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  1. Katherine Mann

    Lightroom CC suddenly a trial

    I have the Photographer's Bundle. Some of you longtime users might remember that in the beginning Adobe offered Photoshop for 9.99 USD a month. A few months later they offered the Photographer's Bundle at the same price. I originally signed up for Photoshop and when the PB came out Adobe...
  2. Katherine Mann

    Re-importing from internal drive to external

    I just returned from a road trip. My photos were imported to my laptop hard drive during the time I was away. Now I would like to move those photos to my external drive and organize them by date. As the photos are already imported Lightroom won't let me simply move them and re-organize them. I...
  3. Katherine Mann

    Problems with Blurb books

    I hope it is okay to discuss this topic. I have used Blurb to publish several books. I have not used Lr's BOOK module as it seems cumbersome. This is a general question regarding the quality of Blurb's output. Last Monday I received an order of ten books from Blurb. I had ordered the same book...
  4. Katherine Mann

    LrCC 2015 FAST!

    For that reason alone the upgrade is worth it. Anyone got a windscreen?? It's blazing. Tried the pano and the HDR features first off. Great output and in record time in both instances.
  5. Katherine Mann

    Lightroom won't launch after latest upgrade (Cloud)

    Yesterday I upgraded Lr after the big Cloud Launch. It seemed to go okay but won't run. Nothing happens - click on the icon. Nada. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with reboots to no avail. I note that I'm not alone - quite a few people on Adobe's forums are reporting the same issue...
  6. Katherine Mann

    Weird one. Photos gone missing in collections.

    Yesterday I received my two new 1T LaCie portable drives. I moved my entire photo collection from my old external drive to one of the LaCies and told Lightroom where to find them by importing. Today I was going through my collections and found that there are missing photos. I checked the...
  7. Katherine Mann

    Can't publish anything with Win8 and Lr 4.4 RC

    This morning when I tried to publish on Flikr, then on Facebook, and then by sending an email to myself I got the following message: "Warning, can't update this collection. An internal error has occurred: There is something wrong in CryptUnprotectData." Any ideas? Is this a beta issue?
  8. Katherine Mann

    Thanks Victoria, for helping with the move

    I just purchased a new SCREAMER of a computer and faced the scary task of moving my Lightroom catalogue, presets &c to it. Your advice was perfect. I'm all safe and sound. :) Couldn't be happier. Thanks.
  9. Katherine Mann

    What do you use Photoshop for then?

    I tried this once, and I will ask again - for those of you who say you use Photoshop for anything at all, I am curious - what do you use it for? I use it extensively as I posted earlier. I find the controls much more precise in Photoshop. One of you said that if a person needed to make that many...
  10. Katherine Mann

    Photoshop for finishing, Lightroom for? ...

    I am curious about how others use Photoshop in their workflow. This is what I do, most often: Import from the card into Lr changing the metadata copyright settings as I do so. Dump the absolute duds, deleting from the hard drive Apply keywords. Move to develop Choose camera calibration. Apply...
  11. Katherine Mann

    Delete a lot of photos at once

    I have been cleaning up the catalog in Lr4 and started with a Smart Collection that I made that contains photos without keywords. A lot of these are photos that I had marked for deletion in their original folders. I would like to delete the entire lot at once. Is there a way to do it? You...
  12. Katherine Mann

    Problems with email

    I tried the recommended route of deleting the preferences and then restoring them. But I still get "An internal error has occurred: AGExportRendition: can not import a photo exported to a temporary location." Using email and the account is verified. So, what am I doing wrong?
  13. Katherine Mann

    Great tips on the new Develop module

    Rob Cole has provided a brilliant analysis of the new Development module controls over on the Adobe Forums. They will be gone soon but can be copied as a pdf.
  14. Katherine Mann

    Problem synchronizing looking for new .tifs from pscs5

    I have been exporting developed dngs as tifs and opening them in Photoshop. I am assuming that the new Lightroom adjustments are baked into the .tifs. I save them in the original folder. My problem, for which there is probably a simple solution is that, in order to import them into Lr again I...
  15. Katherine Mann

    New develop engine

    I just have to insert this thought into the discourse: The new develop module in Lightroom 4 is the best I have ever seen. My work flow always includes Photoshop, and I haven't processed an image without the round trip, developing in Lr, tweaking in Ps, and coming back to Lr to print. Lately I...
  16. Katherine Mann

    Lr3 causes Wacom Intuos 3 to crash

    This tablet has been running okay after a few initial bumps and grinds after I upgraded to Win7 64 but with the installation of Lr3 I find that it crashes. Has anyone a similar experience?
  17. Katherine Mann


    Okay, I have to say that, despite my initial reservation and general snottinessness about this upgrade I take it all back. Purchased the upgrade last month and find it delightful. Using CR 5.4 is almost the same as using the Develop mode in Lr 2.4 but it is much faster on my machine. I mean...
  18. Katherine Mann

    Lr not giving up focus

    Since v. 2.3 Lr has taken over my screen. To switch to another program which is also running, for example, PsCs3, I have to manually minimize Lr. Vista system. Have I done something wrong? Some setting that I am clueless about?
  19. Katherine Mann

    Now what? Help!

    I got a new computer today to replace the dead one. (YES!!!) Since the old one died I have been reconstructing my entire catalogue on the laptop. So I have all the previews and the backups in one folder that contains the LRCAT File. All the rest - that is, the RAW and TIF and jpg files all live...
  20. Katherine Mann


    Just saw this on the other forum: "Tom Hogarty - 7:34am Jan 23, '9 PST (#2 of 16) Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3 will be posted to Adobe Labs as release candidates this afternoon.(US Pacific Time Zone) I'll have more details once it's...
  21. Katherine Mann

    Happy New Year!

    It's about 9 pm here in Owen Sound, and the year is ticking to a close. Personally, it can't tick fast enough. Since September I have had three heart attacks, one of my own, one by misadventure when on the operating table and another because of the second one. I was diagnosed with cancer, had...
  22. Katherine Mann

    Should I give up?

    Today I decided to work on my Lightroom skills, particularly with regard to the Adjustment Brush and the other terrific tools in the Develop module of 2.1. I guess I should have known that it would be incredibly annoying. I was resolved to take my time and wait for screen updates - my purpose...
  23. Katherine Mann


    I just watched Julianne Kost's video on the Adobe site on the Develop module, in particular, the section about retouching a portrait. So far in my own Lr adventure, I have used the program to organize my photos and do general development of the RAWs, make terrific web sites thanks to all the...
  24. Katherine Mann

    Okay, fess up

    Who's ignoring all the warnings about BETA software and switching over to 2.' no holds barred. Not me. It's too slow and has crashed about 1' times. I think it's going to be a wonderful version when it's a little less tentative. Now, if someone hadn't loaned me their film scanner I might...
  25. Katherine Mann

    Slow local corrections

    I am excited by the possibilities in this new set of tools. I am accustomed to taking a trip to Ps to apply various local corrections using the History Brush and the various modes on lots of my images ... in some cases this will save the mileage ... that is WHEN it doesn't blob quite so much...