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  1. tspear


    Historically I have used Freidl's publish to a disk plugin based on smart collections to manage images which are synced to OneDrive and then picked up by digital picture frames. I have each frame looking for in specific folders. How are people pushing images to digital picture frames with Cloudy?
  2. tspear

    Albums vs Collections

    Ok, after playing in Lr for a couple days again. Ignoring my whole processing workflow based on smart collections. I have spent the last couple days getting my head all twisted around the collections/albums mapping and what that would mean. I kind of felt like I was losing the whole image...
  3. tspear

    Family photos, how do I tackle multiple people and multiple generations?

    So my wife, parents, in laws... Have all decided that we should build out a family photo system that can be handed down more easily than a file cabinet of a jumble of images or in OneDrive/Apple Photos/Google Drive... Guess who was assigned the task to figure it out? Since we are spread over...
  4. tspear

    Updating all images with lens correction and process version

    Has anyone tried to do a bulk update of all images to a new process version? And also enable auto application of lens corrections (remove chromatic aberrations and enable profile corrections) if lens is known? Going through each image one at a time would be rather painful. (They show up in...
  5. tspear

    Multiple Library Windows -- can it be done?

    There are many occasions where I am going back and forth between two collections. Usually I am looking for how I handled something previously or some missing information. For example, I have a couple dozen images that I am currently working on that are missing GPS data, I would like to find...
  6. tspear

    Smartworkflow and keyword hierarchy

    Short version: The two largest gaps for me are workflow and keyword hierarchy. Has anyone found a way around these limitations? Long Version: I have played around some with LightRoom CC. I find the editing capabilities not as good, and actually tougher to use. However, they do not require a...
  7. tspear

    Catalogs Continuity and passing images on by generation

    I put this sunder the desktop since I happen to use the Classic version. However, the basic question applies. Has anyone thought about family level catalogs and passing on to other generations? e.g. My parents have gone digital, even my grandmother at a 101 has gone digital. We now share images...
  8. tspear

    Adobe Auto-Update

    After a few "bad" updates (the redesigned import of 6 being the most memorable); or more recently the backup zip problem which only seems a few months ago (I know it was longer). I have got into the habit of waiting before installing a new release from Adobe. On the latest update, Adobe now...
  9. tspear

    Searching for "portrait" images

    Here is a new one, and not one I considered when setting up my catalog. I have setup an export of images for my grandmother, however she asked to further refine them to ones which are "close ups", e.g. portrait style. I have played around with focal range, but that does not seem to give good...
  10. tspear

    Library module Revert from DNG back to raw/jpeg

    The primary reason I converted from raw/jpeg to DNG was because of the hash to help prevent bit-rot. Now that is no longer needed, I want to undo the DNG conversion. I still have the original files, for the moment in separate directories., but I will code a something to pair up the DNG and...
  11. tspear

    What Lr tools have I used?

    I am curious on what percentage of images have I done X in the develop module. I also want to know what features I have used in develop module. e.g. Used the tone curve, adjusted the temp, cropped.... Is this information the database? Any ideas on how to discover it? Tim
  12. tspear

    Testing backup and restore

    I no longer have spare computers to wipe and rebuild to test my backup processes. Also, the amount of data is getting a little out of hand. So what methods are you guys using to test your backup process? Tim
  13. tspear

    Facial Recognition

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lr Classic CC 7.0.2 I have been using facial recognition in Lr since it was introduced. This is a critical part of my flow for family/friends events and for send out images to family/friends. It is rather annoying...
  14. tspear

    Adobe Feedback Forum has issues....

    I have been trying to update a pet peeve bug: New "Creative Cloud Files" link in Windows Explorer (how do you remove) | Photoshop Family Customer Community Which still has no solution, and based on the forum it has existed for over three years now. Anyway, the feedback forum does not accept...
  15. tspear

    Meta data migration from Lr 6 to Lr 7 Classic

    Operating System:Windows now, was Mac Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 I am finally looking closely at my catalog. All color assignments are missing. Just random looking at the images I do not see other missing information. I had a Mac with Lr 6 on it. The first time I...
  16. tspear

    DirectX vs OpenGL

    Operating System:Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1 I just changed my monitor calibration from Spyder to BenQ Palette Master; resetting the display settings first, both via the color management in the control panel and NVidia 1060 GTX 6GB...
  17. tspear

    New Quick Link in Windows Explorer (how do you remove)

    Operating System: Windows 10 Lightroom Version: Lr Classic Question or Description of Problem: The tittle pretty much says it all. How do you get rid of the "Creative Cloud Files" link? I have no interest in the Adobe Cloud, or the creative files..... Tim
  18. tspear

    Migrate Mac to Windows

    So most of my new hardware has arrived. I am migrating my primary desktop/laptops from Mac to Windows. (Still need to pick/order the monitor.) So time to decide on the best way to do this. I have also decided to pitch my home grown backup solution which was a combination of all sorts of shell...
  19. tspear

    New Hardware

    Hey guys, Time for a hardware upgrade. I am going back to the world of Windows. The conundrum is for the storage. I currently have about 1TB of data for my image drive. This contains the catalog, master images, cache... everything related to Lr except the OS and Application software. This was...
  20. tspear

    Running Lr in the cloud....

    Over the weekend I was playing around with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services for another company I and few others are starting. I then had the idea, would running Lr in a virtual terminal work? You could provision a super fast workstation and only pay when you turn it on/off. For the...
  21. tspear

    Making copyright depend on other data during import

    As I remind myself to update the copyright meta-data preset, I am now wondering why Adobe has never implemented any variable substitution on import. Is this a feature others would use? Should I put in a feature request? I would be rather nice to have the copyright metadata set based on capture...
  22. tspear

    List of Titles and Captions

    Anyone know of a way to get a list of titles and captions? Tim
  23. tspear

    Lightroom Preferences File(s)

    Considering the number of times I have seen the recommendation on Adobe's site and here to delete the preferences file and restart Lightroom, I thought it deserved a simple feature request. Delete Preferences Option | Photoshop Family Customer Community Please vote for it....
  24. tspear

    Red Shift, How easy to correct? (Caused by a filter)

    So I am looking at getting a new neutral density filter for long exposure shots (specifically for beach/ocean). The issue is the reviews of B+W MRC 110M Solid Neutral Density 3.0 Filter, the filter causes red shift. My second choice (Hoya) does not have the multiple coatings and in reviews has...
  25. tspear

    Location Data

    I have found that the address is stored in the sub-location field. So effectively, you get Country, State/Province, City, Address. Where do people store such fields as "Grandparents house", "Vacation Home", "Mt. Sutton Ski Resort", "Disney" Or does this end up in keywords?