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    Library module Very slow loading of image thumbnails in Library

    I used to run an older version of Lightroom (V 8.4) on Mac OS Sierra. I've recently updated my OS to Mojave and was able to then update to the latest Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. I've only opened LRC a couple times since. I've noticed today that the image thumbnails in the Library are very...
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    Develop module Full screen of picture

    Hello, I'm struggling with something basic even though I've been using LR for a few years now. I believe Adobe made a changse in one of the updates which screw up this basic function. I'm on LR 8.4.1 Fullscreen an image, the shortcut is F. When I press F, to me this is not an image in Full...
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    Writing EXIF description in LR ?

    Hello there, I shoot analog photography so I need to write EXIF metadata to my scan files. I've been doing so with two external software AnalogExif an LensTager. They all have their pro's and cons... I'm still in search for my ideal workflow... I've been told it's possible in LR to write a...
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    Library module Keywords & Smart collections

    Hello all, I'm having the most ridiculous issue ever. I hope I'm doing something wrong otherwise LR is out of its mind. I have a bunch of Smart collections by subjects. Like "Houses", "Landscapes", Cityscape", "Cars". Let’s look at an example: Houses. This is my Smart Collection settings...
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    Library module Edit EXIF camera model ?

    Hello all, I shoot 35mm film with a few different cameras. Obviously, the camera make and model is not recorded... I use a software called AnalogExif which allows me to edit EXIF metadata of the scanned pictures prior importing in LR. However, being a manual operation, it can be prone to...
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    Print module Fully removing margins

    Hey all, I'm following this tutorial to create a white boarder around a picture Problem is, I can't manage to remove the margins. The minimum I can do is 0.25 inches. Here is a screenshot. How can I bring these to 0 ? Also I'm wondering why the bottom margin is bigger than the rest.
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    Assigning unique reference number to images in catalogue ?

    Hello all, I'm preparing to send some of my images to a press agency. Labeling and workflow is important in these cases... I realize the best would be to be able to assign a unique reference number to each images of my catalogue, and when exporting, using that number as file name. Is that...
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    Library module Batch import / synch metadata changes

    Hello all, I shoot analog photography so I don't have metadata attached to my files (aside from scanner type) Analog Exif is a software which allows to batch apply metadata to Jpeg or Tiff. When, I change metadata to a file, lightroom will put a sign with an exclamation mark on the thumbnail...
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    Noise reduction & smoothing for part of the frame ?

    Hello all, I've been grading some film scans and playing around with noise reduction as to reduce grain on certain film stocks which tend to have more grain. Depending on the film stock, I'm not to be satisfied with the amount of grain mostly in the sky. Here's an example Is there a way I...
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    Grading film scans

    Hello all, I recently got back into photography, and chose to shoot 35mm film with a few cameras. I get my film developed and scanned at a lab, receive JPEG files. I haven't done much grading in LR for analogue images. I was wondering if there some resources blog / article about how to bust...
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    Develop module Vignetting only to change tones and nothing els

    Hello all, I'm new to Lightroom, have been doing some basic color grading with it. I've used the vignette effect a few times which works well. However, I'm trying to apply a vignette to a picture as to draw focus to the character. I only want to apply a vignette which impacts exposure...
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    Import Workflow advice needed

    Hello all, I need some advice from workflow gurus :) I'm working on an archival project for an association, where there is lots of importing, selecting/choosing, classification, developing and exporting to do. A good workflow will be crucial to survive. From different sources/people, I've...
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    Hey all

    Hello all, I'm a new member on the forum. Lately, I've been using different Adobe software, including Illustrator, Indesign and Lightroom for different projects. I'll be spending some time on Lightroom the next few weeks so I thought it would be a good idea to sign up in this forum. :) Being...