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    Computer Freezes on export

    Windows events. Logs anything on them
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    What else could I do here? Puberty skin

    Drop clarity down a bit. Selectively make red more
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    Editor bugs

    tried a more mainstream browser??
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    SSDs with LR5

    With 48GB in your machine nearly a;ll of what you access from disk will be in cache for a very long time. LR also seems to try and pre cache working on the basis that people step though a filmstrip when working. SSD's will make a difference, how much matters to you is the question, if you are...
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    SLR Lounge Performance review LR4 vs LR5

    I get nothing like that, i get sawtooth display, one peak for each photo topping out at 90% and my disk looks very similar to yours
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    Contrast Slider in LR4

    Have you tried dropping the exposure and upping the whites to get better contrast ?
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    SLR Lounge Performance review LR4 vs LR5

    Can something feel faster and be measured slower. 5 feels faster than 4 to me, quite shocked by the conclusions
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    Lightroom 5 view squashed in Windows 8

    Just looked on the HOP site and it looks like the graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce 8400M , if it is an nvidia try their site for the correct driver, you don't need a HP driver at all
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    Is 16 gb needed

    Note more memory is always better, but there is a massive law of diminishing returns on your investment. My rule of thumb is to have 3Gb more than you have committed, PC's just run that bit sweeter as a lot of stuff can then be cached for better read write performance (turn on write caching on...
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    Is 16 gb needed

    Simples solution as the Meerkat would say, run all your apps that you would normally have running do the normal jobs that you do etc for however long you would normally do then in LR etc, not after a fresh boot preferably after a few days Task Manager, Memory tab make sure committed memory is...
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    Lightroom 5 view squashed in Windows 8

    Right click on desktop and screen resolution
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    Lightroom 5 view squashed in Windows 8

    Sounds like windows not using native resolution on monitor
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    16gb of ram

    Like everything it depends on what other software you may load. More RAM is always better but as you point out there is a law of diminishing returns. Being a windows boy I got an I7 windows 8, 32GD of ram for £1k. Very pleased with it. how much ram do you have free on the mac when running...