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    How can I rename a catalog?

    Why do you rename the catalog? Simply make a backup of your current catalog and continue using it. Of course, renaming the backup file (is is just a single zip-file) is no issue at all.
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    How can I rename a catalog?

    Why do you rename your catalog again and again? And why do you use more than just one catalog? I don't see any reason for this and obviously there is a high risk to corrupt your data.
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    Library module Timezone correction via Capture Time to Exif plug-in

    With exiftool it is just a single line from command line: exiftool -AllDates+=2 -overwrite_original c:\Pictures\*.jpg Kind Regards Wernfried
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    File naming - when useful

    I don't rename my pictures while import. Keywords and other data are fully sufficient, so I don't see any reason for renaming. I also use the standard folder names YYYY/MM. I rename the pictures on export if desired. Unless you use other applications to organize your photos then I don't see...
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    custom metadata fields

    Perhpas you can use Jeffrey Friedl's Run Any Command Have a look at "PluginProperty=field" or The Special {LUA=...} Token, it might be possible to access the custom metadata from the Search and Replace Plugin. "PluginProperty" allows you to access the per-image custom metadata kept by a...
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    custom metadata fields

    Ok, for such complex data a DAM solution seems to be needed. I would say items like wheel arrangement or route number are not a property of an image but the image is just one property out of a "railroad and rail transit" data set.
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    custom metadata fields

    Actually I would assume for any kind of "custom data" there is already an exif tag. For example you have tag AcquisitionDateTime , PregnancyStatus, PatientWeight, MilitaryRank, SpectralWidth, Polarity, Occupation, Habitat, Kingdom, etc.
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    custom metadata fields

    According exiftool there are 20'000 exif tags defined. I don't know what kind of custom data you are using but I would pick an unused exif tag and put your information there. For example I use tag "MasterDocumentID" to put the full path of the source file.
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    Backup pc/folders

    I assume every software which is called "backup program" is capable to run incremental backups. Personally I use Acronis True Image. I also tried AOMEI Backupper which provides less functions but works also.
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    Reorgansing My Files

    I also agree with Phil, it does not make much sense to organize your photos in folders named by event or similar. Imagine you have a folder called "New Zealand 2018". Currently such a folder looks very distinct and perpetual. But life is changing, who knows perhaps in 3 years I will migrate to...
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    Import - modified date not capture date

    Here are the date/time related exif fields: d:\Temp>exiftool -a -s -G0:1 -Time:All 20*-DSC_*.JPG ======== 20091007-DSC_0531.JPG [File:System] FileModifyDate : 2018:11:02 21:05:33+01:00 [File:System] FileAccessDate : 2018:11:02 21:04:30+01:00 [File:System]...
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    Edited images and uploaded ones have different names: how to find the originals the uploaded ones are copied from?

    In your first post you mention that you upload your pictures to your website with the Koken plug in. Why would you then consider the Jeffrey's "Collection Publisher" Plugin?
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    Edited images and uploaded ones have different names: how to find the originals the uploaded ones are copied from?

    I use the Run Any Command Plugin. On export I run this command: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Exif\exiftool.exe" -overwrite_original -preserve -MasterDocumentID={FullMasterFile} "{FILE}" By this I add full path name to Exif tag "MasterDocumentID" - no matter which name the exported file...
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    Newbie questions about title, keywords, file name and captions.

    Input from my side: Don't try to organize your photos in folders or put metadata information in file or folder names - maybe apart from very basic and perpetual(!) information like year/month when picture was taken. The biggest limitation is: a file has only a single name and must be in a...