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  1. Nicky3540

    Shift-Tab Shortcut Not Working in Compare View

    I'm not sure if this issue started after the latest update or earlier, but I used to be able to display two photos in Compare View, then hit Shift-Tab to hide all the panels. This worked in both the Library and Develop modules. But it doesn't work in either now. (It still works in Survey View.)...
  2. Nicky3540

    Export Why Is Export Now So Slow?

    Since the latest upgrade, exporting even a single file is super slow compared to how fast it was before upgrading to 9.3. It now takes 35–40 seconds (I timed it) for the operation to complete. I have a new, fast Mac, so it's not a hardware issue. The strange thing is, the "Export n files"...
  3. Nicky3540

    Slideshow module Slideshow Issues with Upgrade

    After upgrading to the latest version, my Slideshow module has issues. I never had these issues before upgrading. For one, it insists on building previews every time I click Play, no matter how many times I’ve played the show previously. It builds the previews slowly, then never shows a...
  4. Nicky3540

    'Filter failed' and Epson P700

    I've spent a few hours trying to troubleshoot this issue. I have a new Epson SureColor P700 printer, but can't get it to print from Lightroom. Part of the difficulty in troubleshooting this is all the variables: Is it the new printer itself? The Epson printer driver? The wireless connection? The...
  5. Nicky3540

    Black Screen—Slideshow Bug?

    Sometimes my slideshows play fine; other times, I hit the Play triangle and all I get is a black screen—no music, no show. The only to way to fix it is to quit and restart Lr (without taking time to back up the catalog). Then it works fine—until it hangs again, and there's no predicting when...
  6. Nicky3540

    Lr Prefers Its Window Zoom Setting to Mine

    This is a minor annoyance, not a big problem. I size my LR window to leave some space around the edges between it and the iMac gray desktop, but whenever I hit F to see an image full screen, then hit F again to go back to Loupe view or Grid view, LR has zoomed the window to fill the screen—which...
  7. Nicky3540

    Exiting Sub-Rules in Smart Collections

    Once you've created a sub-rule in a Smart Collection by holding Option/Alt and clicking on the + symbol, how do you get back to the regular-level rules to add another one? I couldn't find a way to do that. Or do you just need to make sure to create any sub-rules last, so that they are the last...
  8. Nicky3540

    Advice for a Reluctant Lr Consultant

    A photographer acquaintance has asked me for help with some Lr tasks. I tried to tactfully decline, partly because I’m totally a Mac person and he runs Lr Classic on Windows, and partly because it’s not what I do. But he’s persistent, so I agreed to help out. I’m an advanced user (an ACE), so I...
  9. Nicky3540

    Two Persistent Error Messages on Catalina

    Ever since I upgraded to the first release of Catalina, I get these two error messages every time I import images. First, I get this one: Then, in the Import window, I get this one: I work around the second one by using the drop-down list in the Destination section at the upper right of...
  10. Nicky3540

    Does Lr Place More Demands on Processor or Memory?

    My iMac is six-plus years old and for various reasons I decided to upgrade to a new one. I bought one with a 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and upgraded the memory to 32GB. (I also chose to get SSD storage instead of a hard drive or a Fusion drive.) I've already ordered...
  11. Nicky3540

    Tried "Show Parent," Created "Invalid Drive"

    I was reading Victoria's Quickstart book and read on page 35 about using Show Parent Folder to visualize where photos are stored on the hard drive. So I control-clicked on my internal drive and on my external drive to see the folder structure and got error messages. (Didn't take a screen shot of...