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    Missing Images

    I have been told many times that LightRoom is a non-destructable piece of software. Yet I continue to lose images. So, I need a little clarification. Suppose I have selected 20 images that appear as previews. Can I assume that the originals are still located somewhere on my hard drive? This has...
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    darken sky behind metal fence

    I have a particularly difficult problem. I have a scene which among other things has a sky that is to light behind a metal fence with multiple railings. Does anyone have a good way to darken the sky while leaving the fence posts as is? Thanks
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    Import Unable to upload photos on LR Classic 9.1

    Have been in touch with Victoria but putting this out to anyone else who might have a solution. I am unable to upload any photos. I am using a card reader connected to USB port on back of I mac. Also does not upload using my Iphone with same connection. Shut down many times with same...
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    Lost but found

    I have been having serious trouble with Lightroom. The issue centers around the fact that I seem to have LOST at least 2 and possibly 3 shoots (about 600 pictures) that have just vanished. I have spent a good amount of time trying to locate these images , but I have failed in doing so. That is...
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    trouble losing .dng files

    I've got a new one and I'm getting nowhere fast on this problem. Maybe fresh eyes will help. here is the issue> I am trying to export my images to my stock agency and I usually have no trouble at all. However now my problem is that LR refuses to let me send only Jpeg files.What happens is that...
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    search by year or by day

    I still seem to be missing a lot of images and I have narrowed my search and find that several years seem to be gone. The question is , how can I search only for missing years? Can I just search for 2001 and how to do it. Would be most helpful. Thanks
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    problems reloading images

    I have been having problems uploading my library to populate in a reasonable time. I have about 40,000 images. I used to be able to get my library up and running quickly, but now it is taking forever. I checked my documents files in the Apple menu and found many copies of saved LR backups. Some...
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    3 Questions on performance

    I have couple of questions that have been nagging me for quite some time and I wonder if you could shed some light on them. I have about 25,000 pictures in my LR4 Catalog.. 1.When I open LR, It takes some amount of time for pictures to load and I'm finding that I spend more time in trying to...
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    Empty Lightroom

    I know this sounds weird but recently I have been trying to open my copy of LR 4 and what I get is the shell of LR with no content whatsoever. I don't panic and close LR and try again. Most times it works on the second try.LR has been running very slowly lately and this may have something to do...
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    Saving image back into LR from PhotoshopCC

    I am using LR 4 and Photoshop CC. This is a small matter but it needs a remedy. When I am finished with my image in Photoshop I go to the menu where the option is to save or save as. Most times when I click on "Save" it saves the image back into LR, which is the desired result. But many times I...
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    no pctures

    I have an additional 2 other issues besides being able to get rid of duplicate images. The first is that upon opening my new "clean" catalog I see no images at all when I open LR. None. I have closed LR and reopened it a few times and no images appear at all.In the last few days I have...
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    need help in removing duplicates from LR

    I just re-created a new catalog because the old one had many tangled files and I wanted to create a "clean" catalog. Now that I have it, it contains multiple duplicates and I need to delete them. The information in the FAQ guide in creating a smart collection is a little unclear to me. So would...
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    multiple issues

    Hi, I am using LR 4 and have been using LR for a long time, so I am familiar with its features. My problems , such as they are,are many.... I'll start with the first one. I seem to be losing my images. I know I've had them and have used some, but now I cannot find them. I have tried looking...
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    I want to export an image in Lightroom into my iPad. I'm having trouble with this workaround.I do not see where I can place the iPad as a destination for the photo. I know it must be simple, but can someone give me a way to do this easily? Thanks.
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    Sub Folders

    I have a new shoot with about 1500 pictures that need to be organized properly so I can locate them quickly. Suppose I have location where say 200 pictures were shot. Lets use Berlin. within the Berlin shoot are many locations that I would like to create sub-folders for each location. Presently...
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    Deleting catalogs

    I am trying to delete certain catalogs from LR. When I "open recent" in order to select a catalog to use, I am confronted with many versions of catalogs that need to be removed. I emailed Victoria who said I need to trash the preferences. But she did not give me a step by step in order to do...
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    "lost " images

    I recently bought a portable hard drive and have Time Machine on my Mac. I backed up all my LR files on both storage drives. I thought I had backed up all of those images, but have now found out that as many as 100 images I believe were not backed up successfully. I am able to see those images...
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    Morgrify OMG

    I guess I'm still having trouble getting a watermark in to my pictures. Would someone please explain what I need do in order to get this done. Let me tell you what I've done so maybe we can save some time. 1. I have selected Watermarking in the export box 2. I selected a photo 3. I made a small...
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    monitor and prints don't match

    I am using Lightroom 2 with an Epson 22'' printer. I get very uneven results from my printer. Sometimes the result is very close to the image on the monitor. Other times way off. I am not managing my color and am using German Etching paper which is similar to a matte surface. My monitor was just...