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    Duplicate videos!!!

    Good morning to all, I would like to make a query, I put you in situation before. After months, I have "recovered" photos and videos, what I could from an internal 3Tb disk, before my wife kills me. There are more than 90,000 files with photos and videos for more than 15 years. I have recovered...
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    Ssd and lightroom

    I've installed and SSD Aura 240gb flash, and inside HDD 1Tb and outside usb 3.0 1,5 Tb. Where can i host my catálogs, previews, ..... In my SSD, HDD, USB,.......??? Help me, please??
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    Import a lot of images and videos

    I'm importing more or less 72.000 images and videos high resolution 1080p or 4K. But lightroom 6.3 import just 68.000, why???? And .mts videos change creation date by date downloaded in my iMac. Can you help me?
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    Ssd and lightroom (Spanish)

    Estimados amigos, Estoy montando en un iMac i5 2,7 Gb y 8gb de Ram una nueva instalación LIMPIA desde OSX el Capitan y lo estoy haciendo en un SSD de 240gb montado en un slot flash que tengo en el interior de la placa que no donde el disco duro. Mi duda es que quiero hacer todo desde cero...
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    Files formar usb3.0

    First, sorry for mu English. Now, i'm using lightroom in my iMAC with western digital usb3.0 but i've got issues because sometimes i'm using with Windows. I've formated in HFTS+ with register. It'S right? Or it's better fat32, NTFS,... I Want use with lightroom with my vídeos and images. Thanks
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    Video .MTS lightroom metadata date

    First, sorry for my English. Second, when i import a video .mts from my Sony VG-10 i have a trouble with metadata date-import date-creaction date are diferent. Why? I can't see metadata in all my vídeos. Can You help me, please?