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  • It's Lightroom update time again! New cameras (including the Canon R5/R6), lens profiles and bug fixes, and the ability to disable built-in lens corrections for specific new cameras. Here's the usual list

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  1. mantra

    Library module May I know where does lightroom store a Controlled Vocabulary ?

    Hi I would like to add a Controlled Vocabulary may I know where does lightroom store a Controlled Vocabulary ? I mean all the keywords are stored in a separated preference file or does it include and merge in a default preference file? I would like to know where does it store under windows...
  2. mantra

    is there a script to backup lightroom & photoshop preferences under mac osx ?

    Hi is there a script to backup and maybe restore lightroom & photoshop preferences under mac ? i run high sierra and mojave i'm worried about osx permisssion and tons of pages about how to fix osx permissions and tool like onyx i would like to know if i can simply backup zipping the...
  3. mantra

    will lightroom cc classic 7.5 support map module ?

    Hi i have read that lighroom cc v6 and the older version ,will not soon support the map module very soon may i ask if the lightroom cc classic v7.x will keep this module working thanks
  4. mantra

    Develop module is there a way to use my replichrome I:icon on lightroom and acr?

    Hi in the past i bought replichrome 1 pack (replichrome I:icon) , and it works great under lightroom cc 2015 (6.14) and on photoshop with acr 10.1 well i guess with adobe camera raw 10.3 and lightroom 7.4 , my presets and camera raw profiles don't work correcltly , the camera raw profiles...
  5. mantra

    customize the splash screen ,why this border? and fonts

    hi I run lightroom 7.4 under windows 10 and under high sierra ,i have installed 2015 last build too may i ask 3 questions? i have watched this video ( it's not in my native language , i guess it's spanish ) i created a new splash screen but there is always this border 1) is there a way...
  6. mantra

    Library module is there a way to export only keywords ?

    Hi i'm running lightroom cc 2015 and lightroom classic 2018 now i'm running lightroom cc 2015 and i'm tring to export all the keywords(hierarchy) to my photos , i can save metadata , but this does save keywords and develop settings i need to save only keywords I need it , because under...
  7. mantra

    can i force to geotag a bunch of files? cc 2015

    hi i have lightroom cc 2015 and lightroom cc (the new one) i have installed on my windows 10 and sierra last update can i select a bunch of files and force to geotag my images (all of them have coordinates) ? i know there is the option to pause or automatic geotag but i have lots of photos...
  8. mantra

    camera calibration profiles color & importing images

    hi i'm still running lightroom cc 2015 (6.14) , cc classsic seems buggy sometime well i shoot canon mostly and nikon , when i 'm lucky leica and when i'm very very lucky medium format the point , i use mostly lightroom cc for the first editing after bridge and photoshop one problem i had in...
  9. mantra

    lightroom 6.14 (cc) missed leica tether

    hi i have updated lightroom 6.13 to 6.14 under windows 10 pro i haven't update under imac sierra updated but the last update missed leica tether the folder is empty C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\tether_leica.lrplugin can you please check it? thanks
  10. mantra

    lightroom classic and cc installation question

    hi i have installed lightroom classic ( i call it v7 to avoid confusion) and lightroom cc i'm an adobe subscription , lightroom and photoshop i tried to install under w10 and sierra and hi-sierra lightroom cc , but i got several crashes but may i ask you a question? seeing i have started to be...
  11. mantra

    brush tool shortcut for flow ,is there one?

    hi i use lightroom cc and photoshop cc about lightroom cc ,with the brush tool ,i can increase the brush size with the mouse wheel , the feather with shift + mouse wheel but is there a shortuct to increase and decrease flow ? i run under w10 and macos Sierra thanks
  12. mantra

    photoshop cc scratch disk question on osx sierra question

    Hi i run photoshop cc 2018/2017 and cc 2015 under sierra last built osx my machine has 32GB of ram , and i bought a second ssd for scratch disk i have setup photoshop to use this second scratch disk well i started photoshop cc open a raw file or a jpg , while it's open and running , i gave...
  13. mantra

    just some questions about lightroom cc 2018

    hi i have tried to find out more about the new lightroom version i haven't yet installed , and i'm running the last v6 built (cc sub + photoshop) about 2018 i have watched some video on you tube , official lightroom channel like but is this the new lightroom gui/interface ? just because in...
  14. mantra

    apply a develop preset to many photos from library ,can I ?

