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  1. Michael Naylor

    64bit Catalina Released

    MacOS Catalina is available for download as of today. Problem is, there are no less than 11 (eleven) 32bit Adobe Apps lurking on my system. Any thoughts? Has anyone braver than I discovered if LR and PS still works?
  2. Michael Naylor

    Going Back a Page

    New posts are in bold type with a NEW icon informing me of the posts I haven't read. Having read the new post, there are two ways of returning to the index to see what else is new. I can click on the browser's back button, or I can click on the bread-crumb at the top or bottom of the page...
  3. Michael Naylor

    Publish Services Am I Happy?

    This is what I get for 12€ / month. Lightroom, Photoshop, and a Portfolio website thrown in. Am I happy? Of course I am! Click on the image to visit my new Adobe Portfolio website.
  4. Michael Naylor

    Adobe Portfolio Domain & Host Name

    I've created a website with Adobe Portfolio. I'm impressed, but I have an issue... My Portfolio works just fine, but I can't find a way to have the naked name re-direct to the host name, or visa versa. Tech support says my site is doing this for them, but they're probably inside an Intranet...
  5. Michael Naylor

    Catalogs Test Integrity before backing up

    Please could some explain exactly what "Test Integrity before backing up" is suppose to do? It doesn't seem to be doing anything with regard to the problems I'm having. 1) Previously entered keywords have mysteriously vanished. 2) Smart Collections filtering on "Keywords -> doesn't contain" is...
  6. Michael Naylor

    Go to Collection

    If I right click on an image in grid view and select "Go to Collection" and a normal Collection exists, that's fine. But if the image is in a Smart Collection, it doesn't show. Is this normal behaviour?
  7. Michael Naylor

    Library module Explicit Implicit Keywords

    Is there a way to identify which images have parent keywords explicitly assigned when there are child keywords also assigned? I hope this makes sense.
  8. Michael Naylor

    It's 2019

    Quote from the banner: "The May 2018 Lightroom updates are now available. There's a brand new slider called Texture, available across..."
  9. Michael Naylor

    Library module LR Classic DataBase Problem?

    I've discovered a problem that I would appreciate some help with. Back in 1973, we took a week in Tintagel and it never stopped raining. We returned home, waited a week, and then went to sunny Scarborough for a week. The OM-1 images have been scanned, edited in Photoshop and saved to Lightroom...
  10. Michael Naylor

    Adobe Bridge

    Notice there are no subfolders displayed, even though the arrows point down. In fact, there are no subfolders for these, at least I can't see them in Finder or Terminal. The only info I've found so far is in an Adobe Forum post from July 2017. Adobe suggests deleting the preferences, but...
  11. Michael Naylor

    Import PNG Files

    Last time I tried, LR would not import PNG files. Now I see it will. I also held the belief that PNG files could not hold embedded metadata. Now I see they can. Of course, its quite possible I've been wrong all this time. But if this is a new feature, please can someone tell me when this changed?
  12. Michael Naylor

    Custom Crop

    I know how to create and save a custom crop, but I don't know how to give it a custom name or where these settings are store on disk. For example, one of the built-in crops is listed as "16 x 9 1920 x 1080". I assume the "16 x 9" is the ratio and "1920 x 1080" is its name. I would...
  13. Michael Naylor

    Map module Using Plus Codes

    Anyone using Plus Codes? Apparently they are easier and possibly better than GPS coordinates. If you haven't heard of these, see plus.codes. The Search box in the LR Map Module seems to understand them.
  14. Michael Naylor

    Additional External Editor

    I've install the DX0 Nik Collection. LR Preferences allow me to choose the default external editor and choose file format, color space, etc., for each of the 7 plugins. But, LR doesn't appear to remember these settings for those that are not selected as the default. They just keep returning...
  15. Michael Naylor

    Keyword Hierarchy - which is correct?

    I've recently returned to Lightroom, having wasted so much time believing Media Pro / Capture One would be better - it isn't! However, it did allow me to sort out some of the organisational mess I'd previously created. But now I see a problem and hope someone can shed some light on this...
  16. Michael Naylor

    Lightroom Keyword List Project

    I'm on High Sierra using Safari and find it impossible to download the Lightroom Keyword List Project from Lightroom Keyword List Project Is anyone else having the same?
  17. Michael Naylor

    Catalogs Exiftool to remove obsolete metadata

    My images (TIFs, DNGs, JPGs and Photoshop) and been bounced from one DAM to another many times over the years. They have accumulated various bits of IPTC and XMP that is no longer required by LR. I would like to use exiftool to delete all of this crud, so I will need to know what can go and...
  18. Michael Naylor

    Library module People without Face Recognition

    Operating System: High Sierra Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Classic 7.1 Does anyone know if having a top level keyword named People, would conflict with whatever LR does - with or without Face Recognition switched on? I ask because under Keyword List there are three tabs...
  19. Michael Naylor

    John Ellis Any Filter Stopped Working

    I've been using the "Any Filter" plug-in for some time, including on the latest Classic CC, but today it suddenly stopped working. All of the buttons remain greyed out, so its unusable. Any ideas what's causing this or what I can do to get it working again?
  20. Michael Naylor

    Library module Multiple Tabbed Views

    If only the Library module offered tabs. For over a year now, I've been trying to figure out dates & places for thousands of scanned photos. Trying to guess the ages of people is much easier if I compare images side be side, but this is extremely tedious using Quick Collection. A much better...
  21. Michael Naylor

    Map module map zoom doesn't update and sticks

    Operating System: macOS 10.13.1 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Lightroom Classic version: 7.0.1 Since "upgrading" to Classic, I'm having problems in the Map module. After clicking the zoom slider a couple of time to get closer, it stops zooming and sticks. ie the slider...
  22. Michael Naylor

    Adobe Crud

    After updating to High Sierra, I decided to take a look around to see what's new. Being a bit of a nerd, I ventured into System Information / Applications. Frankly, I'm appalled to discover the number of 32-Bit applications still around. This will become a problem and maybe sooner than one...
  23. Michael Naylor

    Date Time Original EXIF search

    Does anyone know of a way to search for images that don't have a Date Time Original EXIF field? I'm working through thousands of scanned images, but I've lost track of which ones I haven't been dealt with. I've tried various combinations of Smart Collections without success.
  24. Michael Naylor

    Practical Backup Solutions

    Given my ISP doesn’t yet offer fibre in my area and having accepted I can’t afford to buy several fault-tolerant server farms connected by private high speed data links to several different locations, what are my options? How about three directly connected 10TB drives in separate enclosures or...
  25. Michael Naylor

    Stupid Me!!!

    I'm in the process of improving my backup strategy. I have an old USB 2 8TB raid box, about to be replaced with a much faster Thunderbolt 2 box. The plan was to copy all the raid files to another disc, then swap the drives into a the new enclosure. So, I figured it would be wise to test the...