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    Don't retrieve new serial number for alloyphoto Piwigo Plugin

    I got an answer from Mr. Vinogradsky. He solved the problem, now the plugin works again.
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    Don't retrieve new serial number for alloyphoto Piwigo Plugin

    That's what I did. I will get back my money but that's not really a solution. Wernfried
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    Don't retrieve new serial number for alloyphoto Piwigo Plugin

    Hi I am using the Piwigo from alloyphoto. After last upgrade of Lightroom the Plugin became invalid and it asked me to purchase a new serial number. So far, so normal. I paid $15 but I was not able to get a new serial number for this plugin. I contacted Mr. Vinogradsky by mail and via Paypal...
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    How can I rename a catalog?

    Why do you rename the catalog? Simply make a backup of your current catalog and continue using it. Of course, renaming the backup file (is is just a single zip-file) is no issue at all.
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    How can I rename a catalog?

    Why do you rename your catalog again and again? And why do you use more than just one catalog? I don't see any reason for this and obviously there is a high risk to corrupt your data.
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    Library module Timezone correction via Capture Time to Exif plug-in

    With exiftool it is just a single line from command line: exiftool -AllDates+=2 -overwrite_original c:\Pictures\*.jpg Kind Regards Wernfried
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    File naming - when useful

    I don't rename my pictures while import. Keywords and other data are fully sufficient, so I don't see any reason for renaming. I also use the standard folder names YYYY/MM. I rename the pictures on export if desired. Unless you use other applications to organize your photos then I don't see...
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    custom metadata fields

    Perhpas you can use Jeffrey Friedl's Run Any Command Have a look at "PluginProperty=field" or The Special {LUA=...} Token, it might be possible to access the custom metadata from the Search and Replace Plugin. "PluginProperty" allows you to access the per-image custom metadata kept by a...
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    custom metadata fields

    Ok, for such complex data a DAM solution seems to be needed. I would say items like wheel arrangement or route number are not a property of an image but the image is just one property out of a "railroad and rail transit" data set.
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    custom metadata fields

    Actually I would assume for any kind of "custom data" there is already an exif tag. For example you have tag AcquisitionDateTime , PregnancyStatus, PatientWeight, MilitaryRank, SpectralWidth, Polarity, Occupation, Habitat, Kingdom, etc.
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    custom metadata fields

    According exiftool there are 20'000 exif tags defined. I don't know what kind of custom data you are using but I would pick an unused exif tag and put your information there. For example I use tag "MasterDocumentID" to put the full path of the source file.
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    Backup pc/folders

    I assume every software which is called "backup program" is capable to run incremental backups. Personally I use Acronis True Image. I also tried AOMEI Backupper which provides less functions but works also.
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    Reorgansing My Files

    I also agree with Phil, it does not make much sense to organize your photos in folders named by event or similar. Imagine you have a folder called "New Zealand 2018". Currently such a folder looks very distinct and perpetual. But life is changing, who knows perhaps in 3 years I will migrate to...
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    Import - modified date not capture date

    Here are the date/time related exif fields: d:\Temp>exiftool -a -s -G0:1 -Time:All 20*-DSC_*.JPG ======== 20091007-DSC_0531.JPG [File:System] FileModifyDate : 2018:11:02 21:05:33+01:00 [File:System] FileAccessDate : 2018:11:02 21:04:30+01:00 [File:System]...