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  1. RipIt

    Mask color ON permanently

    Perhaps I have inadvertently activated a preference but I cannot seem to find one. The color of the mask, which is shown when one hovers over the active mask button is permanently on. Consequently I cannot see a live adjustment of the effects take place. I have tried quitting/restarting...
  2. RipIt

    Enable Mirror image mode

    Has anyone found a useful purpose for this mode? Or could take a guess? Library(M) View>Enable Mirror Image Mode
  3. RipIt

    Flag status not held from Collection to Library

    Is this a bug? or just an inconvenience. When viewing images in a collection I can flag them (pic/rejects) but when viewing the same images in the main library those flags are not honored. Therefore the shortcut for deleting rejected flagged images will not work. Interestingly though, a...
  4. RipIt

    Eject after Import

    Why was the "eject after import" option taken away with 1.3?