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    Huge numbers of cache files keep appearing

    I have my catalogue on a specific SSD. I noted recently that lots of files keep appearing on the drive with the name Cache_07_0000000001 and they run right up to 206. They are approx. 600kb to 1800kb in size. Also a few index.dat files also appear. If I clear my cache they all disappear but when...
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    Latest update trashed Lightroom

    Updated Photoshop without problem but update to Lightroom failed (there were about 8 items shown as problems in the explanation) but I failed to get a copy. I noticed my desktop shortcut to LR had changed from the usual icon to a generic one so clicked on it and got a message to the effect that...
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    Unwanted Copies

    When I transfer a file to PS6, work on it but decide not proceed further with it, I just click the little cross to shut it down in PS. I do not do any form of "Save". I have done this hundreds of times over a long period. No extra copies have been created in LR; just the original RAW file shows...