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    Print commands disappeared

    Due to space problems, I am using a Macbook with LR6.14 on it in my photo darkroom, over 100 ft from my big mac desktop. I thus only have what is on the computer, and no internet. This has worked moderately well for over a year, but today, when I went to print some jpegs, the print command's...
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    Lightroom won't open file from Time Machine

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):
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    How to disable LR mobile?

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I have a laptop with LR 6.12 that I must use in an area without internet. I am constantly pestered by LR mobile trying to start up. There must be a way to stop it??
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    LR 6.8 continually fails to open

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): I upgraded my mac to High Sierra, and ever since LR 6.8 does not like opening-I have to reopen every time. Did I miss an upgrade somewhere?
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    Conversion to Negative in LR??

    Operating System: Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info): Is it possible to invert an image in LR? I do that all the time in PS6, could not find a spot for it in LR. I make digital negs for alt processing.
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    ORF won't load in LR6.0 perpetual

    Operating System:OS10.8 Lightroom Version: 6.0 (Please go to Help menu > System Info to double check the exact version number) Question or Description of Problem:I have a new olympus PEN F, which may be the problem (the New part), and cannot get the RAW files to down load, although I was...
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    Best plug in to delete duplicates?

    I have a real mess of duplicates on LR, and none have commercial value, plus a lot of the good ones are saved on other hard drives, so I need to clear my current 19k stack of photos of duplicates, most are RAW and of considerable size. I had a popup duplicate removal show up the last time I...
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    LR won't load on my new Imac

    I own the disc for LR, and have faithfully upgraded whenever upgrades were available, so when my Mac Pro died, I got out the disc and went through the loading process, and got the program on the machine and the dock, but for some reason the Imac won't access it. What am I doing wrong here??
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    how to print contact sheet of multiples?

    I have a portrait customer ( I swore I would never again do portraits) that wants a bunch of wallet size prints of the same photo. I struggle with LR to have the same image in a contact sheet of a dozen or more of the same image- help mucho appreciated.
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    Lightroom plug ins without the internet

    I have a big printer in a building that does not have internet, and is too far from the house to pick up wi fi. When I try to use a Nik plug in on LR 6, it keeps waiting for an internet connection, and won't open the plug in. does this mean I have to use the computer in the house and...
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    placing nameplate in photo

    I seem to have a case of stupid when it comes to the nameplate being printed on my photo's. I normally sign exhibition prints, but I have a bunch of letter size proofs that i will have to loan to a gallery for future work. I have successfully used the nameplate thingy in the print module, but...
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    How to add a profile to print output

    Ok, I got to the color managment in the lower right hand of the print menu, and when I select other, it gives a list of some profiles, but not the ones I have downloaded. so how to get the downloaded ones into that list?
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    Sony's ARW RAW files -LR doesn't like them

    I just got a Sony A7II, after using an A7R for over a year. for some reason the files coming off the SD card are ARW, and the LR 5.7 does not recognize them. I can use Sony's Image data converter, which is a colossal pita, but it would seem there is a simple solution?
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    Adding a profile to a printer's output

    I am confused on how to add a printer profile to my choice of media in the print module. I am using Quadtone RIP as my printer driver. Probably simple, but old age has me in its grip once more.:cool:
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    Update for LR

    I have LR5.3, but am not figuring out a download site for 5.5 for Mac. The previous downloads were free, but it seems like Adobe is hell bent on the subscription mode, one that is pretty obnoxious for a small timer like me.:cool:
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    Light Room 5.4 printer blinded?

    I just downloaded 5.4, and ever since, my 3800 Epson printer refuses to print. I have tried all the usual: reboot, go to a different driver, check connections, etc. The printer says it is printing, and the icon for the printer says it has a print job printing, but no action from the printer...
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    Help on watermark

    I may be calling this the wrong name: I want to put my name script in small font on the lower right corner of certain prints, but the only thing I am able to do is to have it right in the middle of the print in large font. How does one move it?
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    Two Catalogs, one is not wanted.

    I managed to get my photos down to one catalog, but the default catalog is not the one I have most of my photos in, it is an old one which keeps opening every time I open LR5. I presume it is ok to delete the one that keeps opening? I have Time Machine on my mac should some need arise for the...
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    I am reading David Duchemin's book or using LR-he references the Recovery slider, which I don't see in LR 5. What do I do to emulate Recovery?
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    Lens profile for Tokina?

    I just got a Tokina 12-28mm f4 lens for my DX Nikon. Does tokina offer any lens adjustment profiles for LR5?
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    Epson 3800 won't talk to LR4

    The title of the thread should read "printer won't take output properly from LR4 or CS6. I have used this printer and a 2200 before it, for some years, and print 99% of my stuff, so I am not a beginner in printing. I send an image thru "print", go to the usual drivers etc, and the printer...
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    Jpeg resets

    I almost always shoot RAW, for my landscape work, but I got hooked into a deal where I shot some flash shot of somebody's debutante, and needed to process them quickly as I was not getting paid, and the girl was a friend of a friend. Lo and behold, my flash shots all needed an exposure tweak...
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    NEF files won't load to CS6

    I have had to convert my NEF files to DNG to get the "edit in CS6" command in LR4 to work. Wazzup here? I have a friend who uses a PC and does not have that problem. NEF should load directly to CS6-needless to say it is a PITA to have to convert.
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    Renaming F2 doesn't work.

    This is a minor niggle, but the pulldown says 'Rename Photo" F2, and when I select F2, it does not give me a pull down to type in the new name in. I have to use the Library and go to "rename photo" , and then the pull down becomes available. I am missing something here?
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    Gradient Question

    I searched the book and Adobe's site, did not find any info on how best to use the Gradient tool. I have been stumbling a long, selecting the tool, going to the top of the image, holding the mouse down and pulling the mouse so as to include the sky, which I generally want to improve. That...