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  1. davidedric

    Library module Surprising change of behavior

    I found that Malwarebytes killed the performance on my fairly decent system. Gave up and de-installed it May be irrelevant, of course!
  2. davidedric

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Thanks for the advice - and welcome to the forum!
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    Your settings for a Wacom Intuos Pro for Lightroom

    Phil, I've been using an Intuos Pro fo a year or two, and one of the things I find almost impossible to get right is with the crop tool, especially rotating. I also have a mouse available, and a keyboard. I find that having all three works best for me, but I really would NOT want to go back to...
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    Export Exporting pictures custom order - LR 9 Classic latest version

    This might be a bit of a cop-out, but I export the files from Lightroom in any od order, then use FastStone to arrange and rename them. Yes, it's an extra step or two, but I know exactly where I am up to.
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    Canon's Cloud - data lost

    I've been retired a few years now, but spent a few years deploying software in a "regulated", i.e. subject to FDA (Food and drug Administration) regulation in the pharmaceutical industry. Where medicine safety was concerned, there was no scope for errors (indeed, a failed FDA inspection could...
  6. davidedric

    Canon's Cloud - data lost

    What happened to"Develop", "Pre-Production" and "Production" environments? Oh well, I suppose it's all "fast track" nowadays.:(
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    PC Magazine review of LR Classic 9.3

    Good to read - it gave me a nice warm feeling. It also reminded me of how much of Lightroom Classic I don't actually use!
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    Wacom Tablet Recommendation

    I also use the Intuos Pro Small. One thing that new users may not realise is that the tablet maps onto the screen snd not the image. So, if you need to do detailed work on a small part of the image, just zoom in.
  9. davidedric

    Develop module Order of Adjustments

    Just an observation. At the start, the histogram is based on the whole image, obviously, but once you crop it's based on the remaining part of the image. So if you set black and white points, for example, at the beginning you'll almost certainly need to redo them. It's one of the reasons why...
  10. davidedric

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Thanks, yes, that's what I meant! I'm expecting a cut over to battery power, followed by a graceful shut down. I hadn't thought about power drainage, but presumably a laser printer will only draw power when it's actually printing? Everything else is pretty low power. I can't connect my router...
  11. davidedric

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Thanks! Fortunately, the UPS is on a shelf behind the desk, so no more scrabbling in darkness. No offence taken. I'm pretty sure that I have battery supported sockets where I need them (in my case the system unit and the ehd) Just a thought. Things are a lot more complex now, but the...
  12. davidedric

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Thanks for the feedback. In the end, I bought an APC UPS and installed it today. At least it tidies the cables up! Now I have to screw up courage and turn the mains power off, to see what happens :eek2:
  13. davidedric

    Anyone using Affinity Photo (instead of Photoshop) with LR?

    Not sure about other tutorials in general. This is the list of courses offered by the author of Solid Foundations (sorry about the format, it's an extract from a pdf) About the courses I offer offer a comprehensive selection of courses for Affinity Photo which go into detail about the various...
  14. davidedric

    Anyone using Affinity Photo (instead of Photoshop) with LR?

    If someone does buy Affinity and is looking for tutorials, have a look at Udemy Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy Their Solid Foundations course is currrently on offer at £13.95 (reduced from £99,95), and I'm impressed with the professional production and presentation...
  15. davidedric

    Library module What do you put in the IPTC State/Province field for the UK?

    If you walk on the "pavement" in the USA, you're in trouble! I don't use keywords, but if I did I'd want England (country), Cheshire (county), Macclesfield (town), where I live (village)
  16. davidedric

    Uninterruptible Power Supply

    As a matter of interest, do you have a UPS for your computer system? I don't, and power outages are relatively rare, but I wonder if I should. I don't know how likely is corruption after a power outage My aim would be a managed and unattended power down. I don't use my system professionally...
  17. davidedric

    Change in ACR UI

    Yes, the comments are enlightening. "I want to go back because I hate Lightroom" I'm also afraid that I have little sympathy for someone who implements or allows an upgrade in the middle of an important project.
  18. davidedric

    Change in ACR UI

    I may have missed it, but has there been much discussion of the change in the ACR UI to be much more Lightroom like? And what the motivation was? I don't use ACR or Photoshop, so it's just curiosity
  19. davidedric

    Updated Icons not sticking!

    My experience too, on Windows
  20. davidedric

    Trying to gather comments on photos

    Have you looked at Adobe's Portfolio? It may not fit well enough with what you want, but it's free and you already have it.
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    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    and then there was the time when we were running a disaster planning exercise (fortunately a trial), and part of the plan was to take the back up tapes from their secure location to the site where the backup servers were. Unfortunately, the vehicle with the tapes was rear ended on the motorway...
  22. davidedric

    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    Another old back up tale. This goes back to when departmental LAN's were becoming popular, with the result that system management migrated from Operations to Application groups. I was head of the group supporting Finance, and so had a couple of guys managing the local servers. Well, one...
  23. davidedric

    Yes another question about external back ups!!! Use TM, RAID, still don't get it.

    My 2 cents on RAID 1 :) No, it's not a back up. But, when one of your mirrored, RAID, disks fails you simply carry on - no intervention required. Then, replace the failed disk at your leisure (how long depends on how lucky you feel), and let the mirror rebuild. At least, when one of mine...
  24. davidedric

    Library preview won't update after PS Edits

    I don't know if this is related since it doesn't involve PS edits, but it's still odd behaviour: LR Library VS Develop Module different?: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review