    Hi i have created some smart collections related to the lenses i have used and i have created a develop preset for each lenses (just an simple example preset ->lens correction ->(adobe )profile lens well i want to apply these preset to a buch of photos , around 100 can i do from library module...
  15. mantra

    lens correction question ,lightroom cc 6.10

    hi i have not used lens correction for while , seeing i use a canon 5d mark 3 & 4 and some good lens like the 135L or the 200L and portraits but i have some shots taken with wilde and ultra wilde lenses and nikon gears i have the cc 6.10 and i run under w10 pro but is the lens correction...
  16. mantra

    slideshow without creating previews possible? cc 6.9

    hi i have used very rarely lightroom v6 slideshow feature what i did not liked about v5 was that lightroom v5 starts to create a lof of preview files before start a simple slideshow for a simple preview i mean ony a black background and the picture with all the slideshow feature off when i...
  17. mantra

    is there a way to change temp folder destination?

    Hi i have a ssd and i use only for scratch disk is there a way to change lightroom 6.9cc (2015.9) temp folder? thanks
  18. mantra

    nikon d700 color and exposure jpg vs raw ,issue

    Hi i have always shoot canon 5d mark3 and 2 well i have taken some photos with a nikon d700 , the jpg looks great but the raw file the lacks of the colors and looks really very flat is there a way to import raw + jpg and have both on lightroom , and have both side by side on my monitor? in...
  19. mantra

    is there a way to burn a slideshow directly from lightroom?

    Hi i'm using lightroom cc 6.4 under w10 64bit but can i burn a slideshow create with lightroom directly from lightroom ? or do i need another software? thanks
  20. mantra

    HDR lightroom 6 & photoshop cc 2015.1.1 , help

    Hi i have lightroom cc/6.1.1 and photoshop cc 2015.1.1 and i run under windows 10 pro 64bit well i have a problem between lightroom 6.1.1 and photoshop cc 2015.1.1 camera raw 1) i create an hdr with lightroom 6.1.1 ,7 exposures (really great result) , lightroom create an hdr dng file 2) i...
  21. mantra

    is there a way to change the temp folder for lightroom ?

    Hi is there a way to change the temp folder for lightroom ? it uses the windows temp folder would like to know if there is a way to change in the settings the temp folder used by lightroom i would like to use a ram disk , for temp folder , only for lightroom now i have 2 ssd , but i noticed...
  22. mantra

    update to 6.3 , book and slideshow error , can't open these module

    Hi i update from 6.1.1 to 6.3 and after the update i could not use book and slideshow module i tried to fix the slideshow , reading the tutorial but i was not lucky about the book module it stops to work giving me errors , lightroom could not load the module i tried everything without luck...
  23. mantra

    panorama , does lightroom 6 incluse Content Aware Fill ?

    Hi i know photoshop cc 2015 can create panoramas and has a feature to enable Content Aware Fill does lightroom 6 have Content Aware Fill feature for panoramas? i'm reading a review , and according it , lightroom should include the same photoshop cc 2015 technology ...
  24. mantra

    does replichrome slow download lighroom ?

    hi does replichrome I , II and III slow down lightroom ? i don't know if it's the last w10 update th2 , or my antivirus , but after installing replichrome I , II and III lightroom seems slower to startup , or change to library to develop module thanks
  25. mantra

    looking for an tracklog application for android to use with lightroom

    hi i'm looking a simple application for android that can save a tracklog to import in lightroom maybe a light application , to avoid high battery consume my cameras are 5d mark3 and mark2 they haven't gps thanks