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  • It's Lightroom update time again! New cameras (including the Canon R5/R6), lens profiles and bug fixes, and the ability to disable built-in lens corrections for specific new cameras. Here's the usual list

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  1. PeteGB

    Adobe 2 factor authentication problem

    The Adobe 2FA has been working for me as recently as last weekend, a code sent by txt to my phone. went to make changes to my account yesterday, password accepted and screen to verify code appears but the code never arrived. I’ve tried several times from different devices and nothing. Phone is...
  2. PeteGB

    Free up space on CC - confused !

    I've reached my 20GB limit and for the life of me can't figure out how to reduce it, despite quite a few postings on this forum and others. I mainly use LR Classic (8.4). I download files from my Canon 5D IV directly into LR on my desktop. For some I then create a collection and sync to the CC...
  3. PeteGB

    Profile Corrections - Lens identification, curious behaviour

    I hired a Sigma 150-600 Contemporary for a weekend and in the Develop Module checking 'Enable Profile Corrections' correctly identified the lens. Happy with the hire I purchased a lens of my own. Now checking 'Enable Profile Corrections' tells me LR is 'Unable to locate a matching profile...
  4. PeteGB

    Sharing an Album that doesn’t require SignUp

    Is it possible to share an album from LR Mobile on iPad without the recipient having to sign in ? The link that I create and email firstly asks the recipient to Sign in / Sign up. I thought I’d read that was no longer required. Cheers Pete
  5. PeteGB

    Error importing video files shot from Ronin

    Most of my images are pictures but I do shoot a bit of video on my Canon 5D MKIV. It suits my workflow to import direct from card into LR alongside pictures although I edit in Premiere Pro. I recently acquired a DJI Ronin S 3-axis gimbal to shoot super steady footage. The Ronin connects to the...
  6. PeteGB

    LR Mobile; Undocumented feature in Develop

    Sorry - i wasn’t sure how to title this thread. Ive been using LR Mobile since it first came out on iPad and iPhone and yesterday stumbled by accident on a feature I can’t actually work out how to use properly. I can’t seem to find any instructions for it. If I’m developing a photo and using...
  7. PeteGB

    Camera Matching Profiles missing on new install

    I’ve been using LR Mobile on iPad for years with no problems. I’ve just bought a new iPad Pro 12.9” running iOS 12.1.4 and installed LR Mobile Under Profiles there is listed ; Favourites, Adobe RAW, Artistic, B&W, Modern, Vintage - Camera Matching is missing. I don’t recall doing...
  8. PeteGB

    Problem with LR Mobile sync

    I’ve been using LR mobile sync almost since it came out, with no real issues. It went wrong yesterday for reasons I can’t fathom. Normal process is pics ingested into LR directly from card reader, create a sync’d Collection, copy pics to collection and use iPad to do first pass pick on...
  9. PeteGB

    Book Module, Blurb UK and Layflat

    Fellow book creators may find this helpful/of interest; The last LR update improved the book module and introduced the 'layflat' option for Blurb. I ordered up a book and was enquiring after it seemed to be taking an age to arrive after I'd been told it had shipped. Blub Support tell me that...
  10. PeteGB

    Editing jet fighter pics - engine exhaust

    Took a load of picture of jet fighters with afterburners lit at the weekend. I can see there is heat haze from the engines, and I’ve seen pics (some taken same place/time), where the processing has maximised the visibility. After several hours of fiddling with white point/black...
  11. PeteGB

    Should I stick to 7.1 or upgrade to 7.3.1

    I generally err on the side of caution about upgrading my desktop and for me 7.1 is stable and does all I need. However, the new Profile approach looks really interesting but I held off going 7.3 as there were some issues and LRQ Herself advised awaiting the dot upgrade. Now 7.3.1 is with us...
  12. PeteGB

    Will 7.3 on iPad work with 7.1 on desktop ?

    I’m very cautious about updating my desktop till I’m reasonably sure things are stable. I’m a bit more going ho with my iPad. The new profiles look interesting. Do I need to update the entire ecosystem or will my 7.1 desktop understand profiles applied to photos by 7.3 iPad ? Thanks Pete
  13. PeteGB

    Library module Smart collection when there are duplicate keywords

    Operating System: W10 Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): CC2015.12[1125239] I’ve got an extensive keyword structure and make use of collections and smart collection. I’m trying to create a Smart collection containing pictures of my new Grandaughter named Skye. Unfortunately...
  14. PeteGB

    LR Mobile 2.8

    Looks like a really useful update - however . . . The feature I used most was speed flagging (press and hold in picture mode and you could choose what to set as you swiped up/down). Press and hold in 2.8 toggles before/after. I can't find any mention of speed flagging anywhere so I don't...
  15. PeteGB

    Cell Size Prints wrongly

    Sorry for another Cell Size Q but I can't find an answer that fits. LR5.3 running on W7, Epson 2400 printer, printing on A4 paper in Page setup set to A4 and borderless, landscape, colour management disabled at printer In LR Print module things look OK with the image sitting in a cell showing...
  16. PeteGB

    Canon 5D MkIII ratings - should transfer to LR ?

    I've read several posts from people delighted to use the 5D MkIII rating button to cull pictures on the move. One has specifically described "importing into LR and filtering on star rating". I can rate pics on the camera, when downloaded the star ratings show up in DPP but nothin gppears in LR...
  17. PeteGB

    Dynamiclinkmediaserver & Canon 5D Mk III

    I'm having real trouble with video files on Canon 5D MkIII. Anytime I load a video file into my library if I so much as cross the mouse over it a process called dynamiclinkmediaserver grabs 80% of the processor for minutes at a time even though I'm doing nothing. Sometime the video files play...
  18. PeteGB

    Developing my pictures - automating some aspects of it

    Apologies - if I've got this wrong and this should be in the workflow section. Despite using LR since V1 there are some aspects I've still not got to grips with, and it's increasingly hampering me. I shoot RAW, and am comfortable with why images out of camera look a bit flat and what to do...
  19. PeteGB

    LR 4.1 Adjustment brush presets created under previous LR causing hickup

    LR 4.1 W7 I'm noticing a change of bahaviour from LR 3 when using either the adjustment bruish or the graduated filter. If I select the brush then choose a preset when I paint with the brush, as I release the mouse button the name of the preset is replaced by the 'Custom'. Under LR 3 the...