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    Anyone moved from LR Classic to LR Cloud?

    @NicholasG You missed a point there. If you are shooting in raw plus JPEG, then classic treats the two files as a single file. Classic does all edits from the raw, the JPEG is just there in the disk and kept as a pointer in the software. Unless you split it, the JPEG is never seen, used, viewed...
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    Albums vs Collections

    Yeah, so I think I have been over thinking the whole collection/album aspect with Cloudy. Tim Sent from my HD1907 using Tapatalk
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    Historically I have used Freidl's publish to a disk plugin based on smart collections to manage images which are synced to OneDrive and then picked up by digital picture frames. I have each frame looking for in specific folders. How are people pushing images to digital picture frames with Cloudy?
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    Albums vs Collections

    Ok, after playing in Lr for a couple days again. Ignoring my whole processing workflow based on smart collections. I have spent the last couple days getting my head all twisted around the collections/albums mapping and what that would mean. I kind of felt like I was losing the whole image...
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    Migrating from Lightroom to Lightroom Classic: Any advantage to Lightroom?

    @clee01l I am sure you have documented somewhere on here a how-to setup Lr and Lr Classic for your workflow. I have found the overview (load via cloudy, cull on cloudy, some meta tagging on cloudy, sync down to classic). But I am missing the details, and also how do I delete the existing sync I...
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    Migrating from Lightroom to Lightroom Classic: Any advantage to Lightroom?

    Wondering if there have been any changes in the comparison. Looks like I am still down to two major functions I would miss. Smart Collections (use for processing workflow, seems like folders/albums would be a giant step backwards) and keyword hierarchy.
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    Using AI to automatically keyword or tag photos

    @RobOK Sensei is cloud only. Not available (last I checked) to Classic.
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    Remove hierarchy?

    @dbvirago You lose the original image, plus the history of all changes. I would not recommend this solution.
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    Remove hierarchy?

    I am not home, so I cannot give the exact steps. But in your case, you need to rename building under the top level. Copy building from the child level to the top. Then do a bulk assignment or use a tool like John B. Search and Replace. Tim Sent from my HD1907 using Tapatalk
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    Migrating from Lightroom to Lightroom Classic: Any advantage to Lightroom?

    I tried Cloudy, and the flat keywords drove me crazy, plus needing to go back to "folders" for workflow management. Or at least, I did not figure out any other method.
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    Lr and Cloud Storage

    Lack of backup/export for leaving "Cloudy" are some what of a stopper for me. Also is missing features plus storage costs. I have massively trimmed down my kept images so I only use 600GB. However, when I look at history, I am adding more and larger files as we go along. So I will pass the 1TB...
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    One monitor or two?

    Mostly close: 4K 30in BenQ Photo monitor (38XX vertical) 2.5K 30in Apple Display (older monitor) 4K 31in something no-name monitor (38XX vertical, came with off brand computer I bought for kids) When working images: -- The BenQ is my primary editing screen for Lr. -- I use the Apple Display...
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    One monitor or two?

    I went from one 2k monitor, to two 2k monitors, to one 30in BenQ 4k monitor to two 4k monitors. Since I added the second 4K monitor, I actually find I almost never use both monitors for Lr. When I want two monitors to Lr, it is not supported. (e.g. I want to have two copies of the library open...
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    Family photos, how do I tackle multiple people and multiple generations?

    So my wife, parents, in laws... Have all decided that we should build out a family photo system that can be handed down more easily than a file cabinet of a jumble of images or in OneDrive/Apple Photos/Google Drive... Guess who was assigned the task to figure it out? Since we are spread over...
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    Back to the Adobe and Canon Squabble

    I do not think there is anything new. Canon and Adobe have differed in the approach for colors, contrast and many other defaults as long as I have used both ~2013. And this is more of a philosophical difference I believe; and does not materially affect the ability to of the companies to work...