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  1. Paul_DS256

    Panorama creation problem

    Thanks for the suggestion Cletus. This is not the first time I've had this problem so I wanted to figure out a solution. I went into PS and selected 'Reset all warning dialogs'. Further searching the options, I found this one for TIF files. I left it on for prompting when layers I did a...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Panorama creation problem

    I would if the Save dialog box appeared Cletus. It doesn't and the next message I get is the 4GB limit exceeded.
  3. Paul_DS256

    Panorama creation problem

    Thanks for this post. I just ran into the error " Unable to merge the photos " in Panorama merge even though it was able to create the preview. I found the the "Edit in" option of "Merge to Panorama in Photoshop", which is extremely useful for someone unfamiliar with PS. It created the Panorama...
  4. Paul_DS256

    "Lightroom not responding"

    I'd suggest running Windows Task Manager to see which processes are using resources. There may be a secondary program, like malware checking, that is impacting your start times. I run LRC 9.4 on W10 and don't have those issues.
  5. Paul_DS256

    Rebuild Preview After External Edit

    Thanks for the insight Johan. However, I went back in to try your technique but the preview in Develop 1:1 is now showing the sharpened TIFF image. I hadn't done anything to the image. While delayed, the preview was updated.
  6. Paul_DS256

    Rebuild Preview After External Edit

    I sharpened an image in Topaz Sharpen. I see the sharpening when looking at 1:1 in Library but it still appears fuzzy under Develop 1:1. When I run Library->Previews to rebuild the Standard preview for the select image, it says "All standard previews were up to date". I always get confused by...
  7. Paul_DS256

    Apple ProRaw format support

    I don't think ProRaw is out yet. On this Apple page it states in the footnotes "5. Apple ProRAW will be available in a future iOS 14 update for iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.". I couldn't see any sign of a developer SDK Apple was making available.
  8. Paul_DS256

    Latest Version Crashing, 2 questions...

    FWIW if you Google "lightroomhelper.exe crashes" you will find that others have reported a similar problem in the Adobe forums with, from what I can see, no resolution but you may want to lend your voice there since they all seem to be recent.
  9. Paul_DS256

    Importing and previewing TIF files into LR Classic

    I'm sorry the OP is having the problems so I downloaded the images myself to have a look at them. Using the EXIFTOOLGUI I found the following out about both images: Funfzig mark note 1 - As noted above, it is in RGB Knockaloe canteen price list - As noted, it is not in RGB or for what...
  10. Paul_DS256

    Starting over

    Personally, I keep the RAW. Have yo ever considered that someday, your skills and/or tools may improve and you may want to revisit old photos and reprocess them? I've done that. You didn't mention if you have a 'culling' process to purge pictures that are just not keepers e.g. out of focus...
  11. Paul_DS256

    Green Hue on B&W Print to Epson XP-15000

    Unfortunately, the Epson XP-15000 does not have the ABW capability. I'm left with forcing Black/Grayscale with the printer managing all color.
  12. Paul_DS256

    iMac running very slow after installing LRC

    FWIIW I had that happen when I upgrade my old 2009 MacBook. Everything was going at a crawl. Some research showed others had hit the same problem with the version I upgraded to (sorry forgot). I had to use Time Machine to downgrade back to my last version. Everything returned to normal...
  13. Paul_DS256

    Green Hue on B&W Print to Epson XP-15000

    Found the answer and I suspected, it was Epson based. However, in order to get it to work, I had to use 'Printer Managed' color. In my problem print, LR was managing the color. I found this article (find 'black and white') which allowed me to print properly. The steps are: Enable 'Printer...
  14. Paul_DS256

    Green Hue on B&W Print to Epson XP-15000

    Actually, I just checked, and this was done with the Preset "B&W Soft". I didn't realize that the preset had changed the Color Profile.
  15. Paul_DS256

    Green Hue on B&W Print to Epson XP-15000

    I suspect that this is an Epson issue but wanted to ask here first since it's the first time playing around with a B&W Profile. I selected "B&W 12" in the Develop Color Profile. Amount is 50. When I view it in Develop, the image is entirely in gray scale. When I print it, there is a light...
  16. Paul_DS256

    Use Lr and Topaz Denoise AI to do denoise

    LR will be sending DN a TIFF file and not the CR3.
  17. Paul_DS256

    Photo Back-up

    Check your Windows Power Options to make sure you allow you disks to spin down when not in use. What are you using to do the backup? I run my differential backup of pictures and LR files nightly to an external hard drive. For differential, no reason you can't run nightly. Weekly, I have a...
  18. Paul_DS256

    Use Lr and Topaz Denoise AI to do denoise

    I'm using Denoise V2.3.0 and just tried it on a NEF. I did a screen shot to compare before and after. The ISO was 12,800 so the change is obvious. The TIF file gets updated properly and is stacked with the original NEF. You may want to ask TOPAZ.
  19. Paul_DS256

    What is the best order to complete noise reduction?

    Personally, I do all develop work in LR before using Topaz DeNoise or Sharpening for finishing. External editor is the last step. I have started zeroing out the default sharpening in LR before sending it to Topaz.
  20. Paul_DS256

    Monitor brightness & Color profile

    I use a Datacolor Spyder X and it will pause and ask you to make adjustments, including brightness, during the calibration. It will also complain if your space is to bright with ambient light
  21. Paul_DS256

    Do I really need Denoise AI to denoise?

    The Topaz apps can use a lot of CPU and/or GPU resources. You may want to open 'Task Manager' to see what the different resource consumptions are when using them. Also check the system requirements for Denoise DeNoise AI System Requirements I use both Denoise and Sharpen and like them. However...
  22. Paul_DS256

    Understanding DEVELOP Color Profile

    Sorry, I should have noted it didn't work for me either. I think it's because it's a URI (identifier) and not a URL (locator). I found this Adobe link with documention XMP
  23. Paul_DS256

    Understanding DEVELOP Color Profile

    Ah, thanks for the clarification Jim.
  24. Paul_DS256

    Understanding DEVELOP Color Profile

    Did some more testing. The NEF file out of the camera contains Nikon specific Makernote metadata with PictureControlName and PictureControlBase containing "Vivid". When LR saves this to (at least) the XMP it shows as crd:CameraProfile="Camera VIVID". The CRD tags are defined under...
  25. Paul_DS256

    Understanding DEVELOP Color Profile

    True Jim, but it looks like the majority of cameras do have an equivalent function. From here: "When digital cameras first became available, all photos looked the same when it came to color. You could adjust parameters like contrast and saturation if you knew where to find the menu option, but...