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    Add Date & Time to an Image where neither are visible (in Metadata) now

    Am in midst of a major Trip Edit and Sort and have found a few (typically Panorama Images) where the Metadata does not have Capture Time nor Capture Date, so I have nowhere to amend nor alter it, so that the Image will drop into my sequence in Chronological Order. Apologies if its obvious to...
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    Difficulty with Importing Images from external drive IN Chronological Order

    I gather not a new Issue, but am stumped. I have 3.660 + Images in a single Folder (on a separate Passport Drive), which I wish to Import to LR 5.7 (Desktop)then Develop etc until Album . I wish to Import & KEEP them in Chronological Order ('Image Capture' seems the most sensible), but it...
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    Struggling to IMPORT in 'Date & Time taken' order

    1400 Images from DSLR Camera and iPad & iPhones. 5th Oct is appearing before 5th Sept - for example Is there an Issues with DD/MM/YYYY versus MM/DD/YYYY (US Format). Thanks for your input and time
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    My Images when loaded into LR appear different sizes

    I am loading images (jpeg from a canon DSLR) and some from my Wife's Panasonic MDC LF1. Mine (1st SShot) are always same size. Hers (2nd SShot) are mixed as seen from the attached screen shots. What am I doing wrong or needs to be changed - maybe even a setting in the Panasonic camera...
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    Help sought with an Issue when in 'Develop' mode

    Having selected an Image that I wish to work on & in 'Develop' mode, each Action seems to head-off automatically/ Temp rockets to + 33 (to name but one and it is not alone) Exposure to full + 5 Stops Have I done something amiss or accidentally set-up pre-sets ... Bizarre Using LR 5.7 (I...
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    Exporting large No of Images IN Date & Time order

    Currently exporting Images (developed, sorted etc of over 1,250 to an Album) but it is resulting in them loading in what appears to be Image Number order. Sequence in the Album therefore looks daft. I am trying to keep them in Chronological order (Date & Time) of Image Capture (even if that was...
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    Capture Time is NOT always retained when Exporting to an Album (different drive)

    Working with jpegs in LR 5 on Windows 10, if that helps. Background is that I have quite often changed the Capture Time (or even date) to make the flow of images more like an evolving Story. This revised 'order' along 'Capture Time' lines, then that 'order' appears to NOT be retained when...
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    Catalog confusion & Importing ex-iPAd into LR 5.7

    Trying to Import Images from iPAD into LR 5.7 (on DTop) and have encountered an Issue, where LR says I have the some of the same Images in the Catalog. No idea How. What I need to do is access Catalog, see where the Images are (or not) and Over-write the Import of Duplicates command. Many...
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    Importing Images from iPAD ...... Help sought and very welcome

    Took a bunch of Pics on iPHONE, sync'd with iPAD, and now trying to Import to LR 5 on Windows DTop. However, only a few have managed to be IMPORTED to LR and those that did not are now showing as already as being in the Catalog (whatever the heck that is or means - to say nothing of How does...
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    Issues with Installing LR 5.4 on a 2nd PC ... ?

    Upgraded in Dec 2011 on my UK Desktop. I think (but not certain) it is/was LR 5.4. Now acquired a new Desktop, but at the Home in US, and having issues with LR accepting the Same Serial No (6 sets of 4 Nos). Only using a version (there) on a Trial Basis & that will run out soon. Question is...
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    LR 5.4 Query about Importing Video

    I have just returned from a Trip with my New Toy (Canon 5D, which can and did take some Videos as well as Pictures) and am now keen to edit - aka eliminate the Bad etc. However, when I did an Import from the CF Cards, BOTH the videos and images were loaded. I was thinking of editing the...
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    Recovering Images/Pictures from Catalogs lrCat ... or whatever ?

