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    Change of initial metadata view

    On every launch of LR4 the view in the metadata panel in Library is always Default. Nothing wrong with this view, but if I want to see another view without having to find it in the drop-down menu - is there an easy way to do this? Thunberg
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    Filter doesn´t work

    When in grid view in LR 4 using the filter bar I can´t make the metadata filter work properly. After having selected a folder/collection I open the filter bar and click on the metadata label. No matter if I click on a special date in the proper column or a specific lense in the lense column all...
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    What happened to my previews?

    This is my first entry, English isn´t my native language, but I do need some good advice on the following topic so I hope you understand me. I can´t view my pictures in Lightroom 3.2 running on my PC. It seems as if all my previews are gone. It all happened when I was working with a plug-in (the...