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  1. stevevp

    HSL Glitch?

    I have just noticed that whenever I click on the targetted adjustmnt tool (TAT) for hue, saturation or luminance, I get a "Convert to Black & White No" entry in my History. I don't get it if I just move a slider. I don't remember seeing this behaviour before the latest 9.3 update. I have...
  2. stevevp

    Adobe Portofolio Questions

    A couple of questions please: Is there any way to display a photo's EXIF information in Portfolio (or in Lightroom Web)? Is there still a 200 image limit for Portfolio? Many thanks.
  3. stevevp

    Syncing from Lightroom (iPad) - Smart Previews?

    I have recently synced about 3,500 photos to my LR Classic from LR on my iPad which I used when I was travelling. When I scroll through the images in the LR Classic grid view there is a grey box shown during a delay while the thumbnails load up (please see image below). It is annoying (I have a...
  4. stevevp

    Syncing from Lightroom (iPad) - Segmentation by Days?

    Following a recent trip to Sri Lanka, I've just synced almost 3,500 photos to Lightroom Classic on my desktop from my iPad. Everything worked fine except on my iPad the photos are conveniently segmented by "Days". On my desktop they are all in one big Collection. In future, is there any way to...
  5. stevevp

    Missing Profiles in LR on iPad

    I am travelling in Sri Lanka and have just imported my first batch of photos into Lightroom on my iPad (and a joy that this can now be done directly and not via Apple Photos). I find that all the photos have been imported with the Matrix profile, the usual Adobe profiles like Adobe Color are...
  6. stevevp

    How to Check if Catalog is Corrupt?

    Firstly apologies, I only seem to find time these days to visit this forum when I've got a problem! :( Yesterday Lightroom crashed (or my computer otherwise locked up) when I was closing Lightroom and doing a back up. After waiting an hour or so I eventually had to kill the process and restart...
  7. stevevp

    Missing profile

    I've just attempted to edit some images previously edited on my iPad which use the Camera Standard profile. I now find that on my iPad I get the error message that the profile isn't available on the device. I had thought it was a generic Adobe LR profile so I don't know where it has gone! I am...
  8. stevevp

    Adjusting Capture Time

    I need to adjust/edit the capture time for 3,000-odd photos taken recently in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is GMT +5hr30min. LR only seems to allow adjustment by whole hours. Is there any way around this please?
  9. stevevp

    New Albums in CC appear as Collections in Classic automatically?

    As the title. If I create an album in Lightroom CC should it automatically appear as a Collection in Classic? I thought it did but it currently doesn't. All sync settings are on and sync is otherwise working. Many thanks. PS This is hopefully a final question following this thread (with thanks...
  10. stevevp


    Further to my recent post here: Photographer Plan - more storage? , I am primarily a Lightroom Classic user. I have just returned from Sri Lanka where I did a number of safaris and have uploaded about 2500 photos to Lightroom CC on my iPad. This is way more than my 20 GB account allows so it has...
  11. stevevp

    Photographer Plan - more storage?

    I’m a LR Classic user who until now has only used the old LR Mobile occasionally to share the odd webpage of photos. Until my current trip I had used very little of my 20GB storage. I am currently in Sri Lanka where I have been using LR CC on my iPad a lot (and enjoying the experience). I have...
  12. stevevp

    That syncing feeling ...

    I have what looks like 2 different syncing issues. It may be related to a recent move to a new PC but I am not sure. I use Lightroom Classic CC and sync some collections to the web. I do not use Lightroom CC although I have it installed on my PC. I have just returned from a trip to Berlin where...
  13. stevevp

    Should I get a 4k monitor?

    I am in the throes of migrating back from Mac to PC. I have purchased the computer but still need to purchase a new monitor. Meanwhile I am using my old HP ZR24w monitor which whilst having a nice matte screen is a bit long in the tooth and has a max resolution of 1920x1200. The "mistake" is...
  14. stevevp

    Watermark on Shared Collections

    Am I right in thinking that it is not possible to automatically add a watermark to an image when it is shared (synced) in a collection on the web? I am using LR Classic CC on the desktop and sync collections to the web. I do not use LR CC on the desktop. As far as I can see the only way to get...
  15. stevevp

    How to Identify Smart Preview vs Originals?

    I hope this is the right forum for this question. Whilst I use LR Classic rather than CC I do sync some collections to the web for sharing. Following a problem I had with bad rendering of certain smart previews, I uploaded some original NEF files to CC via the web interface. Some time later...
  16. stevevp

    Any point to a 10-bit Workflow?

    After a brief distraction with an iMac, I have decided it is not for me and am going back to the PC world. I'm looking at a new custom build for a reasonably high-end photo-editing PC (currently using LR and Photoshop). After quite a bit of research I am also going for a BenQ SW271 monitor which...
  17. stevevp

    LR 7.3 Camera Matching

    I am just about to brave an upgrade to LR7.3 (some concerns about presets and reports of crashes). I have one question. My preferred camera profile for all my images is Camera Standard rather than Adobe Standard. I set this with an import preset. When I do the upgrade will this setting stay the...
  18. stevevp

    X-Rite i1 Display Pro & High Sierra?

    I think the monitor on my new iMac is probably much too bright and rather than guess I thought I should calibrate it properly. The X-Rite i1 Display Pro seems to be the best tool for this - I've seen some recommendations on this site - but a couple of questions please: 1. Does it work ok with...
  19. stevevp

    iMac Activity Monitor - Change View

    Following a visit to my local Genius Bar this morning, may Activity Monitor is now a small bar graph - see pic below. Unfortunately I can't work out how to get the larger graph view with the list of processes. Grateful any advice. :)
  20. stevevp

    Force iPad to download Smart Previews?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I need to show some photos on my iPad, synced from Lightroom Classic to CC, where I will not have an internet connection. Can I force my iPad to download the smart previews in a particular synced collection in advance. rather...
  21. stevevp

    Lightroom Performance on a new iMac?

    Many thanks for all the previous advice on the thread which I hijacked a bit here: imac 27" fans when in full screen. I thought I should start a new thread. I took delivery of my new iMac on 9 January with the following specs: 4.2 GHz Quad‑Core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost up to 4,5 GHz) 8 GB...
  22. stevevp

    Lost Transform Edits

    Operating System: OS10.13.2 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):7.1 Today's the first day using Lightroom on my new iMac following the demise of my PC at New Year. For various reasons the changeover has not been easy but I am getting there. Having loaded up the latest catalog, I...
  23. stevevp

    Editing the Filter Bar?

    Operating System:OS10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):Classic 7.1 Is it possible to edit the filter bar (the one between the toolbar and filmstrip) in develop mode? I’d like to rearrange the various controls/filters. Drag and drop doesn’t seem to do anything. Many thanks.
  24. stevevp

    Nik Collection & LR Develop bug?

    Operating System: OS 10.12(6) Exact Lightroom Version 7.0.1 I've been experimenting with Nik Collection on my rMBP and have come across a problem with Color Efex Pro 4. I have chosen the LR "Edit In" option, edited the image in Color Efex and then clicked Save. The image saves back to LR as a...
  25. stevevp

    Lightroom CC and Photoshop Fix - any integration?

    Quick question. Currently travelling with iPad and iPhone - and a newbie in both! Am I right in thinking that there is no integration between Lightroom CC and Photoshop Fix? I was hoping that changes made in PS Fix would update in LRCC but it doesn’t seem to. Is there a way to get the PS Fix...