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    Import Microsoft OneDrive camera roll into Lightroom just as a placeholder files?

    I'm trying to keep as much as possible in the cloud when it comes to photos from my Phone. With OneDrive my files are shown as placeholder files and only download when I want them. I was trying to copy this OneDrive folder into Lightroom but it was downloading the files. Does anyone know how I...
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    External Storage solution for growing storage needs and speed

    Hi, Besides my photography and videography, I use my PC for just about everything. I just built a new PC that has Thunderbolt 3. I need more storage for external storage and want to improve the access speed. I have two Drobo's and a Synology NAS. I use Backblaze, which currently holds about...
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    Transitioning to online storage solution

    I have been working to keep my library and my mobile pictures online. With my Pixel 3 I'm using, of course, Google Photos {not full quality jpg} and OneDrive. Besides the catalog and photos being stored online I have the copy on my PC, plus these photos are backed up also online with my backup...
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    Leaps in technology leaving me lost and overwhelmed in organizing photos!

    I'm 57, I wish I was born later and able to jump into photography in the digital age as a teen and not have negatives & slide scanning issues. Well my concern isn't about scanning and could be the same issue to someone who never touched a film camera. Just a few years ago it seemed simply...
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    Lightroom can not use the catalog because it's not writable and can't be opened"

    Operating System: Windows 10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): 7.0.1 [ 1142117 ] Yesterday I upgraded from Lightroom CC 6 to Lightroom Classic. The message upon opening Lr Classic was " Lightroom can not use the catalog because it's not writable and can't be opened". I tried...
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    Remove keyword from keyword list but keep it with photos

    I have some keywords that will never be used again so I want to remove them from the keyword list however I want the keywords to remain with the photo. Is there a way to do this or archive the keyword?
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    Exporting video keywords to Premiere Elements 14 Organizer

    For the last few years I've imported my videos into Lr. Having used Premiere 5.5 I'd like to move up but only go to the Elements version. I see they have an organizer, the keyword structure seems more rigged. I'm not sure if this is too limiting in being able to add all the keywords I want...
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    Larger Panel to add Keywords

    Besides the individual panels to add 9 keyworks tags is there a way to expand past 9 or maybe some kind of plugin to make adding keywords faster?
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    Export to Google Photos

    I know this has popped up before. I'm trying to be able to export to Google Photos. I tried using Jeffrey Friedl's a couple of times. Is there any new solution to do this? Frustrating to have all my cell phone pictures up with Google but my 'real' photos sit. Thanks
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    Creative Cloud not launching

    So I know from yesterday on my laptop that there is an update for Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. Booted up my Windows 10 Desktop PC and the Creative cloud icon Isn't showing, I manually start it, still nothing. I went into both programs for updates and nothing. Rebooted and the issue remains...
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    Lr Menu Bar on PC - grey out

    For some reason I don't recall the Menu bar{PC} being white. Can I add grey instead? Thanks!
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    Lr 5 crashing and locking up PC

    I've been using Lr since version 2 and never had an issue like this. I'm using Windows 10 and Lr CC V2015.2.1. At the end of last weekend I launched Lr and inserted a SD card. This is when Lr stopped responding and for the most part locked up the computer. Today when the window slowly open to...
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    Lr CC with NAS

    Has anyone heard an news on using a NAS with Lr CC or is it still not recommended to keep the catalog on the NAS. I bought the Synology DS415+ and I'm trying to migrate all my Data to the NAS to streamline.
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    Effective way of selecting files in another folder

    When I get photos sent to me to work on, I also get a folder of the photos that were worked on already, they are using Bridge and Ps. So all I get are the files. Is there a way I can filter out these files from my import? I don't think anything would be automatic. I need to import the photos...
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    smooth workflow exporting to Ps, dupes problems

    Okay, a couple of weeks ago I was asking about Lr creating a new file when I edit in Ps. So I get while Lr is doing this but I need help in keeping all this in order. Here's one example. I have one job with 700 images, I'm flagging half of them to be kept for digital sharing. Then I'm giving...
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    editing in Photoshop without creating new file

    So I've been using Lr since V2, during this time it hasn't been professional shooting. So when I want to edit in Ps I just edit in Ps with Lr adjustments. However as you know this creates a new file. Now that I'm going to be doing some editing for a wedding photographer and I'm daunted with...
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    Jeffrey Friedl's Google + Lr plug-in ???

    Can someone explainto me how to use Jeffrey Friedl's plug-in for Google +? It's installed and it shows my google drive documents folder. I thought I just drag pictures into it to publish but it won't accept images. I use Smugmug, I thought it would be the same? Thanks
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    Lost "My locations" in map module

    For some reason yesterday I was assigning gps coordinates to some images and noticed my locations were missing. I using Lr5 on a PC, anyone have this issue? Phil
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    Need help adding my camera profiles

    Okay so I wiped my PC last weekend to get a start fresh after 2 years. Here I am again and I'm struggling to add my camera profiles to Lr 5. For some reason I can't remember. Amazing how much useless info I get on a search. Any clues on doing this? Thanks!
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    'Edit in' option grayed out?

    I've done a complete re-install for my PC. Added Lr and Ps, now I've added Nik software. When I go into Lr the 'edit in' for Nik and Ps are grayed out?
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    Export to hard drive and strip ID?

    Sometimes when I post images online {ie. selling items} I want to strip my ID from the metadata. This is the ID from the Lr import and the ID I set in the camera. I'm looking for a way to do this in Lr only. What I do now is export it as a jpg then open it in Ps and remove it in File info and...
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    Creative Cloud - Ps & Lr - $9.99/month

    So I'm sure most have heard this and received e-mail about it. "Introducing a special Adobe Creative Cloud plan designed exclusively for photographers. Get the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, plus 20GB of cloud storage, Behance ProSite for your own fully customizable...
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    Should I switch to Elements?

    So I don't want the cloud and I'm using Lr 95% of the time. I have Ps 5.5 and have been using Ps since 1999. Two years ago I used Elements at work and I was so frustrated going through the child-like interface that I felt it to be a time waster. Maybe I need to get use to it but I'm wondering...
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    Update files to new Process Version in Lr5?

    When I come across older files I've noticed that Lr5 unlike previous versions doesn't have the 'notice' to upgrade the files to the new process. Any help on doing this? Thanks, Phil
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    Problem using Smugmug plug-in with Lr5

    Anybody having problems publishing to Smugmug with their plug-in. Been trying since last night, I have contacted them, waiting for a reply. It just hangs on updating, after about 20 minutes I get the attached image.