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  1. Victoria Bampton

    Repair of corrupted catalogs

    Hi David. Sorry, that's dead as a dodo.
  2. Victoria Bampton

    Shared Profiles LrC and Adobe Camera Raw (Ps plugin)

    Um. As long as it wasn't too old (like LR7 with the new xmp profiles that were introduced later), I would expect it to work.
  3. Victoria Bampton

    Shared Profiles LrC and Adobe Camera Raw (Ps plugin)

    I'm not 100% sure on the question. However, both Lightroom and ACR hosted by Bridge or Photoshop all access the same files stored in the Camera Raw application folder. Either installer can install them.
  4. Victoria Bampton

    LrC crashing constantly.

    Oh now that is interesting. If it was my machine, I'd uninstall all Adobe stuff and run Adobe's CC Cleaner and then try reinstalling.
  5. Victoria Bampton

    LrC crashing constantly.

    Here's the current (well, nearly current!) way to roll back Lightroom How do I roll back to an earlier Lightroom Classic release? | The Lightroom Queen
  6. Victoria Bampton

    LrC crashing constantly.

    Most of the crashes we see are conflicts with graphics cards and it looks like there was a driver update a couple of weeks ago. If 9.3 doesn't fix it, I'd uninstall the graphics driver and try the one before.
  7. Victoria Bampton

    Moving Develop Presets to a new desktop.

    Have a look at the Backup Checklist on page 61 of your Classic book for that list, and there's more blurb about what some files do on page 396. GPU folder - I'm not 100% sure what would happen if you took the GPU folder from the old computer. It contains information about the graphics card self...
  8. Victoria Bampton

    Moving folders in folders panel

    Perhaps you mean Hide This Parent? That's page 110 in your Classic book.
  9. Victoria Bampton

    Moving Develop Presets to a new desktop.

    Sorry we missed this one. Yes, that Lightroom folder, and also the Camera Raw one in the same location (excluding its GPU subfolder).
  10. Victoria Bampton

    Changes to photo made on desktop not syncing to Cloud

    Hi Charles, just checking, is this sorted now?
  11. Victoria Bampton

    Downloading pictures from FB

    Not a Lightroom solution, but Google suggests this might work: How to Automatically Archive Every Facebook Photo You're Tagged In
  12. Victoria Bampton

    Lightroom Gremlins

    Next time that happens, can you grab a screenshot. And also, go to Preferences > Show All Other Lightroom Presets button and look in the External Editors folder. A Finder screenshot of that folder showing dates might offer some clues. I'm wondering if there's a Catalina file permissions issue or...
  13. Victoria Bampton

    Develop module Replicate Develop settings?

    How were your folders and files named? If it was a nice simple system that could be recreated using metadata contained in the file (like a date based folder structure and filename), it might be possible to put all the files back where Lightroom was expecting to find them. Trying to do so with...
  14. Victoria Bampton

    LR Mobile on Samsung Note20 or similar

    For Android, there's so many different configurations out there, I suspect Lightroom's camera will be fairly limited. Let us know how you get on!