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  1. johnbeardy

    Syncing iPad LR with LRClassic

    That is what should happen - once Classic is involved in the sync process, it is the master. Delete in Classic if you want to delete everywhere.
  2. johnbeardy

    Problem with Local Storage - Locally Stored Copies

    Generally, collections have a local storage setting. Uncheck this and you free up space, but in your case you may have a load of originals from the last import from camera roll. Are you only using LrMobile, or do you also use Classic Lightroom? There are ways of managing this situation, but we...
  3. johnbeardy

    Is it possible to merge keywords to a more recent catalog?

    It depends how much other work you've done in the "newly optimized catalog". If you've not done things like changing ratings or titles or adjusting images, for example, then you could fix the missing photos in the old, un-optimized catalogs, do a Ctrl S to save the metadata back to the files...
  4. johnbeardy

    Is there a way to temporarily switch to an empty cloud/library?

    No, other than deleting all online content or having those IDs.
  5. johnbeardy

    Not sure what is the best option when I get this message.

    Ask yourself, do you know what other application may have done something? For example, have you changed the file's rating in Bridge? If so, you may want to import those settings. But often you know you haven't done anything of the kind, so it's a "false positive" and you can just overwrite the...
  6. johnbeardy

    unable to print from plug in extras because I get a none defined

    "select paper and print borderless" That's in Page setup, Bob. It's a button on the lower left of Print, but there are also relevant controls in the right hand panel. Plugin Extras is usually irrelevant to print unless you're doing something like sending your prints to a third party. "Also all...
  7. johnbeardy

    unable to print from plug in extras because I get a none defined

    Normally you don't go to File > Plugin Extras when you want to print. You go to the Print module..
  8. johnbeardy

    jb collection tools prompts to update version even when latest version is installed

    It's not "officially" released, but I suggest switching off the automatic update check.
  9. johnbeardy

    Uploading to Instagram from a desktop or laptop

    Richard/Roelof, are you each using the most recent version of that plugin?
  10. johnbeardy

    Uploading to Instagram from a desktop or laptop

    I now export from LR and then use my web browser, Chrome, switching it into Developer Tools mode and pretending to be an iPhone.
  11. johnbeardy

    Leaving photos behind

    Do you make prints or use the Book module?
  12. johnbeardy

    Is there a way for a plugin to write to another plugin's custom metadata fields?

    Entirely in the catalogue. ListView doesn't read them, but it could. However, I don't plan to update it - too old, too early in my Lua experience - but there may be a new ListView at some point. So following the rule that one plugin cannot write another's metadata, any plugin can read another's...
  13. johnbeardy

    Is there a way for a plugin to write to another plugin's custom metadata fields?

    OK, I remember now. Adobe lets plugins/scripts update many of the properties of published plugins such as adding collections or photos, or setting a published status flag. But custom fields defined by another plugin are not writable.
  14. johnbeardy

    Is there a way for a plugin to write to another plugin's custom metadata fields?

    Remind me. But what John Ellis said is true - only the plugin that defines the custom fields is able to change them. A single plugin is the way to go.
  15. johnbeardy

    Import Question: Is it possible to add/append images to an existing catalog?

    A few key points may help you "Import" can be called "registering" or "recording" the existence of the photo in a catalogue. So importing more photos is appending in your terms. Do not create different catalogues - it's like fragmenting control of your pictures. Instead, decide on which...
  16. johnbeardy

    JPG and Raw (Fuji .raf) files NOT separated despite having box clicked in preferences

    AFAIK for Fuji the embedded JPEG previews are never full size. Also, are you aware of my » JPEGs sidecar killer script?
  17. johnbeardy

    Adobe cloud / iPad workflow / photo showcase tools

    I'd also suggest you should investigate Adobe Portfolio which might allow you to eliminate ZenFolio. What is "matured"? It allows you to add password protection and use your own URLs. As for "non-traditional tools", what about looking at Adobe Spark Page which is also included with your...
  18. johnbeardy

    Library module Lightroom Classic to External RAW Editor and back to Lightroom Classic?

    See my OpenDirectly plugin - it opens the file in whatever external editor you choose.
  19. johnbeardy

    Which is the best way to use LR Classic and LR Web together?

    Can you post a couple of screenshots showing the mismatch?
  20. johnbeardy

    Images and video on same card

    It's easy but pretty dumb to fragment a single task into two and increase the chance of missing stuff. So it's best to get import done properly, then move stuff if you need to.
  21. johnbeardy

    Images and video on same card

    Whether you import in a single step with LR or import some files with LR and some files with another app makes no difference in space terms. What it does do is import in a single step, which is easier and more reliable than doing it in two steps.
  22. johnbeardy

    Images and video on same card

    Importing into LR doesn't use any more space .
  23. johnbeardy

    Images and video on same card

    Why not just import them? The idea of LR's Import is to get files safely off the cards, get a quick second copy, and let you reuse the card.
  24. johnbeardy

    Importing referenced images (like Aperture)

    And a tip based on Cletus's post - every time you import, take a second to review whether you have selected Copy or Move or Add.
  25. johnbeardy

    Importing referenced images (like Aperture)

    You're probably using the wrong Lightroom. 3.3 is a cloud-dependent simplified program which Adobe decided to name Lightroom. The direct equivalent to Aperture was renamed and is now known as Lightroom Classic.