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  1. RogerB

    Sorting by aspect ratio in LR Mobile: a workaround

    To view images at their best on a tablet the long edge of the image needs to align with the long edge of the screen. If your synced collection in LR Mobile is a mixture of portrait and landscape images you find yourself constantly flipping the tablet back and forth as you view the images. The...
  2. RogerB

    Downloading files via LR Web

    After the latest round of Lightroom updates it's now possible to allow images to be downloaded from collections that you've made public on Lightroom Web. If you're not familiar with this feature then this Julieanne Kost video covers it, in particular watch about 30 seconds starting at the 6.35...
  3. RogerB

    Lightroom Mobile updated

    An update to Lightroom Mobile (version 1.1.0) has just appeared in the App store. It looks like there will be a desktop version 5.5 in the near future, it doesn't seem to be available yet. the changes in Lightroom mobile are listed as- Add star ratings to photos. Star ratings will be synched...