    I Import Pictures from Memory Cards into LR 3.6 (Windows 7), tinker with them/Develop, Sort etc etc, Then Export to a separate Data Storage Device - Iomega Hard Drive). This wasand remains due to concerns at the ability of me or LR to loose them/some. However, I have now found 2/3 Files of...
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    Acquired super fast new Machine, but LR 3.6 requires my License No ... etc

    Did download in December 2011 (15th I think) - all online. Any idea(s) on Where and / or How I can be re-acquanted with that Number. Many thanks Safariholic
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    Thinking of upgrading from LR 3.6 and wondered ....

    Which Version should I opt for........ ? Simpleton User here. There seem to have been some Issues with recent Releases (or am I wrong). HAVE copied ALL Images onto a Remote Storage Device, as further back-up to those held on the Hard Drive (as also upgrading my PC to much faster etc machine)...
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    Exporting Images (to separate Data Storage device) IN THE Image Capture Order

    So far each attempt has resulted in them being stored in numerical sequence (ascending) whereas I want them in Date and Time that the original Image was captured. Seems to be an ongoing issue with maintaining that sequence. Thanks very much Safariholic
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    Images can NOT be Imported as they cannot be read !!

    Really struggling with this, as we have just returned from a major Photo Trip and thousands (Yes, thoudands) of our Shots cannot be 'imported' into LR (3.6), and this is majorly stressing me out. Wierd as some Memory Cards have worked fine, whilst others ...... as above. Hugley appreciate any...
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    Loading Images INTO LR (3.6) in same order as they were taken in ....

    according to Metadata (Date & Time Picture taken) and NOT as per the Numerical Order of the Images in another Off-line Folder. Thanks very much. Am having to redo a 10 hour piece of work !! Safariholic
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    Failures to Export Issue(s)

    Having spent hours doing a detailed cull, Develop, crop and re-order of images (going from 490 to 297), I tried to Export them to my Photos Folder. All appeared to go well, until at the end, I discovered that 37 had "Failed to Export". Could not figure out why (still can't). Then tried to...
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    Capture Time (trigger) under Metadata section - How does one .......

    reverse a selection - done accidentally. I had been tickering with the order of Images (1500) in the Library, and re-setting the Times so that the order was corrected (no I did not properly sync the 3 Cameras' clocks first). No cannot view the whole batch - only those taken on the one day...
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    Number of Images / Photos could not be loaded into LR because

    to quote - "they cannot be read". What does that mean and How can I resolve the Issue, as there appear quite a few Photos affected. Many thanks Safariholic
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    Copying Photos onto an iPAD is proving tricky - Help please ?

    I have taken to 'exporting photos' (from LR 3.5) to a safe PC-based Folder - All of which are Named (eg 2011.11.08 Zambia Safari Collection) so they are ordered due to naming convention, and then in each Album, the Photos (images) appear in a specific numerical order. Issue - when copied some...
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    LR 3.5 - Placing Photos in an Order and keeping them in that order

    By way of backgrnd - I load Pics from Camera(s), Sort into an ex-LR Folder by date (so as not to overload LR with Pics etc), re-Import to LR, Develop/tinker, then Export Finalised Set of Pics ex-LR. Issue - is that when they appear in that (ex-LR) Folder, the order has gone haywire - neither...
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    LR Vers 3.2

    Just went to OPEN LR only to discover No Catalogs, Photographs, Folders, Collections etc etc. The whole bleep thing is Vacant/empty. The Only Options I am offered is to "Click the IMPORT Button to begin". This I suspect will import a load of my Pics from C Drive or wherever and require me to...
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    LR 3.2 Sorting photos in an order

    Taken a load of Photos and loaded into LR. But cannot re-order them or ammend the sequence in either 'ALL Photographs' or 'Library' mode. Issue is that 3 cameras were used but they were not synch'd before trip !! Learning Lesson. Also when placed in a specific order or sequence (In Collection...
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    Cannot open Lightroom (old Vers 1.3)

    Appreciate any advice/guidance, but pls it needs to be idiot-proof and targetted at a technophobe. Cheers