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  1. AMG

    Cannot quit LR after selecting one of the new Web gallery templates

    Was having a look see at the various new web templates in LR6 (perpetual). I had 20 pics in the Library Quick collection to play around with, 1 selected. Test 1 In web module selected “Use all filmstrip photos” together with either of the 3 GRID gallery templates. The template loads but no...
  2. AMG

    Face Keyword grouping (Family, Friend, Holiday travellers etc) - how?

    I had, prior to the face recognition, a number of photos keyworded and put in to a hierarchy. PEOPLE/FRIENDS (tom dick harry) PEOPLE/FAMILY (brother, dad, mum) PEOPLE/FAMILY_EXTENDED (auntie, uncle) PEOPLE/WORK (Mr X, Mr Y, Mr Z) Etc Then I ran the LR6 Face program and added Tom A, Dick B and...
  3. AMG

    # of photos in All Photographs <> Photo folder

    SOLVED -# of photos in All Photographs <> Photo folder I've noticed a while ago that the photo counter of Catalog - All Photographs is 2 higher than the # of photos in my Photograph/INPUT folder. Background I've always been very well organised in storing computer data and paper form data...
  4. AMG

    Amend exif date time on scanned slides - what am I doing wrong?

    Just found Denis' post in tricks & tips.' This trick allows you to amend the exif date and time to something a bit more correct. I had already imported all my scanned slides earlier so I wasnt able to use the preset he mentioned. Not...