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    Lightroom 6.10.1 upgrade?

    You will have to contact Adobe to get the update. You must have your license key.
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    Does Lr Place More Demands on Processor or Memory?

    I got mine about 6 weeks ago. Doing some research for budgeting people suggested in this order. You should first get the best processor, then the most memory, and finally the best gpu. I got the basic 8GB of RAM and then purchased another 32GB which I installed myself. I'm going to order...
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    Can PK Sharpener be used in Lightroom?

    No you can't. PK is a PS plug-in. It was once $100 and now free. I installed it when it was free but since going to Catalina I have not attempted to do so. I don't use PS much anymore for final export. Designed for LR by the PixelGenius group the Detail panel and...
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    I just got an email from Jeffrey Friedl for one of his blogs and read a few user posts. One had this link that mentions the 3 spaces. I'm pretty sure I didn't find out about this at this source. Virtually zero info on this out there...
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    So Frustrated w/ Lightroom

    I'm on a Mac but I always import to the desktop, pre-cull using Canon's DPP, import and then move the files to the external drive using LR.
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Yes I did a search and found that last night and I'm pretty sure I read it a few years ago. I didn't see a reference to the 3 spaces before the text to override Apple shortcuts. I don't know where I found that. I looked for weeks and couldn't find it. I had the same issue a few years ago.
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    I just tried it on the MacBook Air. I typed in the menu title with the 3 spaces and the 3 dots at the end and it worked without restarting LR.
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    Keyboard Shortcuts

    I figured it out. It kept gnawing at me and the that old coconut on my shoulders finally remembered. You leave 3 spaces in front of the menu title. It didn't work right away but I tried it a few times and restarted LR. Working now. I have a feeling Victoria may have suggested this in one of...
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    Dependencies in Adjustment Order

    Adobe does recommend this for better performance. The document also suggests to avoid a lot of brushwork. If you anticipate there will be use PS. Order of Develop operations The best order of Develop operations to increase performance is as follows: Spot healing. Geometry corrections...
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    Multiple brush adjustments makes lightroom unusable, have tried everything.

    Turning off "automatically write XMP data to files" is part of this very useful document. That document says if you are doing a lot of brushwork use PS. Also the sequence can make a difference. Spot Removal...
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    Anyone Using MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Air 13" (2019) To Edit?

    That sound appealing but I don' see myself using the cloud anytime soon so I'd still need a laptop for LR9, etc. Maybe that will change one day. I bought the least expensive Air I could find. I read about all these performance issues and I just did some heavy editing with LR9 and did not really...
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    Anyone Using MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Air 13" (2019) To Edit?

    There id more info on this thread. I purchased the least expensive MacBook Air in 2015 for travel. I'm not thrilled using it compared to larger screens but a retina screen would make a big difference...
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    Laptop or iPad Pro With Lightroom Cloudy On The Road

    I just got a 27" several weeks ago. I hated using my 13" Macbook Air when I had a 21" desktop. I can't imagine using an iPad. I'm on the other side of the pendulum so an iPad may be different for younger eyes. I'm actually on the road right now posting at my forum sites and I can't tell how...
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    Any DXO PL experts out there?

    Figure it out - again. This time I'm posting in case I need to do this again one day. I also wrote it down. Right click on a RAW file and select get info. Change to PS and then "change all" to apply to all Raw files. Not sure how Windows works but it is probably similar.
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    Multiple catalogs in Lightroom

    The person must wear down a lot of cameras.