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    Export to small size JPGs.

    When I Export to a full sized JPG my images have a thumbnail embedded but if I Export smalll JPGs there is no thumbnail. Does anyone know the image size (pixels or kB) when this turnover happens. Or have I missed something in the Export dialogue (I have looked). Thanks.
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    Slideshow image number

    I would like to export a PDF/Video so I can send to a customer for review but I cant see anyway to include the image file number details onto each slide image. Is this possible natively in LR6.6 or do I need an extra plugin or template? If it is possible please can you detail how I do this as I...
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    Multiple Export styles.

    I dont think this is currently possible but maybe I have just missed it. I would like a plugin that allows me to set up multiple Export styles so that I can select a number of images and then choose one Export from a list of Export styles. So one style would put the full size JPG images...
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    LR6 and new camera RAW support

    I use LR6 and Photoshop CS6. (I will NEVER update to CC as some of you will have heard me say before). Nor do I want to use the DNG converter. With the release of the Fuji XPro2 and the Nikon D500 I am looking to upgrade my cameras so here in lies the question. Will Adobe be updating LR6 by...
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    Lightroom6 Update.

    I got an automatic update last night to my Lightroom6 and InDesign CS6 applications. I dont know what the LR6 update was about I guess it was a minor fix. Does anyone know what was in the update?.
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    Can I save the Camera Profile as part of a Preset

    I am trying to simplify my IR processing workflow. As part of that process I want to be able to apply a camera profile (R&Bchannel swap) and a range of settings as a Develop Preset. I can do this successfully for the Develop settings for all parts except the Camera Profile. Can anyone...
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    Is this possible in LR5.6

    I frequently adjust a single image then copy its Develop Settings and paste them to other images in the set then work through making small adjustments. When shooting under differing light conditions this may mean that I need to copy/paste several different develop settings for all my images...
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    Some good news from Adobe about the subscription model

    I dont like and wont use the subscription model for software use. If I want it, I try it, then if I like it, I buy it. That works for me. Others dont see the problem but to each his/her own. However that said it seems like Adobe are softening their approach to the subscription model...
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    Is it possible to do this on import?

    I have been asked..... Is it possible to reduce (-500K) the Colour Temperature K of an image on import into Lightroom? This would need to be able to apply this setting On Import. Not applied as a a Preset later. So if one image was imported at 5650K and another at 5500K, both would have -500K...
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    Hello from sunny Spain

    Seems like my introduction is necessary to explain why I am here. I use LR for my cataloguing my images. It is by far the easiest and best solution for me. I use mainly Nikon and Fuji X series cameras. My photography is a mix of paid for work and private landscape and other images that I also...