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  1. Stephen Powell

    Library module Key words suggestion for location detail

    We have been doing major landscaping at our home. I wanted to have quick access to work in progress to various locations. I divided up our block into a grid. Added a grid reference like A, 2 or G, 6 to the images. Keyword search with Landscaping and Grid location finds all images.
  2. Stephen Powell

    How to get latest codec for reinstalled CS6

    I updated my computer and had to reinstall Lightroom CS6. The reinstalled version is 6.0 and Camera RAW 9.0 Update says I have the latest version but believe this is not the case. My previous version was the last update available for CS6 and the codec. My images from a Panasonic DMC TZ110 RW2...
  3. Stephen Powell

    Keywords hierarchy missing

    I’m a wildlife artist and I’m new to Light Room. I have indexed my 40000 images by species but have a problem with the hierarchy not being displayed in the possible Keywords as I type. If there is say only one White-throated Creature in my data base it just lists White-throated without the...