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  1. reidthaler

    Desktop computer: Are Smart Previews worth it?

    I'm working on a desktop so don't need the advantage of smart previews to work on images if an external drive isn't connected like a laptop, but is there much advantage to creating them on the desktop? I know it's supposed to help load images in the Development module quicker, but I'm not...
  2. reidthaler

    Best way to send multiple photos to others for viewing in Lightroom app

    I have images I want to send to my smart phone students for viewing in their Lightroom app. Is there an easy way that I can send them images that they import into the app? Thanks, Reid
  3. reidthaler

    Best way to get images out of Lightroom app for non subscribers.

    I teach smartphone photography and recommend the Lightroom app to my students. Most of these don’t have an interest in either the photography program subscription service, nor the premium features available through the Lightroom app. I’m looking for recommendations as to how to get their...
  4. reidthaler

    Lightroom Mobile Geotagging not showing up in Classic

    I have it enabled in the camera mode under the 3 dots setting, but can't find a place in Settings. It used to work. Thanks, Reid
  5. reidthaler

    Error Message adding image to Quick Collections

    Getting error message trying to add image to Quick Collection. I thought it was catalog corruption, so I switched to a back up catalog, but same issue. Ideas? Thanks, Reid
  6. reidthaler

    Migrating from Lightroom to Lightroom Classic: Any advantage to Lightroom?

    I have a client who is using Lightroom with about 50K images. I've never found any advantage to Lightroom over Lightroom Classic since Lightroom doesn't have feature parity and requires you to upload everything to Adobe. My initial recommendation would be to switch to Lightroom Classic and...
  7. reidthaler

    Lightroom not copying to correct date folder?

    I'm working with a client trying to get his catalog in order. We've imported telling Lightroom to download by year and month. But there are large number of images landing in the wrong folder. It seems like Lightroom is downloading by Metadata date (which looks like the import date) and not...
  8. reidthaler

    Lightroom mobile (iphone) not syncing to desktop; desktop collections will sync to smartphone

    working with a client yesterday and couldn't get Lightroom iphone to sync to desktop. I tried reseting sync by gong to Preference|Lightroom Sync and resetting sync by hold Alt Rebuild Sync Data. I also checked the sync setting in Lightroom mobile, trying syncing with cell phone data both off...
  9. reidthaler

    Image Quality, iPhone 11: DNG vs JPG vs HEIC

    I've always been a pretty dedicated raw shooter, and was really excited when it became available on the smart phone a few years ago, and have been shooting with it pretty much exclusively. A few days ago, I got an iPhone 11, and just thought I'd do some tests, especially since I'm teaching...
  10. reidthaler

    Best Keyboard Shortcut from local adjustment to Basic panel?

    I think there's got to be a better way, but what I've done over the years has simply been to hit K twice. Anyone have a better way? Thanks, Reid
  11. reidthaler

    Lightroom: 9. Panos, Content Aware vs. Boundary Warp?

    I haven't played with it yet, but I assume Content Aware is now the better option. If so, why is there still Boundary Warp? Thanks, Reid
  12. reidthaler

    Saving more than one DNG file from iOS to computer

    I teach smartphone photography, And encourage my students to use Lightroom on the smart phone for photographing even if they are not interested in subscribing to the photography creative cloud since you can shoot in the raw format and have great editing tools, as well as superior control...
  13. reidthaler

    How to find/reconnect missing photos when they are also in collections?

    When I work with clients fixing their catalog with missing images, frequently what I would do would be to find all missing photos, remove them from the catalog, and then reimport. This generally works well, but doesn't when the image is also in a collection. So what is the best way when they...
  14. reidthaler

    Book module: auto add based on ordering collection ?

    It's my understanding that there are two ways to add images to the book module. One is to auto add which throws the images in randomly, the other is to drag them up from the filmstrip. I have a client who painstakingly organize their images in a collection and want to know if they can auto add...
  15. reidthaler

    Difference Between Auto Settings and Auto Tone

    I thought the built-in Classic General, Auto Settings was the same as creating a preset with Auto Settings preset, but it's not. Notice that first photo below that the Auto in basic panel is not engaged, but it is in the second. So what does Classic General, Auto Settings actually do? It's...
  16. reidthaler

    Metadata Either Not Exported or Not Showing on Exported Photos

    I'm working with the client to have created some custom metadata fields. . Upon doing a test with export all metadata checked, and re-importing those images, we found that the metadata is not shown on reimported JPEG images. I just tried it myself on some of my images that don't have custom...
  17. reidthaler

    Shortcut for going from local adjustments back to the Basic palette?

    I usually hit the K key twice, but just thought I'd see if there is a recommendation for a better approach. Thanks, Reid
  18. reidthaler

    Confirming: Recent Lightroom mobile change prohibits "shooting into" a "Album" (Collection)

    In previous versions like mobile, I was able to shoot directly into an album (which should be called a collection) but can you confirm they've eliminated that feature, and now I must select a photo and copy it into a collection? I liked the old way better, and it really screwed up my workflow...
  19. reidthaler

    Did Adobe scrap the $4.99/mo plan?

    Did Adobe scrap the $4.99/mo plan only advertised through the app? They had a plan for those that didn't want a desktop component that I used to offer to my students, but don't see now. Thanks, Reid
  20. reidthaler

    Can I Remove Photos but Keep Development Settings?

    I work with a lot of clients whose catalogs can be kind of messed up. Sometimes it's easier just to remove images and reimport them. But is it possible to keep development settings? Even if I check save changes to XMP, if I remove the photo and reimport it it also removes us the XMP file...
  21. reidthaler

    Multiple Gradients Presets Can't All Be Applied

    I've never been a huge preset guy, but a while ago I tried to get on the preset bandwagon and created some generic development presets. At first I just tried simple ones of darkening and I created four of them, to come from each of the four edges. I was surprised to see that if I applied more...
  22. reidthaler

    Import Empty Folders as a Template?

    As a follow up to my post Re-Import Images, but keep collections? and specifically to Bernard's suggestion, to sort metada by year and month and drag into folder, is it possible to import empty folders to use as a template (see below) for moving images to year/month folders like this to help...
  23. reidthaler

    Re-Import Images, but keep collections?

    I work with a lot of clients to straighten out their mess of a catalog. Frequently, images are in such disarray that I remove them from the catalog and re-import them by month and day, but in doing so, I loose their collections. Is there a way to re-organized their catalogs but keep...
  24. reidthaler

    Location of Mac Sync file/folder?

    I have a client that has a sync problem. Where is the sync data folder location? I tried looking at /Users//Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/Sync.lrdata but didn't find it. thanks, reid
  25. reidthaler

    Virtual Copies?

    It seems so obvious, but there doesn't seem to be an option. Any workarounds without creating a VC on a lap or desktop computer?