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  1. mike doyle

    raw file backups

    hi guys i back up ALL my photos to a SSD regularly, but have decided to also backup my RAW files to another drive as well. this just my RAW files. my current system means dragging and dropping folders of all my monthly photos to the SSD. apart from choosing the raw files individually, is there a...
  2. mike doyle

    installing LR on a different laptop

    hi all, i am currently in the process of moving my LR to a new computer. i have backed up the catalogue, next step to copy it to a portable hdd to transfer to the new laptop. my question is does the collection sets get transferred with the catalogue, or do i have to move them separately? i have...
  3. mike doyle

    catalogue issues

    hi all, i have just upgraded my pc to win 10, and also LR classic 9, having to upgrade my catalogue when i did this. each time i start LR now it says the catalogue needs to be upgraded and creates a new one numbered sequentially each time i start up. if i try and use the previous catalogue...
  4. mike doyle

    export preset question

    hi all, been away for a while but back now, with a question. is it possible to runtwo deifferent presets when exporting, ie one for a printed output and one for a web output, both with different folder destinations. cheers m'dea
  5. mike doyle

    video capture programs.

    hi all, I have a stack of digital video tapes from a camcorder that I want to transfer to my new PC, and do some basic editing on. looking to xfer the content as a single file off each tape, and later edit into smaller chunks. anyone recommend any free programs to do this? will be using...
  6. mike doyle

    music filing system

    anyone know of a system such as LR but for music files, mp3, flac, shn etc
  7. mike doyle

    lightroom keyboard overlay

    Hi all, does anyone know of any keyboards or keyboard overlays that are not mac based. cant find any when googling so thought i'd mask here. adobe forums has a question from 2011 but didnt help much. heres hoping. mike d.
  8. mike doyle

    using a tablet for editing

    hi, can anyone recommend a tablet to use for editing photos in LR/PS? seen a few around but not sure how compatible they are. not looking to spend a fortune and it will be plugged into my laptop. cheers all
  9. mike doyle

    syncing collections

    hi all. I have several collections on my LR system, and when I try to sync any of them I tick the box next to the collection name, then click on share. this then starts to generate an url, but I cant seem to find the collections on my adobe mobile site. what am I doing wrong. I saw a great...
  10. mike doyle

    photos missing in folder structure

    hi all, fairly new to LR, but have been cataloguing my photos recently and have come across a problem. i keyword each photo as i import it, and place it in a folder structure of date dd/mm/yyyy. i looked for a set of photos from a certain date to find there were no files logged at the set date...
  11. mike doyle

    speed of import from sd card

    i have just upgraded from a standalone version of LR to the CC version. on importing from my cameras sd card, the import goes really slowly whereas it ran a lot faster. this is true for two different cameras and different sd cards that were once pretty quick. I am importing only new photos, and...