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  1. Paul_DS256

    Understanding DEVELOP Color Profile

    It may just be me, but I just noticed that the default Profile in Develop appears to be Camera Neutral. I've looked in both the FAQ and Google but still don't feel I have a good understanding of the purpose of 'Color Profile' over other controls in Develop. For example, if I select 'Camera...
  2. Paul_DS256

    Apply Metadata Changes to Stacked Images

    A reoccurring challenge I have is to assign a flag or rating to all images in a stack. Sometimes I don't know until I've completed the pano or HDR what my decision is. A quick Google suggests is to unstack the images, apply the changes, then restack. I could also not find any plugins that would...
  3. Paul_DS256

    Print/Monitor Colour Perception Change After Switching from Spyder 4 to Spyder X

    I've been very happy with the colours on my Spyder 4 calibrated monitor with respect to the prints on my Epson XP-15000. I received a notice from Datacolor that, effectively, the Spyder 4 was end-of-life but if I acted in the next 10 days, I could get a discount on a Spyder X, which I did. Now...
  4. Paul_DS256

    Colour Space Questions - Camera RAW and LR Printing

    And yes, the 'U' in colour is the proper way to spell it. ;-) A couple of questions around colour spaces and LR: Does the colour space you set in your camera affect the RAW or just the JPG rendering? I ask because supposedly RAW is undeveloped sensor data and colour space does not seem to...
  5. Paul_DS256

    Re: Victoria's Newsletter Topic "Lightroom Tip - Getting old photos into Lightroom"

    I'm presently undertaking this project. Based on some threads in these forums, and on the net, I've taken a modified approach to speed things up. This has been driven by the challenge of 'culling' pictures. If the old pictures are your own, then you can easily make a decision if you want to...
  6. Paul_DS256

    Naming Convention for Scanned Images

    I'm about to undertake a long delayed project. It's the scanning of many slides and film. My challenge is determining the naming convention to use. With my digital camera images it's easy; YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.*. I have none of that information on a lot of images I want to scan. I can't even guess...
  7. Paul_DS256

    History Panel Not Expanding

    I just noticed this today, but know I was using the history panel a couple of days ago. When I expand the History or Snapshot panels, there is a minuscule movement but not a full expansion. As you can see Presets and Collections work. I shut down and restarted LR; no change. Any advice? Thanks
  8. Paul_DS256

    Import Not Following Folder Structure - Username Capitalization Issue?

    I just had to perform a clean install of Windows 10. This meant restoring LR, my catalog and pictures. Everything has gone fine. Catalog opens, pictures are there. I've been working on them for several weeks. I just noticed that folders I've been loading in have not been following the Windows...
  9. Paul_DS256

    Problems Reinstalling 'Cloud Tagger' Plug-In

    I had to perform a clean install of Windows 10 and all software. I'm back to where I was because of my photo and LR backups (Yea me!) but I am now having problems with finding and reinstalling Cloud Tagger. I can't find any restore directory with the load. When I check Adobe Exchange, I see I...
  10. Paul_DS256

    Need New Computer

    Even though my Dell XPS 8700 was running Windows 7 very nicely, like many, I was forced to upgrade to Windows 10. After frequent crashes, it would not come back nor will accept a new install (very long story with multiple attempts and needing to use the Intel Rapid Storage Tech built on the...
  11. Paul_DS256

    Shutdown Sync Concerns

    I've been experimenting with Adobe Portfolio. I found they do not have an integration with LR Classic but the workaround is to sync your photos to the cloud (FAQ p 483) I've never enabled sync because I had no need for it. I followed the Adobe article Sync Lightroom Classic with Lightroom...
  12. Paul_DS256

    Looking for Wordpress Theme with Good LR Plugin

    * If this is not an appropriate question to post, please remove * I currently have my own web site which I created using several free web page editors over the years. I then started to create sub-pages off my web site using LR's WEB page creation module. So I have a mix of manual and LR based...
  13. Paul_DS256

