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    Lightroom (cloud-based service) has export options (such as TIFF format, renaming and color space), custom sort order on the desktop, copy/paste to multiple photos on iOS and more.
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  1. Victoria Bampton

    So Frustrated w/ Lightroom

    That's not normal Mr Davie. Tell us more about what happens when it goes wrong.
  2. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom not remembering changes to preferences

    Oh we'll update that one, thanks. The same instructions apply, the filename's just changed slightly.
  3. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom Mobile (Android) Non-Stop Notifications

    That does sound frustrating! If it was me, I'd make sure everything was synced then delete the app and reinstall. That often clears weirdness.
  4. Victoria Bampton

    migrating from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC

    Hi Tarmzik, welcome to the forum! Yes, that's fine.
  5. Victoria Bampton

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    That'll be this one I think How do I change or create keyboard shortcuts? | The Lightroom Queen
  6. Victoria Bampton

    OneDrive & LR Cat problem

    I haven't spent much time with OneDrive, but it seems to have an "on-demand" mode that frees up local disk space by storing files and only downloading them when they're needed. If that's enabled, you'd want to set Lightroom's files to always keep locally, or move them out of OneDrive.
  7. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom not remembering changes to preferences

    I wonder if there's some kind of permissions issue or just corruption. I'd try trashing the preferences: How do I reset Lightroom’s Preferences?
  8. Victoria Bampton

    Dependencies in Adjustment Order

    LOL Drunken edits often turn out to be the best Paul... There's nothing wrong with dancing around, it's just not the most efficient way of working. But when you've had a glass or two, who cares?? Don't worry, Lightroom only cares about what settings you end up with. Adobe's just tried to make...
  9. Victoria Bampton

    I'm using Mac OS Mojove 10.14.6 with Adobe LR Classic 9.0.

    That is weird indeed. It'd be worth reporting to the engineers so they can try to reproduce it. Here’s instructions on how to report it to Adobe: How do I send a bug report or feature request to Adobe? | The Lightroom Queen
  10. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom 6.14 functions well on macOS Catalina

    It's not just the installer though, but the activation too, and even after using migration assistant, I suspect the activation might realize it's a new machine. It's an untested workflow, so if you try to, do so with the backstop that you might end up on subscription.
  11. Victoria Bampton

    Dependencies in Adjustment Order

    The actual adjustments are applied in the same order behind the scenes, regardless of what you do (with the exception of overlapping spot healing), but the choices you make will be different depending on the order of the sliders in the Basic panel. To illustrate, make the exposure too high and...
  12. Victoria Bampton

    "Stage Light" Portraits in Lightroom Classic or Photoshop

    If you were to shoot with the LR Camera in Depth mode, you could use that for the mask. I would assume that's what Apple's starting with.
  13. Victoria Bampton

    Cmd-return slide show soft

    That's an interesting question, I'm not sure on that either. An easy way to check would be to shoot B&W in-camera and then see whether the slideshow is B&W or color.
  14. Victoria Bampton

    LR Console Log file is rapidly filling my C Drive

    Hi Shelley, sorry I missed this in the black friday chaos. I've replied to your email.
  15. Victoria Bampton

    How to recover edits from photos that were removed from Lightroom ?

    There's a few screenshots for Clee's instructions here too: How do I restore some of the photos from my backup catalog? | The Lightroom Queen