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    The importance of multiple backups

    I take everyone's points but our ADSL is simply too unreliable to get the initial backup done. While it would take about 8 weeks if all was well it drops out too often to be effective for such a large initial data transfer (I was wrong in my post above - the speed I have for upload is only...
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    The importance of multiple backups

    Glad you got it sorted. My iMac is a late 2009 27" and is starting to do some odd things. You are lucky that you can back up to external servers. While we have more data allowance than I could ever use I have a maximum (on a good day with no drop outs) 1.5mbps connection which makes backup up...
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    Why does it *seem* that so many people are not running LR 6/LR 2015 CC?

    I was paying $AUD9.99 per month. It recently was raised to $AUD11.99pm which is more inline with US dollar price. I think we had a bargain!
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    There is no excuse for not backing up every time you exit Lightroom!

    I allow Lr to back up once a week (and sometimes delay that). However, I also have a cron job running each night that compresses the catalogue, an sql dump of the catalogue and a few other ancillary files and pushes them off site. Overkill probably...
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    why the camera is not being used lately

    Low to mid 30s for us next week. I wish you luck!
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    New Forum Software - Bugs & Feature Requests

    Works well. A couple of other forums I inhabit have also switched to XenForo... (Sometimes I have to make sure I'm on the right one :oops:) Very minor issue. The drop down list for memory in the profile panel does not include 12GB which, as luck would have it, is what I have. But of no real...
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    Lightroom make a pdf book

    Under "Book Settings" in the book module under the first option ("Book:") you can select "PDF" as your destination.
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    For those who do date based importation..

    Richard, this is only a general response... Opinions will differ on this but that's the beauty of the software. It is a very customisable base to work from. If I have understood correctly you have retained the original scans as they represent a base line you can return to and re-edit as...
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    Hidden gems in Lightroom - share your

    I-See-Light - Off topic but nice shot of the Roulettes - they make a spectacular fly by.
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    sync toy sucks now

    The inbuilt Windows robocopy command, with the correct parameters, will synchronise. You can run it manually (which is all I ever do) or set it up as a schedule. I use robocopy to synch all my Lightroom items from a Mac onto a Windows 10 machine for a synchronised just-in-case copy.
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    Is there another REMOVE key without prompt?

    Whenever I was typing data into the metadata panel and Lightroom decided it was not quite ready to accept my input or went off and tried to do something else first the typing got interpreted as command shortcuts. Even though the focus of the cursor was initially in the field... And then all...
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    How difficult is it to write a plug-in?

    Neither did I until I saw local fpat = "(.-)" .. pat ... local s, e, cap = str:find(fpat, 1)
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    How difficult is it to write a plug-in?

    I have written several plugins to suit the searching/editing/access of metadata I want to do. Like suggested above, I grabbed an example and worked with that to learn Lua and the objects Lightroom presents. Even though I am a software developer by trade I always start with an example to...
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    Keywords, comments, etc.

    I also keyword the taxonomy of any plant or animal I photograph (assuming I can identify it of course). I keyword for the common name and apply, as mentioned above, the specific name as a synonym. The hierarchy is (generally) kingdom/phylum/class/order/family.
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    For those who do date based importation..

    I know this is slightly off topic but... I've found that, often, older black & white prints will give better scan results than the scans from the equivalent medium or large format negatives as well as the advantage of not having to deal with a multitude of scratches and impacted dust. Later fine...