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  1. Paul McFarlane

    Preferences: performance- camera raw check box is checked allowing for graphics card usage

    Hi It will make no difference - the GPU is used for graphical processing, not file operations. So, Develop it should help, other tasks it won't.
  2. Paul McFarlane

    Save Metadata to File for DNG's does not clear the tag

    Dan, I struggle every time to find a thread on there that I know I read!!!
  3. Paul McFarlane

    Are LRC 2021 .xmp files backward compatible with LRC 2019?

    Hi Jeff I've been running Catalina on my MP (late-2013 model) with no issues. My catalogs are substantially larger btw. XMP - you don't mention the specific version of Classic, but I'm 99% sure yes (I do this with Clients on older versions) Easiest way to be 100% in your situation is, of...
  4. Paul McFarlane

    Strange message when adding a photo to a collection.

    John That workaround (from John) does work - the issue is the Custom Sort order, so typically it is seen when trying to add additional photos to the Quick Collection.
  5. Paul McFarlane

    Strange message when adding a photo to a collection.

    Hi John Yes, it's a known bug on Classic 10.0. See our Blog for notes:
  6. Paul McFarlane

    Save Metadata to File for DNG's does not clear the tag

    Yes, we have seen some reports of this. John wrote this up on the Adobe Forum (below) but I can;t see much response from Adobe so far...
  7. Paul McFarlane

    Applying a sepia tinge

    Not at all, Tim, that's the benefit of a forum, share knowledge and lots learn!!!
  8. Paul McFarlane

    Applying a sepia tinge

    Use a brush, cover the area you want, then use the Color selection to adjust it.
  9. Paul McFarlane

    Suddenly some of my RAW + JPG combo i. My catalog changed to XMP

    I-See-Light is entirely correct. It makes no difference that your system is set to open these in Ps, most of us set this to Preview, but it doesn't affect what goes on in Lr. Lr cannot change files from JPG to XMP. XMP is simply a sidecar file as stated, written on demand from some programs...
  10. Paul McFarlane

    Another new guy - Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Welcome, good to have you with us!
  11. Paul McFarlane

    What is the newest version of Lightroom for Windows?

    Classic - 10.0, see blog: Cloud / mobile - 4.0, 6.1.0, see blog:
  12. Paul McFarlane

    Desktop startup crash issues

    Unfortunately, it seems the graphics card is below the minimum spec to run the current version of Classic. It's an old card (7 years) and seems to come with 1Gb RAM. Classic requires a minimum of 2Gb to display (more to actually use for processing in Develop) Classic 7.x would run on 1Gb GPU...
  13. Paul McFarlane

    Desktop startup crash issues

    To clarify, have you tried switching off the GPU in Lightroom? What's it set to currently? Preferences > Performance > Use Graphics Processor - set to Off. It's only used to assist in graphics processing and will normally be set off if Lr doesn't think it can use it. Which model of graphics...
  14. Paul McFarlane

    Grid-view previews slow to load

    What are your Standard Previews set to (size)? Generally Auto is good. By the sound of it they aren't sufficient for Lr to use. Check page 503 in your Classic book (2nd Edition) for the loading logic. Smart Previews are used in Develop, not in Library views, unless Lr sees the photo as missing.
  15. Paul McFarlane

    Hello, I'm new here

    Well, a big friendly welcome to you Julie, it's great to have you with us!
  16. Paul McFarlane

    Two Adobe ID’s - Can I Use the Same LrC Catalog?

    Hi Adobe don't have a check that specifies a catalog must be tied to an account, so short answer is you can use the catalog with either subscription. However, if it's synced to the cloud, then it can only be synced on one subscription (so the other computer with a different sub can still use it...
  17. Paul McFarlane

    Change File Path of Library

    Glad you're sorted. Sometimes what look like frightening issues are quite easy to solve!!! (and welcome to the forums btw!)
  18. Paul McFarlane

    Change File Path of Library

    Page 442 of your Classic book (2nd Edition) point 4 (in the question about moving to another disk): Open Lightroom and right-click on the parent folder. Select Find Missing Folder or Update Folder Location from the list, depending on which option is available. Navigate to the new location and...
  19. Paul McFarlane

    Lightroom Web Version - Does it have a histogram?

    There isn't a Histogram on the web version currently and, as Cletus said, no Tone Curve either.
  20. Paul McFarlane

    Unable to Export

    Hi Charlie I'd suggest put in a bug to the Adobe forum. It sounds very similar to a couple of other bugs (Quick Collection Custom Sort Order, email from LrC) that we have links to on our LrC 10.0 post.
  21. Paul McFarlane

    LR Classic Error when trying to add an image to a collection

    It's a known and reported bug in 10.0 Check our blog post, issues are listed at the top.
  22. Paul McFarlane

    Is it possible to batch convert camera raw (mainly Nikon and Sony) to DNG files?

    Check your Classic book, Appendix E8 (2nd Edition). If you want to convert after Import, then it's like Cletus said. You can select multiple photos in Grid and do that in one go.
  23. Paul McFarlane

    Last Catalina Update Complications with Lr 10

    No, 8Gb, and the original 128Gb disk. I so wish I could tell you something that jumps out as obvious! But it's an out of the box MBP (with replaced OS over time of course!) It's the 13" one. Happy to check anything else on it to compare of course.
  24. Paul McFarlane

    How to make a zip file

    So, you have the photos downloaded now to your local computer? Depending on the size, you may be able to select them, right-click and compress then email. However, if too big fir email, then we often use WeTransfer (it's free and you simply upload to it and the recipient gets a download link).
  25. Paul McFarlane

    Last Catalina Update Complications with Lr 10

    I appreciate this isn't that helpful, but I'm also running a mid-2012 MBP without issues (it's as fast as I'd expect for the age of machine, 9 seconds to load Lr to the point of asking which catalog, then 15 seconds to load it). I mention it to give hope! Tried uninstalling / reinstalling Lr...