 on two PCs (table top and laptop). Now I have been thinking, I have to get a new laptop and want to switch LR to the new one. So how can I do that? So far as I have understood I only can have LR license on two computers.
  22. Gronlund I

    Export PDF slideshow causes PC restart

    Hi! This has happened a couple times now (after upgrading from LR 2.' to LR 2.1): When the slideshow export is ready and I close Lightroom it makes my PC close an restart automatically. Has this happened to anybody else? At least I have not noticed any report on this.
  23. Gronlund I

    "Interference" between LR2 beta and LR1.4.1

    Hi Is there some kind of ”interference” between LR2 beta and LR 1.4.1? After downloading the LR2 beta version strange things have occured: LR 1.4.1 has crashed several times an nothing but deleting the preferencies file has helped. While looking my LR catalog file I found LR2 (I presume) had...
  24. Gronlund I

    A bug in LR 1.4 update ?

    Today I downloaded the new LR 1.4 update, took some pics to test and downloaded the pics to my PC (with card reader using Windows explorer). Everything fine this far, but after converting the photos to DNG, everytime I open a photo in Develope mode I get this message on the top of the screen...
  25. Gronlund I

    Memory available to Lightroom

    Hello all In Lightroom when I click Help/system info, a window opens that says (among other things): "Real memory available to Lightroom 716.8 MB". I have 4 GB of memory in my Windows XP PC, so can I somehow add more memory to Lightroom and does LR benefit of it. Having about 4'''' pictures in...