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  1. Victoria Bampton

    Attachment errors

    I'm hearing reports of attachment errors. I haven't changed anything but there was a server glitch yesterday. I'm looking into it!
  2. Victoria Bampton

    Forum software upgrade

    Hi guys It's nearly time to run the forum software upgrade, so I just wanted to warn you in advance. Most buttons are in the same place, but the new software has a more minimalistic modern look, so it'll probably take a couple of visits to adjust to the changes. I've attached a couple of...
  3. Victoria Bampton

    Domain moved - let me know of issues

    I've just shifted the website domain from Lightroom Forums to Lightroom Forums and it all went far too smoothly. :D So let me know if you run into any issues please.
  4. Victoria Bampton

    Website Closure is cancelled! We're staying open!

    When this forum was created more than 10 years ago, there wasn't much Lightroom information available, Lightroom experts were few and far between, and the official Adobe forums were virtually unusable. Times have changed though. The world now revolves around social media and instant answers...
  5. Victoria Bampton

    Is Lightroom Classic end-of-life?

    Lots of people are expressing concerns about Lightroom being "on the way out". I've been mulling it over, and I'd love to get your thoughts on this logic (and to be clear, I don't have inside information in this) Is Lightroom dying? Since Wednesday's announcements, one of the main questions on...
  6. Victoria Bampton

    Apologies for the downtime

    Ooooops, we had a couple of hours of downtime this evening. Sorry about that! We're back up now. It wasn't anything serious... my business partner was trying to find some files on another site hosted on the same server and accidentally moved "stuff" into a subfolder. I found the missing files...
  7. Victoria Bampton


    We've moved to an SSL connection for your peace of mind. Please let me know if you run into any issues. Thanks!
  8. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom-related Advertising

    THE TRIAL HAS NOW DRAWN TO A CLOSE. DUE TO ISSUES WITH THE ADVERTISING PLUG-IN, WE'VE DECIDED NOT TO ALLOW MEMBER ADVERTISING OR SELF-PROMOTION ON THIS FORUM. The previous post is retained below for reference only. The new advertising system is now live, and you can book and manage your own...
  9. Victoria Bampton

    Goodbye Gene McCullagh

    I'm sad to have to share the news that our friend and fellow Lightroom Guru, @Gene McCullagh, died yesterday. He's been a core member of the Lightroom community for many years, running the Lightroom Secrets website, and I was privileged to count him as a friend. He will be missed.
  10. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom keyboards and other gadgets

    I'm writing a series of blog posts on some of the Lightroom 'gadgets' that are available. They include things like custom keyboards (Motibodo, RPG Keys, VSCO Keys, Palette), midi controllers (PFixer, Knobroom, Midi2LR), other programmable gadgets (Contour Shuttle Pro, AutoHotKey, Paddy) and...
  11. Victoria Bampton

    New Forum Software - Bugs & Feature Requests

    Welcome to the new forum software. I hope you find your way around ok! We'll be updating all of the help threads etc. over the next few days. There might be some bugs... it is software, after all. If you find anything, please report it in this thread and I'll do my best to find a solution or...
  12. Victoria Bampton

    If it isn't broken, don't fix it... forum software

    As many of you know, I've been working a switch to Xenforo forum software for a while. We will have to switch eventually, as the current software is no longer supported/updated, but everyone seems fairly settled on the current vBulletin software and it's not causing tooooo many issues at this...
  13. Victoria Bampton

    Trial - RSS feed for my blog posts - feedback needed

    Ok, further to Cletus' reminder that I always forget to post links to my what's new blog posts here, I'm trialling a new automated setup that will automatically show my blog posts in its own subforum. I need your feedback! Do you like it or not? And if you like it, would you like our other...
  14. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom 5 Beta!

    It's that time again! Beta time! Lightroom 5 beta's just been released. You can read more about it on the Official Blog Post and here's my usual loooooong detailed list of changes too. You can download the beta from The official beta forum...
  15. Victoria Bampton

    New Online Image Sharing forum

    Welcome to the new Online Image Sharing forum, which started in response to this thread. We'll try to stick to one thread per service provider, but please feel free to add your comments, reviews and questions. You can also vote the services you've used by going to Rate This Thread at the top...
  16. Victoria Bampton

    Zenfolio - Paid

    Website address: Cost: Free Trial then Paid Services Available Lightroom plug-in available: Jeffrey's advanced plug-in Please feel free to share your reviews and comments below
  17. Victoria Bampton

    SmugMug - Paid

    Website address: Cost: Free Trial then Paid Services Available Lightroom plug-in available: Available free from SmugMug and also Jeffrey's plug-in Please feel free to share your reviews and comments below
  18. Victoria Bampton

    Facebook - Free

    Website address: Cost: Free Lightroom plug-in available: Built-in to Lightroom, and also Jeffrey's more advanced plug-in Please feel free to share your reviews and comments below
  19. Victoria Bampton

    Flickr - Free and Paid

    Website address: Cost: Free & Paid Services Available Lightroom plug-in available: Built-in to Lightroom, and also Jeffrey's more advanced plug-in Please feel free to share your reviews and comments below
  20. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom 4.3 final release available

    Lightroom 4.3 is now available as a final release, instead of a release candidate. If you were using the RC, don't forget to update, otherwise it'll tell you the RC's expired in a few weeks time. New camera support including the Canon 6D. Various bug fixes, including some people are seeing...
  21. Victoria Bampton

    What do you wish you knew when you were getting started with Lightroom?

    I'm working on the getting started information for beginners, and perhaps you can help me... it's a little while since I was a beginner! Stretch your mind way back... when you first got your hands on Lightroom, what did you want to know? For example, did you need to know how to import...
  22. Victoria Bampton

    Welcome to Photoshop for Lightroom Users forum

    There are a number of Photoshop forums on the web, but Photoshop is a HUGE program, and photographers only use a small subset of the tools. This forum is for Lightroom users to discuss those Photoshop tools and techniques used by photographers.
  23. Victoria Bampton

    Forum etiquette - cross-posting

    This is a friendly request not to cross-post questions on multiple forums at the same time. If you post on another forum and don't get the answer you need, please feel free to post it here after a reasonable length of time, or better still, post here first and then try elsewhere if we can't...
  24. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom 4.1 final now live

    The final release of Lightroom 4.1 is now available. When you next open Lightroom, it should tell you that it's available, or you can download it directly from: Lightroom 4.1 – Windows – Mac ACR 7.1 for CS6 – Windows – Mac Thank you for your patience through the frustrating days of 4.0...
  25. Victoria Bampton

    New Server

    We're back up! If you can read this post, you're on the new server. Everything looks like it's transferred perfectly, but if you run into any problems, just let me know.