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    Anyone had experience with DFT Rays Software as aplug in for LR5

    Hopefully the right place to post this apologies if not. I just downloaded a trial version of the Rays plugin / add on from DFT software for use in a college project. Has anyone out there used this add on and had any luck with it. If you are familiar with this here is the question.. I can use it...
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    Tethered Shooting LR5 and Nikon D7000 HELP !!!!

    I appreciate (now) this may be the problem, oh well it gives Adobe a possible problem down the line. To be honest I am so happy with Windows 10 I am thinking this is a small inconvenience to put up with for the greater all round improvements. I know there is still time for Microsoft to screw it...
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    Tethered Shooting LR5 and Nikon D7000 HELP !!!!

    Uptodate software I have the latest version of the LR software and according to my beloved techno son [who built me a new PC last week] I have more than the latest version of the windows operating system I have the next version Windows 10 which is bang up to date. At least that explains why...
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    Tethered Shooting LR5 and Nikon D7000 HELP !!!!

    OK everything on the web says its possible so its got to be me but hey when isn't it me..... I have tried to link my Nikon D7000 to LR5 on my new PC. Go though everything JK tells me on Adobe TV and I get the little box up with the details on. It says Nikon D7000 recognised but I don't get a...
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    Book Output UK

    Thanks John - it sems a little bit monopolistic to have a single supplier especially given the trouble Microsoft had with the EU after bundling JUST internet explorer.
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    Book Output UK

    Guys - sorry if this has been asked / covered before but I cant find mention of it. I am just looking at doing my first book in LR. It seems the only options I get are for BLURB and that is priced in US Dollars. Is there a UK based option and perhaps other companies offering this capability...
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    IPad App

    So much for the Adobe promise that Lightroom will not go CC ... LR Mobile thin end of inevitable wedge....
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    Deleting Extra Catalogs

    Recently I gave a series of talks to my friends at the camera club on LR5 to see if we could drum up a core user group. This was well received by the way and I would recommend everyone in the club scene to try it... nb I am no expert. As if to prove that latter point I need some advice. As part...
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    Grad Filter Problem

    thanks - apologies all round just managed to find the link to similar question - god I hate being dyslexic ...
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    Grad Filter Problem

    Probably LR5 101 stuff but ... When I am applying a grad filter in develop module I am no longer seeing the spot and the three lines which previously delineated the filter. The filter is obviously there because if I make changes to exposure things change. If I click done and go back in to add...
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    Exporting with a 2 pixel border

    I am looking for a simple solution that will put a 1 - 3 pixel border around my pictures in Lightroom a few possible modifiers might be: Choice of colour Be part of an export preset that includes resize to 1400 long edge 300 dpi [the last bit I can do] Be native in LR - but not adverse to...
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    Functionality Wish List

    Thanks for that guys - I did not know it existed - I had thought it must be somewhere. Still think it would be a good discussion for this forum though more focused on LR....
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    Functionality Wish List

    Don’t know if there is a specific “function request” area for future planning in Lightroom but I have to admit I would love to have greater control over organising Presets including the following: 1) Deeper levels of file / preset nesting 2) Ability to rename / delete / re organise the...
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    Plug Ins with LR5

    Can you somehow have more than one additional external editor - Photoshop CS6 being the main. I have Topaz, Nik, OnOne and portrait professional so ots of choice but can only seem to set one up as additional external editor
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    PS CC Offer

    OK thanks but what I really meant to ask was "if I go with the new CC offering do I use the Lightroom they offer of stick with my own LR5.2 - do I have a choice? will I have to transfer all my catalogues? will I miss out on LR5 updates to my original version? Will my original LR5 be updated? If...