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    Does Lightoom find missing photos by filename?

    I have a bunch of iPhone photos with generic titles. I put them all in one folder, and I had to change the filenames of many of them to prevent duplicates (or overwritten files). Have I shot myself in the foot (or elsewhere)? Cheers, Will
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    Using the arrow keys in Lightroom

    Free tutorial by Michael Frye. Some tips I don't recall seeing elsewhere (but maybe that's just my bad memory). Cheers, Will
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    Nikon distortion firmware update / lens profiles in Lr

    I wondered how this would relate to lens profiles in Lr until I read that all it does is add distortion correction to more lenses than the previous firmware did. So I presume it has nothing to do with lens profiles in Lr. Am I correct? Will
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    Why does decreasing exposure desaturate an image?

    Thanks. I'm working through the Jardine videos now. Will
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    Trouble tethering once power is lost with D90

    Got NEFs from D90 on tether, but can't import I just tried tethered shooting with my D90. It seems to work fine, and saved NEF files and sidecars in the new directories I set up. But I can't seem to import the NEF files as DGNs in Lr (4.4). I see the images dimmed when I view them in the Lr...
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    Why does decreasing exposure desaturate an image?

    Sometimes I try to decrease highlights on skin using the adjustment brush and decreasing the exposure. That not only decreases the exposure, but desaturates the skin. I end up with gray patches rather than less-bright skin tones. Cheers, Will
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    Best way to learn

    I found Laura Shoe's tutorials very good. There's a lot of information in them for comparatively little money, plus you can "proceed at your own pace" and repeat any lessons you need to. I would do one or two lessons at a time. I frankly can't imagine learning that much about Lr in a day...
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    Lr crops image when rotating

    Good point, Rikk. I still have my wife and her quilt, so I won't need to go back in time.:) Will
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    Lr crops image when rotating

    Almost got there Great suggestion! I almost got there with this image. If I made the quilt a smaller part of the overall image, I think the scale/crop trick would work. Cheers, Will
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    Lr crops image when rotating

    I took a photograph of a quilt that hangs by one corner, not one side. I took the shot of the quilt with the sides parallel to the sides of the viewfinder, with the idea that I would rotate it into the right position (one corner at the top). However, when I rotated it, Lr cropped the image to...
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    What do you wish you knew when you were getting started with Lightroom?

    I moved to Lightroom after struggling a while with Photoshop. I put converted NEFs into folders, but it was a struggle keeping up with them. To me, tagging in Lightroom was a huge advantage. I think the advice to start tagging new imports in comforting; you don't have to tag the ones you already...
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    renaming files

    This is not an automated method, but you can press F2 (this is on a PC, I'm not sure about a Mac). The current filename is displayed and you can edit it -- in this case inserting text without changing anything else. Will
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    Maximum number of images into a panorama?

    I just shot 141 photos to blend into a panorama in Ps. :crazy: I adjusted them in Lr and commanded Edit in > Panorama. I left the files as ~10K DGNs, and Photoshop choked on them. Then I converted them to ~800K JPGs, and Ps choked again. I finally got a panorama (of part of what I was hoping...
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    Wacom Bamboo Pen problem

    Not having this problem now. Possibly ooperator error. ;-) Will