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    Missing photos

    So I should just add the file to where my catalog is and then use the find photo tool?
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    Missing photos

    I moved to a new desktop last week , took my time and followed the moving Lightroom E book. Things went well and it appeared I was missing about 6 photos that are still on my old one. Not a problem until yesterday when I did my first small import (which is fine ) but I saw a few symbols on some...
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    moving to new computer

    Hi i am currently trying to back up my lightroom catalog according the e book i downloaded from this site. so here is where i am stuck.... I can only find the Helper-lrdata file listed. The other catalog files—other files associated with the catalog. These are stored next to the catalog file...
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    2 versions of Lightroom istalled

    Hi..... i upgraded from Lightroom 2015.6.1 to Lightroom Classic 9.2.1 a few months ago. I still have both versions on my Windows desktop and only using the new one. but i seem to have 2 catalogs now as the new version i use has Lightroom Catalog 2 on the top of the program when it is opened...