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    No Internet Connection

    I have the Creative Cloud Photography plan. Lightroom and Photoshop both work fine but for some reason the Creative Cloud app itself keeps insisting that I have no Internet connection - even as it downloads a new Lightroom update. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and logging back in but...
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    Import RAW to Android phone

    I shoot with a Canon (5DIII) using Compact Flash cards and want to be able to import one or two RAW images into LRCC for quick processing and posting to social media etc. I have a paid CC subscription (and run Lightroom Classic on my desktop) and have LR CC 3.4 on my Android phone which has a...
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    Develop module Post Crop Vignette sliders disabled if set in profile.

    Create/Save a Profile in ACR that includes a Post Crop Vignette and a selection of other adjustments. Load Lightroom and apply this profile and all develop sliders work as before except for PCV. The PCV sliders can be adjusted (they are not disabled/greyed out) but have no effect. All other...
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    Develop module LR Classic Process version 4

    Operating System: Any Lightroom Version: Lightroom Classic Question or Description of Problem: Has anyone found any information on the new Lightroom Process version? Adobe has rather quietly updated to version 4 but I can find no details as to what changes have been made or how it will affect...