    Setting a Photo to READ ONLY

    I know sounds strange but here is the situation. I use TOPAZ tools for sharpening and denoising as needed. The plug-in works great because the resulting TIFF file is stacked with the original RAW file but is displayed unstacked. More than once, I've gone back to do further editting on the photo...
  14. Paul_DS256

    Canon Announces Forthcoming Photo Culling Lightroom Assistant

    Looks interesting. Anyone a beta tester? Canon Announces Forthcoming Photo Culling Lightroom Assistant
  15. Paul_DS256

    Email Issue on LR6

    On my MAC I use for traveling, I just tried to set up email to run. My comparison is email on my Windows 10 running LR Classic. There when I send from the EMAIL preset, it opens an email creation window in my Thunderbird Email client. I do the final send from Thunderbird. On my MAC, I was able...
  16. Paul_DS256

    Understanding White, Highlight, Shadow & Blank Controls

    I suspect I am over thinking this, but I feel the need to gain clarification on what these basic controls do and how they are reflected in the histogram. In the Quick Start Guide, on "Figure 53 Lightroom’s Basic panel is designed to be used top-down... mostly", it shows "- Highlights, + Shadows...
  17. Paul_DS256

    Print module Adding Filename to Margin

    I've seen a discussion here on how to generate information about a photo to put on a label. That solution involved creating a Slideshow Template to contain the information then snip it from the LR screen to the label program. I've created a template to do this. All I really need is to print the...
  18. Paul_DS256

    CIELAB color space?

    I'm reviewing an article on Using LAB Colour Mode with Curves using PS and trying to understand how the steps could be applied in LR. This article is about adjustments for underwater photography. It talks about converting to LAB COLOUR MODE. A quick Google led me to the Wikipedia page for...
  19. Paul_DS256

    Dependencies in Adjustment Order

    I have read that the order of adjustments does not make any difference. It seems to me I've seen some notes here, and other places, on applying one adjustment before another. Some of the ones I'm seen: Always denoise first. This makes it easier for the other adjustments to make sense out of...
  20. Paul_DS256

    "Enable Profile Corrections" Seems to Increase Exposure

    I took some pictures with my Sigma 10-20 lense on my Nikon D5300 for the first time in a long time. When I apply "Enable Profile Corrections" it seems to increase the exposure yet there no change in any of the sliders. I don't remember seeing this behavior before. The attached pictures don't...
  21. Paul_DS256

    Control Which Monitor Secondary Display Used in 3 Monitor Configuration

    I have the following (attached) monitor configuration on my Windows 10 system. The left (2) monitor was recently added and since it's larger than the right, I want to run LR modules from it. The problem is that I want the centre (1) monitor to be the second display. This is a good quality...
  22. Paul_DS256

    How to Hide Mask in Adjustment Brush

    I have a feeling this is operator error but I can't find an answer. When I enable the ADJUSTMENT BRUSH (just started playing with it) and paint an area, the mask appears. I make adjustments using the slider but I can't toggle off the mask to see the adjustments. When I paint, the mask is...
  23. Paul_DS256

    External File Naming by External Editor

    I am using TOPAZ Sharpening and TOPAZ Denoise. When I launch either from, the resulting filename is {filename}-Edit. I found this defined under 'Edit Externally File Naming' under the External Editing tab of preferences. TOPAZ applies it's own suffices when used stand-alone which I'd like to...
  24. Paul_DS256

    How to Verify Backup

    I just read a thread where a user could not restore a backup. This lead me to search for a method to verify a backup. I couldn't find any and wonder if there is a way to test that a backup could be used? As an FYI, I ask because I use to work for a DB company who knew they had a problem with...
  25. Paul_DS256

    Adobe Desktop Service.EXE High & Continuous I/O Reads/Writes

    I occasionally have slow downs on my Windows 7. I have a USB based monitor extender that sometimes misbehaves and forces a reboot. I just discovered that Abobe Desktop Service.EXE has more I/O Reads than my Malware Service. The counters for reads and writes are always incrementing. It has the...