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    Photoshop Tools Are Very Slow

    Running Photoshop 22.0.1 on a 2019 Mac Pro (macOS 10.15.7 Catalina) with plenty of RAM, scratch disk space, etc. Some Photoshop tools are very slow. For example, Lasso Tool used to draw small space to add to current selection takes approx 5 seconds to add selection. First selection goes...
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    Trouble Migrating Catalog and Images to New Hard Drive

    I am at the dreaded point where I have to migrate my Lightroom Catalog and image files to a new, larger external hard drive. I have used Finder to copy my Lightroom Catalog folder to the new drive. The catalog and preview files are there. I have used the Folders panel in Lightroom to move...
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    Bizarre HDR Merge in LR Classic CC 8.0

    I'm getting some weird results with HDR merge in the new update to LR Classic CC. I'm merging five images taken one stop apart with only Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Profile Corrections checked and synced on the five images. De-ghosting is checked as None. The merged image has weird...
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    Continued Difficulty LR Export to Photoshop

    Is this the correct forum to post a continued difficulty with exporting images to Photoshop for PS edit after I finish LR adjustments?
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    Merge to HDR Question

    When I select a number of images for Merge to HDR the merge process does not seem to recognize the edits I've done to individual images before the merge. Is there a way to do that? I was performing preliminary edits (like dust spot removal) to one of the source images, syncing the develop...
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    Lightroom Not Importing from Photoshop When Click on Save

    Recently I have started having trouble with Lightroom CC 2015.6 failing to import an image that I exported to Photoshop, edited, and then clicked on "Save." In some cases I have had to manually import the edited image using the import dialog. And In some cases I have had to re-start Lightroom...
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    Lightroom CC Preferences

    Is there a "correct" way to delete and regenerate the Lightroom CC preferences file? Can I just move the file to the Trash folder and start Lightroom CC and let it generate a new preferences file? Or do I have to move the preference file to the Trash, delete Lightroom CC, and reinstall Lightroom...
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    Lightroom 5.5 to Photoshop CC 2014 Not Working

    I am trying to open an image file from Lightroom 5.5 to Photoshop CC 2014. Cmd+E gives me the option to edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments, but then nothing happens when I click that. Same results from Photo>Edit In... Photoshop starts but no image. Seemed to work okay yesterday. What...
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    LR Won't Open Main Catalog File

    I am getting a message when I try to open my main catalog file that tells me it's being used by another application:confused:. Uh, there are no other applications that I know of using the catalog file. I have had to open my backup catalog file to be able to import, edit, etc. Would appreciate...
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    Lightroom to Photoshop Difficulty

    I have started getting a strange dialog box when I try to make the trip from Lightroom to Photoshop (by pressing Command+E). It says, "Application Moved. The application has been moved, and its path has changed. To update the product configuration click Update." Okay. I click Update. And I...
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    Moving to New External Hard Drive

    I am moving all of my catalog, photos, and other Lightroom files from an old external drive to a newer, larger one. When I read the info in LR5 FAQ I understand that I can use the two steps referred to on Page 238 and use Option One in the second step. In the first step should I use a simple...
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    Smart Previews vs the old 1:1 Previews

    With Lightroom 5, I can now generate a "Smart Preview" file. The question is, can I get rid of the old (and huge) 1:1 preview file? Are there advantages? Disadvantages? Thanks in advance, Stan
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    Lightroom RAW Image Export to Photoshop CS6 After ACR 8.1

    With Adobe's new Compulsory Cloud policy, many of us "hobbyist" digital photographers are choosing to just stick with Photoshop CS6 for editing needs beyond Lightroom's capability. I understand that CS6 will continue to get Adobe Camera RAW updates, but I also understand that these ACR...
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    Backup Copy On Import

    I normally insert my CF card into the card reader and begin the import process. Sometimes there are images in the Import panel that I neither want to import, add to the specified image folder, or backup to a second hard drive. Am I correct that if I uncheck an image for import that a backup...
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    Facebook Upload

    I am attempting to upload the first album for Facebook that I have tried since upgrading to Lightroom 4. There are twelve images in the album. When I attempt to "publish" the collection I get a message that the "Photo Failed to Upload." When I open Facebook the first image is there, but the...
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    Multiple xmp Sidecar Files for One Image File?

    I have posted this on the Adobe Lightroom Forum with no luck. Any chance for some assistance here? I have noticed Lightroom telling me that I have unsaved metadata with image files in Library Mode, Grid View. So I highlight the image files and save metadata. Then I go to the Finder and...
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    Adobe psb Files and Lightroom

    Does Lightroom 3 support Adobe psb files? I am using PT GUI to generate some large panos in the psb format and would like to import the results into Lightroom. Thanks in advance. Stan
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    Confused with HDR Efex preset ( was: On the Verge of Irrelevant)

    I have been messing around with Nik's HDR Efex Pro and have had to uninstall and reinstall the program on both my laptop and desktop computers to get it to properly activate. It's now doing fine on both computers from both Lightroom and Photoshop. The question comes from the fact that I was...
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    Import Dialog on Steroids?

    Every time I start Lightroom 3.3 the Import Dialog appears - even though I do not have a memory card connected. I do have the "Show import dialog when memory card is detected" preference box checked in Preferences. But I don't have a memory card connected. I just want to edit existing images...
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    Lightroom 2.6 Import Crash w/Snow leopard

    The last few times that I have imported photo image files from a Lexar (6''x 16GB) card, Lightroom 2.6 has crashed when the import process is completed. The Import dialog box reappears, the card is not ejected as requested in the Import dialog, and Lightroom has to be Force Quit. Then the...
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    Lightroom Printing Issue

    When I try to print from Lightroom 2.4 in 64-bit mode with my Epson 22'', I get the lined-through indicator on the "Print Settings," "Color Management," Paper Adjustment," and "Print Option" choices in the Print dropdown. When I change Lightroom 2.4 to run in the 32-bit mode, the lined-through...
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    Catalog Salvage Attempt

    Long story short...I moved some folders from one external hard drive to another via the Volume Browser, and some image files disappeared. :cry: I was able to replace those image files from original download backup (using click-and-drag outside of Lightroom) and can get the catalog to see the...