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  1. Jim Wilde

    Adobe Raw profiles missing from Lightroom on iPhone

    I see them on my iPhone, so I don't think there's a general problem, though not doubting they're missing on your phone. I've run into this problem a few times in the past, and each time only a delete and reinstall of the LrMobile app got everything back. But doing that can be a pain if like me...
  2. Jim Wilde

    Increase contrast of text in Grid tumbnail view?

    I assume you're displaying the Caption on the second line of the Expanded Cell info? If so, have you thought about displaying it on the first line, where the data is displayed much darker, and is thus much easier to read (at least on Windows, though I assume MacOS would be the same).
  3. Jim Wilde

    Best way to separate multiple photos scanned to one file

    I used to use the VC method, but eventually I found it a bit bothersome (can't recall exactly why, think it might have been related to face recognition, IIRC face recognition works - or initially worked - on the entire uncropped image, so I was getting hits from the same images that had been...
  4. Jim Wilde

    Import (with profile) from Synced Imported Photos

    I'm not sure what you mean by "import profile", though I assume you mean "import preset"? In which case, no you can't apply that in the syncing process. What you can do is specify your preferred sync download folder and location (instead of the default), AND you can choose to have the synced...
  5. Jim Wilde

    What is causing this.

    They have a couple of definite purposes: 1. They allow users to leave their images at home when travelling. With the catalog and Smart Previews they can continue to edit the images despite the fact they are "missing". 2. There is now an option to use Smart Previews for editing even when at home...
  6. Jim Wilde

    What is causing this.

    You could try selecting all the images, then Library menu>Previews>Discard Smart Previews.
  7. Jim Wilde

    LR Mobile sync location in Classic

    The next line down on that Preferences>Lightroom Sync tab:
  8. Jim Wilde

    LR Mobile sync location in Classic

    You can change the location of the images that are downloaded into Classic, see the Classic Preferences>Lightroom Sync tab. Not only can you set your preferred location, but you can also set one of the standard Classic date-based folder structures for those downloaded files.
  9. Jim Wilde

    Syncing between Lightroom Classic 10

    Some of that, but not all, is possible. Having edited the images in Spain, you'd need to do a couple of things: 1. Assuming the images are in raw format, you'd need to convert them to DNG and do Cmd+S to write all metadata to XMP when you have finished editing them. In the normal course of...
  10. Jim Wilde

    General question about syncing between classic and CC

    Yep. There's a warning message saying the original file wasn't available and couldn't be downloaded, then gives an option to proceed using only the Smart Preview.
  11. Jim Wilde

    Catalogs metadata and editing did not exported and imported from my desktop to my laptop

    I'm not able to reproduce an issue when exporting a catalog from V10, as expected the exported catalog then opens correctly without asking to upgrade it. So the next thing to check is that you have definitely copied the correct exported catalog from the desktop to the laptop.
  12. Jim Wilde

    Catalogs metadata and editing did not exported and imported from my desktop to my laptop

    Go back and check your process, as it's almost certain the the catalog you opened on the laptop was an older catalog which would explain both the request to upgrade it and the fact that all the metadata is missing. Make sure that you open the copied catalog into Classic on the laptop, easiest...
  13. Jim Wilde

    LR Mobile sync location in Classic

    There's possibly some information missing from your workflow here....if you sync from Classic to the cloud, then edit on a device such as an iPad, only the changes sync back to Classic and are applied to the original file. There is no additional file created, unless you are doing something else...
  14. Jim Wilde

    Syncing between Lightroom Classic 10

    You enable cloud syncing in one of the two Classic catalogs (presumably the UK version), then choose which of your images you want to see on the iPad. Put them into a set of collections, then set the collections syncing (clicking on the checkmark box in front of the collection names, which...
  15. Jim Wilde

    compact cell info

    I guess I'm not really understanding. If you select "filename" that includes the extension anyway, so why do you need both? However, you CAN have both by setting top label to "filename" and bottom label to "Extension". See attached:
  16. Jim Wilde

    compact cell info

    If using the Compact Cells. make sure that either Top Label or Bottom Label is selected (or both), then choose File Extension from the dropdown to be used in the selected label.
  17. Jim Wilde

    LR vs LRC

    Er....there's been rather more changes than just the Dehaze and Color Grading options: What's new in Lightroom Classic since Lightroom 6? | The Lightroom Queen Note, this document includes changes up to July of this year. There have been a couple more updates since then.
  18. Jim Wilde

    Label scanned photos?

    It depends on how complicated you want things to become. If you want to stay within the Lightroom system, only Lightroom Classic and the Lightroom (cloudy) desktop app allow the capture date to be changed. For Classic you would have to export the images as a catalog and send the exported...
  19. Jim Wilde

    Label scanned photos?

    What exactly do you mean by having your father "date them"? Change the capture date, or just include the capture date in the caption (along with other "what" and "who" information)? If the latter, and your father has access to a tablet or smart phone (or even just a web browser), it would be...
  20. Jim Wilde

    exporting/importing raw photos back to same lightroom classic folder

    In the export dialog, in the Export Location box, check the option to "Add to This Catalog".
  21. Jim Wilde

    Catalogs Purge cache button

    They don't have to be massive files if their primary purpose is to put a updated image in front of the user while waiting for the "real" image to be created in the background. I just exported a 45mp file which weighs 58mb, quality 70, long edge 1024 and it produced a jpeg of less that 300kb. An...
  22. Jim Wilde

    Updating to LR V10.0

    Adobe HAS created their standard set of the Adobe profiles for the R5 (Adobe Color, Monochrome, Vivid, Portrait, Neutral, Landscape, and Standard), it's only Camera Matching profiles that they haven't created (and as they haven't yet been created, they can't really be reported as "missing"). So...
  23. Jim Wilde

    Editing Archived Photos

    Your understanding is incorrect. I suggest you review the preview/cache loading logic in the Develop module, page 464 of your Missing FAQ book. The ACR cache entries are tiny in comparison to the original file, IIRC they are only 1024 pixels on the long edge, and are thus only suitable for...
  24. Jim Wilde

    Catalogs Purge cache button

    Each ACR cache entry would typically be between 1 and 2mb in size, thus 40GB would hold between 20,000 and 40,000 entries. As the cache also works on a FIFO basis, only when opening much older images from the catalog is one likely to encounter a missing ACR cache file with it's attendant few...
  25. Jim Wilde

    How to change pixel size of a photo and export

    When you click of the Share Icon, third from the right at the top right, choose Custom Settings from the Export section. Then in the resulting Settings dialog, click the down arrow to the right of Dimensions and choose Custom from the options. Then the "Long Side" option will appear....