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    Preview strategy for 27" iMac (5K)

    I made some decisions several computers & monitors ago about previews, and I'm wondering if making different choices makes sense now. What brings this to mind is that my previews file is about 80GB without any 1:1 previews (I discarded the previews.lrdata file—which AFAIK holds only the...
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    jb collection tools prompts to update version even when latest version is installed

    I discovered this nifty plugin a short while ago! Every time I invoke it, the plugin tells me a new version is available, and persists in doing so even after the new version is installed. I have tried deleting the plugin, redownloading and installing the current version (1.0.6), but doesn't...
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    Archiving original images?

    I'm curious about whether folks archive original images, and if so, how they do this. I've been a religious maker of backups (both local and in the cloud) for years, and I feel quite comfortable with what I'm doing to keep multiple copies of the current state of my photo data, to protect myself...
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    Duplicate LR Mobile sync folders

    This is something that's been going on for quite a while. I use LR Mobile and Adobe Cloud to sync photos from my wife's and my iPhones to LR Classic. As one can see from the screenshot below, I have two folders for my iPhone, and two folders for my wife's iPhone. As you can see, all the...
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    Converting to DNG/lossy DNG in my use case

    Between 2003-2012, I shot with cameras that only saved as jpg, and I had not started to use Lightroom. Editing was done in Photoshop Elements, with the files saved in psd format to preserve layers. When I started with LR, I converted all of the psd files to tiff in Photoshop, and imported into...
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    Stacking scanned original with derivative file?

    My brother sent me a bunch of scans he made of old family photos, and he also processed many of them in LR and exported the processed files as jpg files. So I have a bunch of tiff/jpeg pairs with the same filename (except of extension), and I'd like to have each of these pairs stacked together...
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    Search for unpublished or modified images in a Publish Service?

    I run into 2 situations with Publish Services: (1) I sometimes forget to hit Publish (operator error), and (2) Sometimes when I go back to a published collection I notice a couple of images being modified and marked for republishing, but I know that I haven't made any changes to that image that...
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    Iconoclastic Scanning Service

    I've been looking for scanning services to scan about 40 years worth of slides, negatives and prints. Most reviewers cover the most common ones. I came across one unusual service, DPS Dave, that is based in Oregon and does all their work there. Dave makes some claims that are at odds with what...
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    Mac Mini vs iMac 5K for LR use?

    My 2015 27" iMac is (more than) showing its age and is seriously misbehaving at random times resulting in loss of both work and time, so at 5 years old, it's time to consider retiring it. My initial thought was to replace like with like and move to a 2019 27" iMac, but another thought I had...
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    SmugMug plugin appears to truncate Titles over 64 characters in length

    I've just discovered that Titles over 64 characters in length are being truncated when the images are uploaded to SmugMug via the LR plugin written/provided by SmugMug. LR, of course, allows longer Titles, and if I enter (or edit) a Title using the SmugMug web interface, the Title can also be...
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    Searching for my name in the filter bar generates too many hits

    Using the Filter bar, I was searching for my name in a folder with 276 images, and was quite surprised to find that LR claimed a hit on all 276 images. I used "Any Searchable Field" "Contains" "my first name". I also tried my last name, and Contains All, and in each case LR found a hit in all...
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    Move Plugins location without reinstalling the plugins?

    John Beardy explains here why he puts his plugins folder in his Dropbox tree so he can keep his plugins up to date on multiple machines simultaneously. That's a great idea! Is there a way to move the plugins folder to a new location without having to reinstall all the plugins (together with...
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    Recover plugins location stored (somewhere?) in Lightroom?

    I decided to do some housekeeping on my laptop and moved my Lightroom catalog and associated stuff (previews, etc.). I (stupidly, as it turns out) neglected to move the Plugins folder that was in the same folder as the catalog. When I opened LR, of course the plugins did not show up in the...
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    CPU usage at 100% during Publish (or export)

    I understand that LR now uses multithreading for certain tasks, including exporting and publishing. For the sake of speeding up the process, that's wonderful. But, when I do a large publish or export, my 2015 27" iMac (quad core) becomes virtually unusable because all for cores are running at...
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    Have "Constrain Crop" checked by default in Guided Transforms?

    I use Guided all the time, and pretty much 100% of the time I want to have Constrain Crop checked. Is there any way to have that box checked by default when I choose the tool?
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    Are full-size and smart previews regenerated and saved after develop edits?

    If I make edits in the Develop module, obviously the display changes to reflect the edits. I presume that what I'm seeing in the Develop module is a full-size preview, so Iis this full-size preview saved so that the next time I open the image (either in Loupe or Develop) LR doesn't have to...
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    Is this LR Classic 7 file cruft or important?

    I was poking around my LR files and I found this file: ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Preferences/Lightroom Classic CC 7 Startup Preferences.agprefs. Is this a file still in use by LR 8 or 9, or is it obsolete and safe to delete?
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    New adjustment brush with same settings?

    Sometimes after I apply an adjustment brush, I want to apply the same settings (or at least START with the same settings) to a different area. But, when I click "New," the settings typically snap back to something else (I haven't quite determined to what the settings revert to). Is there a way...
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    Confirming reverse geocoding “suggestions”

    I’ve just started getting serious about geocoding and reverse geocoding (and finding it more work than I anticipated...). I’ve tried both the native LR and Friedl’s plugin (the latter being more complete, as usual). The suggestions made for the reverse geocoding need to be “confirmed” in order...
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    Setting aspect ratio in camera vs cropping in LR

    I have always shot 4:3 images because all my cameras have used that as their native aspect ratio. Of course, I crop as I wish in LR. I just bought a Canon G5X Mark ii camera, whose native aspect ratio is 3:2, though the aspect ratio can be chosen in camera to be 4:3, 16:9, and 1:1 as well...
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    Using Survey mode on a 2nd monitor

    If I use Survey mode on my primary monitor, I can flag or unflag one of images displayed. But, if I have Grid View on my primary monitor and select multiple images, I can have the images display in Survey mode on my secondary monitor, which is exactly what I want to do. BUT, I can't seem to...
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    Search on virtual copy date?

    Is there a way (perhaps with a plugin?) to filter images on the date a virtual copy was made? (LR Mobile once again decided that it needed to reimport all of my iPhone's images, and upon sync with LR Classic, many virtual copies were made, and I'd like to be able to distinguish the virtual...
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    Does the Auto Settings setting in a Develop preset result in a new calculation for each picture?

    IIRC, in general a Develop preset is a way to apply to an image a fixed set of settings, taken from a different image at the time the preset was created. E.g., if I took an image and increased Exposure by .25 and decreased Highlights by 50 and then created a preset, whenever I applied the...
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    Develop presets (user) stopped working

    I've been away from LR for a month or so, and when I returned my few Develop presets have stopped working; I can't say for certain but I believe I updated LR to the latest version after the last time I knew at least one of these presets worked. They are in the list of presets, but neither...
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    Recovering Publish Services after importing into new catalog (to fix an "internal error" issue)

    When I travel I use the method suggested by John Beardsworth here to get my travel images into the catalog on my desktop. After a recent month long trip, when I attempted to "find missing photos" I received the dreaded "an internal error has occurred...attempt to index field..." error...