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  1. Shar

    When importing 2 copies of each photo import

    Does anyone know why this happens. The first copy says -2 on it then the second photo is the original RAW photo. This just started happening out of the blue a week or so ago. Very frustrating as I have to delete each image separately. Any suggestions .. Thanks.
  2. Shar

    Catalogue gone

    I just went to edit a photo and it says 0 photos in Lightroom. What could have happened. I am fairly new here but I have used an old version of LR6.12 for years. This scares me. When I go to post a screen shot it says it is too big. How do I make it smaller please.
  3. Shar

    Changing Drives on iMac from SSD to HD

    When I got my new computer the person put all my data on the SSD drive. I have 2T of HD sitting with nothing on it. I want to move my photos (about 16GB to the HD). I think I have to do this within Lightroom. In the library module under folders just the SSD drive shows. How do I get the HD...
  4. Shar

    Using LR and Nik

    I have the Nik package - color efex, define, sharpener, silver efex and Viveza 2. I am wondering if I should edit in LR before I edit in the Nik products. For instance would I use clarity in LR or sharpen and then put the image through Nik sharpener? Or using colour efex - if I am going to use...
  5. Shar

    Slideshow - blank screen

    I have LR 2.1 on my desktop and I can use the impromptu slideshow or the slideshow module fine. When I try to use slideshow or impromptu on my notebook all I get is a blank screen. I have posted this question on another site and I have downloaded the latest drivers and done everything...
  6. Shar

    Importing from Photoshop Elements 5..

    This is an option under File. I have about 4''' photos in my PSE 5 organizer. I am wondering if I import them into LR 2.1 - how do they import - as I have them categorized or by date or how. Would it take hours to organize them into collections? I am wondering if I should just leave those...
  7. Shar

    Upgrade only downloads half way

    I downloaded LR 2.1 on my desktop - no problem but when I go to download on my notebook it stops at 45%. I seem to remember when I first loaded LR2 to my notebook the same thing happened and I had to change something but I can't remember what!!! Anybody know what I am talking about? Thanks. Shar
  8. Shar

    LR2 - Jpegs

    Is Lightroom mainly for people that are shooting in raw? I have not gone that route yet - although I plan to try soon. I was developing a photo in LR - then I went into PS3 to put my signature on - then back to LR. The photo was saved as a Tif. I didn't save it - the programme automatically...